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(01:34:45  IST) piacentini: let us start?
(01:34:45  IST) piacentini: let us start?
(01:34:47  IST) jpwhiting|workpc: hi piacentini
(01:34:47  IST) jpwhiting|workpc: hi piacentini

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<syntaxhighlight lang="text"> (01:34:45 IST) piacentini: let us start? (01:34:47 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: hi piacentini (01:34:48 IST) it-s: stephaniewhiting: I know (01:34:57 IST) it-s: stephaniewhiting: but taxes keep me occupied (01:35:02 IST) kleag: let's go (01:35:05 IST) stephaniewhiting: :) it-s (01:35:07 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: yep (01:35:17 IST) majewsky: Does anyone know when doxygen runs on api.kde.org? (01:35:19 IST) piacentini: one sec (01:35:26 IST) milliams: majewsky: nightly (01:35:28 IST) pinotree: majewsky: once per day in trunk (01:36:00 IST) piacentini: ok! agenda at techbase (01:36:00 IST) milliams has changed the topic to: Welcome to KDE Games | Visit us at http://games.kde.org | We are now in Soft Freeze. Any feature not on http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.1_Feature_Plan will have to wait until 4.2 | Don't forget the changelog for changes to 4.0.x (see http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-core-devel&m=120630304203542&w=3 for the 4.0.3 reminder email) | Meeting on now, agenda at http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Games/IRC_Meeting (01:36:02 IST) krish: meeting agenda here http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Games/IRC_Meeting#Agenda (01:36:23 IST) krish: 1. Discuss Release coordinator for kdegames module (Matt Williams volunteered) (01:36:40 IST) piacentini: Any new people here that want to introduce him/herselves? (01:36:47 IST) piacentini: one minute for introductions :) (01:37:15 IST) krish: me (01:37:18 IST) stephaniewhiting: piacentini: i think everyone knows everyone (01:37:38 IST) krish: hello stephaniewhiting, have we met before? (01:37:44 IST) krish: ok now, back to agenda (01:37:49 IST) krish: milliams: (01:38:04 IST) stephaniewhiting: lol krish (01:38:16 IST) piacentini: Ok, agenda then: first topic, release coordinator (01:38:25 IST) piacentini: Unfortunately, Johann is missing (01:38:34 IST) piacentini: Some say he probably married :) (01:38:50 IST) piacentini: But we need a release coordinator for kdegames, and Matt Williams has volunteered (01:39:00 IST) pinotree: piacentini: or you (01:39:00 IST) piacentini: I personally think this is excellent for us (01:39:04 IST) majewsky: Who was the release coordinator until now? Or is that new? (01:39:16 IST) krish: johann i guess (01:39:22 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: yes, johann was (01:39:31 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: at least according to the list (01:39:36 IST) piacentini: pinotree: I think Matt knows a bit more about some project-wide policies at this time (01:39:49 IST) piacentini: Meaning he is better with bugzilla (01:39:50 IST) milliams: Yeah, I'm willing to take on being release coordinator (01:39:56 IST) piacentini: :0 (01:39:59 IST) majewsky: Fine. (01:40:04 IST) krish: cheers (01:40:16 IST) piacentini: So, any volunteer, or do we aclaim him? (01:40:22 IST) piacentini: (is this a verb?) (01:40:25 IST) josebur left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection). (01:40:32 IST) stephaniewhiting: you mean accept him piacentini? (01:40:48 IST) piacentini: I mean accept with a huge roar and cheering (01:40:53 IST) stephaniewhiting: applaud (01:40:57 IST) majewsky: applaud (01:41:04 IST) ***jpwhiting|workpc claps (01:41:05 IST) ***krish opens beer bottle (01:41:05 IST) milliams: yay :) (01:41:08 IST) piacentini: cool. In portuguese it is aclamar (01:41:15 IST) ***kleag bravo (01:41:22 IST) pinotree: (and in .it acclamare) jpwhiting|homepc jpwhiting|workpc (01:41:34 IST) piacentini: pinotree: tks! (01:41:36 IST) pinotree: but who cares, cheers for milliams :) (01:41:36 IST) krish: in chinese it is ..eh uh well I dont know. jpwhiting? (01:41:56 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: I forget (01:42:04 IST) pinotree: finally, someone i can really nag for everything i can find :D (01:42:08 IST) ***pinotree grinds (01:42:09 IST) milliams: Excelly, I'll contact release-team (01:42:10 IST) pinotree: -d (01:42:20 IST) milliams: pinotree: :P (01:42:21 IST) krish: so milliams, would you tell us what new exiting things you'd be doing (01:42:34 IST) piacentini: Good. Remember people that this is not like Matt Williams is our boss or anything like that, and also that he will not magically fix our mistakes (01:42:36 IST) milliams: krish: Ruling with an iron fist mostly (01:42:40 IST) krish: may be changing some general conventions on how release co-ordination goes (01:42:51 IST) pinotree: piacentini: ... damn, you broke my idea :P (01:42:52 IST) ***krish wears helmet to save his head (01:42:53 IST) majewsky: Disallowing me to include features. ^^ (01:43:00 IST) piacentini: Meaning, this does not mean we do not have to take care of proper maintenance for our apps (01:43:03 IST) milliams: majewsky: Exactly... :) (01:43:10 IST) it-s: oh boy, oh boy! milliams's the BIG BOSS! :D (01:43:12 IST) it-s: YAY! (01:43:21 IST) piacentini: lol (01:43:31 IST) krish: just that he will use his iron fist if we dont take care of our apps (01:43:39 IST) piacentini: So, second topic: KNS2 server updates (01:43:43 IST) krish: yep (01:43:52 IST) piacentini: I guess we need to postpone this one again, waiting for Josef to return (01:43:54 IST) piacentini: But (01:43:58 IST) piacentini: Last update (at fisl) (01:44:12 IST) piacentini: is that most things are working, and jpwhiting can tell us more about it (01:44:15 IST) piacentini: Jeremy? (01:44:18 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: piacentini: it looks from my testing that dxs is semi-functional at the moment (01:44:31 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: comments, and stuff need to get fixed on the server end I believe (01:44:48 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: and some work could definitely go into the web interface (pokes emilsedgh and it-s) (01:44:49 IST) milliams: But ready for 4.1? (01:44:54 IST) piacentini: OK. But for basic stuff used in games (really just downloading levels) we should be ok for 4.1, right? (01:45:00 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: piacentini: yep (01:45:11 IST) it-s: jpwhiting|workpc: we know, and we are already working on it :P (01:45:15 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: it's stuff like comments, rating, etc. that are a bit shaky at the moment (01:45:25 IST) milliams: it-s: That's good news (01:45:26 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: it-s: for khotnewstuff web interface? (01:45:26 IST) piacentini: Cool. So once josef returns, we will do a technote on how to enable games for this, and where to put the levels (01:45:33 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: piacentini: yes (01:45:37 IST) it-s: jpwhiting|workpc: and that too (01:45:48 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: and he and I will iron out the last of the issues quickly (hopefully) (01:46:13 IST) piacentini: Cool. So no point extending this right now, next topic! (01:46:19 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: yep (01:46:31 IST) piacentini: milliams: want to talk about KDE 4.1 release schedule (01:46:37 IST) piacentini: and deadlines? (01:46:47 IST) piacentini: (first assignment as the boss, lol) (01:46:54 IST) milliams: Sure. (01:47:04 IST) milliams: At the moment we are in "Soft Freeze". That means that any feature that isn't already on the list at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.1_Feature_Plan will have to wait until 4.2 (01:47:23 IST) majewsky: FYI: http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.1_Release_Schedule (01:47:32 IST) milliams: And for those features that you guys are adding have to be done by May 19th as stated on http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.1_Release_Schedule (01:48:21 IST) milliams: So after that, absolutely no new features without asking me (who will then ask release-team) (01:48:54 IST) piacentini: milliams: how about strings? (01:48:55 IST) milliams: Then, the day after (May 20th) is the string freeze. This means that any strings which are marked for translation cannot be changed (01:49:22 IST) piacentini: Wow, not much time left (01:49:38 IST) milliams: Though I believe string changes which are "bugfixes" are allowed - though be very careful with that. If in doubt, ask (01:49:54 