KDE Games/IRC Meetings/2008-04-06-log

(11:30:04 IST) krish: 1800 UTC now (11:30:08 IST) tsdgeos: if a dnssd game is used host/port is not editable, and add to the combo a "custom" or something like that, that makes those fields editable, what do you think? (11:30:10 IST) JakubS_: hm, i would love some kind of dual-mode (like breadcrumb/lineedit widget in dolphin) widget to allow either to select service or enter host/port. but i have no idea how should it look like :-( (11:30:34 IST) tsdgeos: JakubS_: do we continue on private to not hijack the meeting, ok? (11:30:42 IST) JakubS_: ok (11:30:48 IST) ***JakubS_ unhijacks the meeting (11:30:55 IST) mwoehlke [[email protected]] entered the room. (11:30:55 IST) tsdgeos: http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Projects/Games/IRC_Meeting (11:31:09 IST) krish: thks tsdgeos. I was going to paste that (11:31:14 IST) it-s: ok, do we start now, or allow another few minuts for late people to arrive? (11:31:36 IST) krish: New faces in KDEGames - introduction (2-5min max) (11:32:06 IST) josef|samba: speak up, new faces :) (11:32:10 IST) krish: hmm I guess we should wait (11:32:15 IST) it-s: krish: well, I would like everyone to know one another, so lets wait a bit (11:32:18 IST) ***tsdgeos has the same face as ever (11:32:29 IST) it-s: tsdgeos: I'm sure of it (11:32:53 IST) ***krish is currently checkin the mirror (11:33:10 IST) mwoehlke: krish: :-) (11:33:24 IST) majewsky: I'm not new, but for the log: I invited Felix Lemke, who is working on Palapeli since Easter, to attend the meeting, but he's got no time. (11:33:33 IST) krish: annma, david_edmundson here? (11:33:47 IST) ***annma is there (11:33:52 IST) david_edmundson: I'mhere (11:33:53 IST) david_edmundson: *here (11:34:06 IST) krish: cool (11:34:18 IST) david_edmundson: was just hiding at the back being quiet (11:35:03 IST) krish: piacentini? (11:35:11 IST) Anarky left the room (quit: "Konversation terminated!"). (11:35:22 IST) tsdgeos: david_edmundson: what are you working on? (11:35:32 IST) it-s: piacentini isn;t here yet (11:35:32 IST) david_edmundson: I was making a KDE4 version of KBoggle (11:35:40 IST) it-s: Ok people (11:35:43 IST) david_edmundson: pretty much a rewrite from scratch (11:36:02 IST) majewsky: KBoggle? Never heard of. (11:36:03 IST) it-s: Hi, and welcome to KDEGames Monthly Meeting TM (11:36:05 IST) krish: david_edmundson: boggle or boogle? (11:36:09 IST) david_edmundson: boggle (11:36:15 IST) krish: seems a wrong spell on meeting agenda (11:36:16 IST) josef|samba: sshht, it-s is talking (11:36:31 IST) ***krish bows to the new speaker of the house (11:36:44 IST) it-s: Now, every one who is at this meeting for the very first toime please introduce yourselves (11:36:57 IST) it-s: toime=time (11:37:08 IST) krish: Hi, (11:37:14 IST) krish: This is me. (11:37:29 IST) it-s: krish: well, tell us a bit about yourself (11:37:31 IST) krish: er.. krish or Srikrishna Das. (11:37:37 IST) david_edmundson: hi, I'm David. Been hacking on Dragonplayer for a bit, but still fairly new to KDE hacking on a main project (11:37:56 IST) Diablo150: Hi, I'm French and I'm there for present djl (11:38:14 IST) krish: I use KDE on linux for 3 years now. Been with Akademy2008 team for some artwork designs and launch logo (11:38:39 IST) MathStuf: hi, I'm ben, I'm hoping to help with the KDE/GGZ project (11:39:01 IST) it-s: any GSoC students here? (11:39:03 IST) krish: I applied for GSoC under kdegames this year (11:39:10 IST) tsdgeos: Diablo150: can