IST) piacentini: And when will we have betas? (01:50:08 IST) milliams: The good news is that we have until July 8th for artwork changes (01:50:10 IST) majewsky: Beta 1 is tagged at the same day as the string freeze. (01:50:28 IST) milliams: and so is released a week after string freeze (01:50:32 IST) it-s: yay, I have time :P (01:50:37 IST) milliams: May 27th for beta1 (01:50:47 IST) it-s: I can afford to continue being lazy and do nothing :D (01:50:51 IST) majewsky: Then three weeks for bughunting until beta2. (01:50:51 IST) piacentini: milliams: need to be careful about the art, though, not to introduce new themes (which come with new strings) (01:51:08 IST) piacentini: it-s: so if you are planning a new theme, commit temporary art with final strings to be safe (01:51:19 IST) it-s: piacentini: by when? (01:51:20 IST) milliams: piacentini: Yeah, good point. The string freeze applies to translatable strings in .desktop and .theme files too (01:51:26 IST) piacentini: by May 20th (01:51:37 IST) it-s: piacentini: because a new theme for kblocks is comming real soon (01:51:41 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: or save them for KNS afterwards instead ;) (01:51:49 IST) piacentini: it-s: of course, we will be able to put new themes on KNS server after this (01:51:50 IST) milliams: If you miss the deadline it will have to wait (or go into KNS) (01:51:57 IST) milliams: :) (01:52:03 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: wow, great minds think alike ;) (01:52:04 IST) piacentini: wow, everyone thinking the same, good (01:52:09 IST) it-s: no I won't . it'a almost done (01:52:19 IST) milliams: So, does anyone have any questions about this? (01:52:30 IST) piacentini: any apps in kdereview? (01:52:37 IST) it-s: kbreakout (01:52:45 IST) majewsky: ksirk (01:52:46 IST) kleag: ksirk (01:52:46 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: it-s: I actually suggest using KNS for most themes, etc. since you can update them whenever you want (01:52:59 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: obviously default themes should be in svn, but otherwise why not use the system? (01:53:12 IST) it-s: jpwhiting|workpc: I was about to say suggest that (01:53:19 IST) piacentini: My suggestion is to ship each game with one or maybe two themes (default and classic at most) (01:53:19 IST) ***jpwhiting|workpc goes back into hiding (01:53:22 IST) piacentini: Or only default (01:53:26 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: yep (01:53:28 IST) piacentini: And leave the rest for the KNS server (01:53:31 IST) it-s: piacentini: I support (01:53:42 IST) stephaniewhiting: i'm finishing up the doc for Kbreakout atm (01:54:00 IST) kleag: piacentini: is it easy to provide translations to themes in KNS ? (01:54:02 IST) milliams: kleag: Are you still on for moving ksirk this weekend? (01:54:08 IST) it-s: !!!BUT!!! as long as we use KNS we have to let the user know it exists! (01:54:17 IST) kleag: milliams: yes (01:54:24 IST) milliams: kleag: good god (01:54:25 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: it-s: yes, so blog about it, etc. (01:54:28 IST) piacentini: it-s: it will appear automatically in the theme dialog (get new theme button) (01:54:46 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: kleag: yes, it is/will be soon (01:54:47 IST) it-s: and who knows about that theme dialog? :P (01:54:52 IST) piacentini: As it does not in kblocks, using a temporary location (01:54:54 IST) it-s: (well except for us) (01:55:08 IST) piacentini: Well, without using it you can not use the built-in ones as well :) (01:55:28 IST) piacentini: But you are right, let us blog about it, or add an article in the games.kde.org site (01:55:34 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: yep (01:55:41 IST) milliams: Well fela's not here for an update on kbreakout but it should be moving to trunk very soon (01:55:54 IST) it-s: piacentini: the default theme is on by default, if people won't know the games are themable, they won't look for themes (01:55:57 IST) stephaniewhiting: milliams: i'm just finishing up the doc for him as well (01:56:09 IST) milliams: stephaniewhiting: Excellent, thanks for that (01:56:19 IST) majewsky: A link could be added on the info pages of games with KNS support which reads like "Find out how to download new themes" (01:56:43 IST) kleag: about ksirk. I still have to update the doc to the new gameplay (01:57:22 IST) milliams: kleag: Well you have until May 20th for that (01:57:23 IST) piacentini: kleag: due to string freeze, I think updating the doc actually takes precedence over bug fixing :) (01:57:25 IST) stephaniewhiting: kleag: if you need help with the doc let me know (01:58:20 IST) milliams: Okay, so we agree. KNS rocks :) Shall we move on with the agenda? (01:58:35 IST) piacentini: sure (01:58:39 IST) majewsky: Next topic: GSoC results discussion (01:58:50 IST) piacentini: Well, this is a complex topic (01:58:51 IST) stephaniewhiting: stupid i say stupid (01:58:54 IST) stephaniewhiting: no games! (01:58:55 IST) stephaniewhiting: dumb (01:59:03 IST) it-s: GSoC = SUCKS! (01:59:07 IST) milliams: I'd like to say something about this before people atart shouting (01:59:22 IST) kleag: stephaniewhiting: ok, thanks (01:59:40 IST) kleag: piacentini: ok. noted. (01:59:41 IST) stephaniewhiting: kleag: since that's all I can really do here :-) (02:00:02 IST) majewsky: At least there is the project for a game based on Step. Not kdegames, but game. (02:00:03 IST) kleag: :-) (02:00:07 IST) piacentini: go matt (02:00:07 IST) milliams: While we did have a very large number of applications (over 20) we unfortunately didn't get any slots. (02:00:29 IST) milliams: Now me anf josef were really trying to get us some since we really did have some very good applications (02:00:59 IST) piacentini: Well, I think the process is broken, and for next year we need to discuss on how to change it. We could have signed all as mentors, and tilted the balance. I do not think this is fair, but hey (02:01:03 IST) milliams: But given the application/slot ratio KDE-wide it was really tight for all applicants (02:01:20 IST) milliams: But yes, the whole process is so far from perfect (02:01:47 IST) kleag: stephaniewhiting: knowing the quality of my english, you will no doubt have a lot of work :-) (02:02:03 IST) stephaniewhiting: kleag: no worries just send it my way if you wish (02:02:04 IST) piacentini: To be clear: I think this is not something done with prejudice to games, just a process that needs improvement (02:02:05 IST) milliams: For next year we're going to have to contact the students as early as possible and bully them into making fantastically great proposals so that people can't argue (02:02:26 IST) milliams: and as piacentini says, we need more mass behind us (02:02:37 IST) piacentini: And in this Akademy if there is a GSoC BoF session, we should participate more actively (02:02:51 IST) piacentini: Lesson learned :) (02:02:58 IST) it-s: milliams: yes, Archcouncillor (02:03:17 IST) milliams: So in summary: Lots of applications, lots of great application, not enough slots, broken selection process, no games students (02:03:27 IST) piacentini: But, as a group, I think we should contest the system used (pre-defined slots). Unless we get our own slots as well (02:03:36 IST) milliams: But thankfully krish is sticking around anyway :) (02:03:40 IST) krish: hehe (02:03:46 IST) majewsky: Talking about Akademy: Will there be a kdegames BoF session? There will be at least me and my fellow Felix Lemke. (02:04:10 IST) milliams: majewsky: That's coming up on the agends (but yes, there will) (02:04:14 IST) piacentini: Let us jump to the Akademy topic then (02:04:22 IST) Diablo150 left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection). (02:04:26 IST) piacentini: I think we should have a BoF as well (02:04:29 IST) it-s: majewsky: surely. I have to get my annual *screaming* time :P (02:04:43 IST) majewsky: it-s: Screaming?!? (02:04:44 IST) krish: it-s: beer again? (02:05:00 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: it-s: you don't have a daily *screaming* time? ;) (02:05:07 IST) it-s: majewsky: I always scream, ask others ;) (02:05:27 IST) milliams: ('tis true) (02:05:33 IST) it-s: back to the topic :) (02:05:33 IST) stephaniewhiting: it-s: i do :) it works wonders (02:05:33 IST) majewsky: it-s: Scream as in "talk loudly", or scream as in "scream"? (02:06:19 IST) piacentini: I know Jeremy is going to propose a talk about KNS, right? (02:06:30 IST) piacentini: And Eugene about the state of KDE Games? (02:06:34 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: already proposed, yes (02:06:48 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: (gosh I hope she says yes ;) (02:07:03 IST) piacentini: jpwhiting: she said already, right? (02:07:21 IST) piacentini: :) (02:07:24 IST) it-s: oh yes (02:07:25 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: :) I've gotten no reply from akademy team yet (02:07:29 IST) it-s: only one thing (02:07:40 IST) ***piacentini was talking about stephanie (02:07:43 IST) krish: Nobody is talking about why games are important and how KDEgames team is trying to fit in the requirement? (02:08:00 IST) stephaniewhiting: waht piacentini? (02:08:03 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: piacentini: I think I remember something about that, yes (02:08:05 IST) stephaniewhiting: about akademy? (02:08:05 IST) majewsky: Isn't that what Eugene's talk is about? (02:08:06 IST) milliams: krish: I imagine that would come into it-s' talk (02:08:14 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: stephaniewhiting: no, about saying yes to my proposal (02:08:17 IST) piacentini: joke lost in translation probably, sorry (02:08:18 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: offtopic, sorry (02:08:20 IST) stephaniewhiting: what proposal? (02:08:26 IST) krish: oh it-s, roar at akademy (02:08:31 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: piacentini: no, she's just behind a bit I think (02:09:03 IST) piacentini: krish: last year we had a panel, but the presentation slot is too tight for it. So this year it-s will attempt to summarize for us (02:09:24 IST) it-s: there are few games in the module that we may want to *temporarely* move some games to playground, if there still is time (02:09:25 IST) krish: why dont we talk to bart then (02:09:33 IST) piacentini: And I hear he will wear a special outfit as well, and the presentation will have secret music and visuals (02:09:52 IST) stephaniewhiting: piacentini: got it now :) (02:10:11 IST) piacentini: it-s: I do not think we can do so, can we? I mean, move to playground in the middle of a release cycle (4.x) (02:10:22 IST) piacentini: What games specifically do you have in mind? (02:10:24 IST) milliams: it-s: I think rather than that we should find maintainers for them (02:10:35 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: johann's games? (02:10:43 IST) krish: what games are they? (02:10:48 IST) milliams: (This is item "Current state of KDEGames module (quality control, etc.)" on the agenda btw.) (02:10:50 IST) it-s: I'm talking about Kolf mostly (02:10:58 IST) piacentini: KSame probably (02:11:02 IST) stephaniewhiting: milliams: if there is an easy one, that I can learn to program on, send it my way :) (02:11:16 IST) pinotree: umaintained games no way they move out of playground (02:11:17 IST) milliams: stephaniewhiting: It's possible :) (02:11:18 IST) krish: yea do it (02:11:28 IST) krish: ^ stephaniewhiting (02:11:36 IST) stephaniewhiting: i'm planning on it krish (02:11:51 IST) piacentini: pinotree: but we need to support all shipped in 4.0 for this release cycle, right? (02:12:04 IST) milliams: it-s: Do you think you could do a quick review of the games you think are lacking and post it to the list. (02:12:05 IST) krish: oh oh this reminds me, how'd I get access to playground for KDragons? (02:12:24 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: krish: just check it out (02:12:28 IST) milliams: krish: http://techbase.kde.org/Contribute/Get_a_SVN_Account (02:12:29 IST) piacentini: I mean, we accepted kolf and ksame, and they need improvement. We need to find people willing to work on them. (02:12:32 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: or in... (02:12:37 IST) krish: thks (02:12:37 IST) pinotree: piacentini: well, if something is not maintained and/or buggy, you can also consider (re)move from kdegames (02:12:59 IST) piacentini: pinotree: good to know. Something to keep in mind then (02:13:13 IST) piacentini: But do you guys think there is anything we should remove really? (02:13:19 IST) it-s: milliams: Will do (02:14:00 IST) it-s: actually (02:14:01 IST) milliams: piacentini: Not entirely. Though kolf is pretty tired. it-s is going to send a review list to the mailing list (02:14:04 IST) it-s: if I may (02:14:08 IST) milliams: it-s: Sure.. (02:14:24 IST) kleag: piacentini: what's bad with ksame ? I just played a game and it works. It just lacks the good old animation (02:14:25 IST) krish: actually kolf needs a remake (02:14:29 IST) it-s: we could set up a rule where is a game becomes unmaintained (02:14:37 IST) it-s: for a whole release cycle (02:14:46 IST) it-s: i.e.: no updates whatsoever (02:14:52 IST) it-s: while some are required (02:14:59 IST) piacentini: it-s: but only if there are serious issues not solved (02:15:01 IST) it-s: we would move it to playgorund (02:15:03 IST) milliams: it-s: The first step should be to find a maintatiner (02:15:08 IST) it-s: piacentini: correct (02:15:24 IST) piacentini: I think finding a maintainer or fixing it is the best thing to do (02:15:28 IST) it-s: If game is working fine and as expected, then why uodate it? (02:15:43 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: it-s: I haven't touched kanagram since 4.0 release, but no major bugs, so it's still ok (02:15:52 IST) it-s: milliams: well, once it's in the playground we can start looking for people interested (02:16:11 IST) milliams: it-s: I'd like to avoid moving back and forth if possible though (02:16:26 IST) it-s: cos othervise we will end up with games like Kolf, which is a total mess (02:17:00 IST) it-s: milliams: Yes, Arch-chancellor :) (02:17:06 IST) milliams: it-s: :P (02:17:06 IST) piacentini: it-s: there is no going back to playground anymore, it is either release or unmaintained (02:17:22 IST) piacentini: This is a SVN policy, btw (02:17:37 IST) it-s: piacentini: how can we release a game which is half brocken? (02:17:51 IST) it-s: (of course the most distros will remove it themselves) (02:18:07 IST) majewsky: Am I right that anything can be copied from unmaintained to playground? (02:18:14 IST) milliams: majewsky: Yes (02:18:15 IST) piacentini: Well, it should not have been released if it was that broken. But if it is really, and no one fixes it, then it should be retired (02:18:23 IST) piacentini: majewsky: yes (02:18:24 IST) it-s: Kolf is a great game and it could be great hit, but for that it musty be reworked (02:18:28 IST) krish: i think we do need a good set of games like golf, baseball, archery (02:18:46 IST) milliams: it-s: I agree but we _need_ a maintainer for it in that case (02:18:53 IST) josebur [[email protected]] entered the room. (02:19:00 IST) krish: it-s: kolf will capture lot of audience if it can go with a player, good maps and 3 dimensional (02:19:14 IST) it-s: well, we don't have one (02:19:27 IST) majewsky: kgllib, anyone? (02:19:29 IST) piacentini: OK, so the current state of games discussion is going on. Which games are unmaintained/broken, people? Kolf is one according to Eugene (02:19:38 IST) piacentini: Any others? (02:19:45 IST) it-s: Kolf isn't a simple game, the maintainer must be skilled person (02:20:01 IST) it-s: piacentini: the rest is quite ok (02:20:12 IST) it-s: well, Bovo could use some more polish (02:20:38 IST) piacentini: So, maybe a mailing list thread about Kolf before the freeze? (02:20:57 IST) it-s: yes, I'll write up about it (02:20:57 IST) piacentini: So we can see what is actually broken, and attempt to fix it, or move on (02:20:59 IST) krish: I dont know if you guys remember this PGA%20Tour%20Golf_4.png (02:21:17 IST) krish: ^3D play like that would do for our kolf (02:21:38 IST) it-s: krish: that would mean Kolf will have to be redone top-to-bottom (02:21:38 IST) milliams: piacentini: NOt that I know of. Though I'll do a review along with it-s (02:21:41 IST) majewsky: There is, however, a difference between golf and minigolf. I would like both. (02:22:00 IST) stephaniewhiting: it-s: do we have a simple game that i could maintain to help learn coding? (02:22:02 IST) it-s: majewsky: can you do it maybe? (02:22:23 IST) krish: it-s: (02:14:25 IST) krish: actually kolf needs a remake (02:22:39 IST) krish: its a good game to lose (02:22:41 IST) milliams: stephaniewhiting: I'll have a look into that for you (02:22:42 IST) it-s: stephaniewhiting: I'm not sure actually :) (02:22:49 IST) stephaniewhiting: rock on milliams! :-) (02:22:51 IST) piacentini: stephaniewhiting: have a look at KSame. No games are really simple, but this one is a good starting point (02:22:52 IST) majewsky: it-s: I would be glad to do it, but will not have enough time most definitely. (02:22:53 IST) it-s: stephaniewhiting: listen to Arch-chancellor (02:22:55 IST) kleag: it-s: I'm playing to kolf right now and it seems to be ok for me (02:23:13 IST) stephaniewhiting: milliams: if it's hard there is always jpwhiting|workpc around to point me in the direction i need to go in (02:23:15 IST) milliams: kleag: It works, it's just a bit rough (02:23:15 IST) majewsky: kleag: It has odd bugs which cause balls to go through walls and such. (02:23:26 IST) milliams: stephaniewhiting: That's his job :) (02:23:35 IST) it-s: kleag: well, the interface is a mess, the ball goes through items at times, some obstacles don't work as expected (02:23:42 IST) kleag: majewsky: oh. ok. I did not hit them up to now (02:24:16 IST) piacentini: it-s: but it has always been like this, for years. I know this is not good, but we need to think carefully about a removal, as some people like it a lot (02:24:27 IST) krish: milliams: may be pong for stephaniewhiting (02:24:31 IST) piacentini: sorry, something to discuss at the mailing list thread :) (02:24:33 IST) milliams: For example it's my brother's fanourite game (02:24:45 IST) it-s: piacentini: if that is so, those people will surely come to help resurect it (02:25:13 IST) milliams: Okay, I think we should carry on this discussion on kolf on the mailing list (02:25:14 IST) majewsky: If there are no games left to discuss, let's go on on the agenda now. Time is money. (02:25:18 IST) kleag: it-s: well, I loved ktron but had no time to save it, while it is very simple (02:25:20 IST) piacentini: OK! Any next topics? Five minutes left for the official meeting time (02:25:42 IST) krish: Ksudoku updated look and feel (02:25:44 IST) milliams: = Ksudoku updated look and feel = (02:25:54 IST) emilsedgh: sorry guys for being late.im back now.was there anything that i should know or do so i scroll up? (02:25:58 IST) milliams: Is the person for that here? (02:26:07 IST) piacentini: (of course, we can go on for some additional minutes) (02:26:07 IST) krish: cyu emilsedgh (02:26:12 IST) it-s: it's brilliant, I say! simply stupendious :) (02:26:17 IST) Pinaraf [[email protected]] entered the room. (02:26:27 IST) piacentini: Josel from ksudoku is not here (02:26:29 IST) kleag: yes, beautiful (02:26:35 IST) it-s: emilsedgh: yes, I'll tell you later (02:26:45 IST) krish: Games tournament at Akademy (milliams) (02:26:50 IST) emilsedgh: ok it-s. (02:27:39 IST) milliams: Yes, I'm planning on putting on a mini games tournament. Still in planning stages and I'm going to have to talk to josef about this. I'll give an update when he returns. So nothing for now.. (02:28:00 IST) it-s: by the way (02:28:16 IST) it-s: are we doing a talk about the state of the module this akademy? (02:28:28 IST) it-s: if we are, tell me, I'll submit tem proposal now (02:28:44 IST) piacentini: yes, we (you) are (02:29:17 IST) it-s: anyone else hase a comment on the topic? (02:29:20 IST) it-s: Arch-chancellor? (02:29:37 IST) piacentini: it-s: congrats on ksudoku theme (02:29:39 IST) milliams: I think a talk mostly detailing what's new since akademy last year (02:29:50 IST) it-s: piacentini: I only did the background there (02:29:55 IST) milliams: i.e. new games etc. (02:30:16 IST) it-s: milliams: exactly what I wonted (02:30:23 IST) it-s: submiting the proposal now (02:30:52 IST) piacentini: cool. You can mention (if you want) that we decided about you representing the module in the IRC meeting, etc (02:30:59 IST) piacentini: Maybe it helps with acceptance :) (02:31:20 IST) piacentini: (as we know not everyone thinks games are important) (02:31:32 IST) ***piacentini out of sour mode now (02:31:56 IST) it-s: piacentini: well, Asiego's on the review list :P I'll go and scream (02:32:19 IST) it-s: piacentini: I yelled at him more then once in the past too, so nothing new :) (02:32:26 IST) piacentini: he likes games a lot, so he will probably supports us anyway (02:32:42 IST) piacentini: So, end of official meeting, right on time (02:32:46 IST) it-s: (not literally of course) (02:33:04 IST) piacentini: Continuing with freeform conversation (as if the meeting was not that :)) (02:33:23 IST) jpwhiting|workpc: hehe (02:33:25 IST) majewsky: Good night then. (Just too late now.) (02:33:26 IST) milliams: Yay, meeting over (02:33:33 IST) krish: ok my log stops here then

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