i have your name and know what djl means? (11:39:12 IST) ***MathStuf raises hand (11:39:33 IST) it-s: tsdgeos: if you please, we have DJL presentation on the agenda (11:39:38 IST) tsdgeos: err (11:39:39 IST) tsdgeos: sorry (11:39:43 IST) it-s: tsdgeos: not at all (11:39:53 IST) mwoehlke: Hi, all, I'm Matthew, not sure if this is the first or second time I've shown up, anyway I don't have my own game yet but I guess I'm speaking for Kapman unless ervin shows up (or Thomas or one of the others is here?) (11:39:55 IST) Diablo150: tsdgeos: My name une Florian if you want to know (11:40:02 IST) Diablo150: *is (11:40:16 IST) krish: ok, who corrected boogles to boggles on techbase. i wanted to do that (11:40:18 IST) tsdgeos: welcome Florian (11:40:25 IST) Diablo150: Thanks :) (11:40:30 IST) it-s: are the Kapman people here ( except for mwoehlke)? (11:40:41 IST) tsdgeos: well i'm their KDE mentor (11:40:42 IST) jpwhiting: hi, I'm Jeremy, I represent KHotNewStuff I suppose ;) (11:41:00 IST) krish: can i represent KDragons :) (11:41:18 IST) it-s: krish: all in a good time (11:41:23 IST) majewsky: If jp represents KNewStuff, then I represent actual usage of KNewStuff. :P (11:41:45 IST) jpwhiting: majewsky: really? awesome! (11:41:48 IST) annma: Hi, Anne-Marie Mahfouf, KDE-Edu project, interested in KNS (11:42:05 IST) it-s: Hi, I'm Eugene. I'm KDEgames (11:42:06 IST) krish: hmm wow kde edu also here (11:42:12 IST) jpwhiting: josef|samba: you represent dxs stuff, since I haven't been able to work with that much yet? (11:42:15 IST) krish: whereis emilsedgh_ (11:42:15 IST) it-s: Hi, I'm Eugene. I'm KDEgames graphic designer (stupid enter) (11:42:27 IST) josef|samba: jpwhiting: ok :) (11:42:35 IST) it-s: krish: he has guests today (11:42:45 IST) JLP: i'm jure repinc, just today imported Parsek into playground (11:43:17 IST) it-s: Ok, lets begin then (11:43:19 IST) krish: ah, yes. I am waiting for someone to reply your email so that I can figure out few things (11:43:27 IST) krish: Agenda 2. Games planned for 4.1 (10min max) (11:43:28 IST) it-s: next topic: Games planned for 4.1 (11:43:34 IST) ***tsdgeos hits silently JLP (11:43:52 IST) piacentini [[email protected]] entered the room. (11:43:57 IST) it-s: JLP: please tell us abot parsec (11:44:12 IST) kleag: I will loosely follow this part... (11:44:14 IST) it-s: piacentini: glad to see you man! (11:44:16 IST) CIA-44: aacid * r794150 parsek/trunk/playground/games/parsek/CMakeLists.txt: i want to build playgound but don't have TPPRoto, don't force me to install it (11:44:36 IST) piacentini: hi, sorry for the delay (11:44:48 IST) krish: np. we just started (11:44:52 IST) it-s: piacentini: no problem. we are just glad to see you here (11:45:03 IST) it-s: JLP: ? (11:45:26 IST) JLP: it-s: Parsek is a client for playing turn based strategy games from 4X gnere that are created using the Thousand Parsec framework (11:45:33 IST) majewsky: 4.1 games are my part. KDiamond is in the kdegames module and feature-complete since last week when KNewStuff downloading of themes was implemented. The last bug ;-) was fixed last Sunday (http://websvn.kde.org/?view=rev&revision=791841). (11:46:15 IST) jpwhiting: is there an agenda for this meeting somewhere? (11:46:24 IST) david_edmundson: http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Projects/Games/IRC_Meeting (11:46:30 IST) it-s: jpwhiting: http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Projects/Games/IRC_Meeting (11:46:34 IST) jpwhiting: thx (11:46:46 IST) ***majewsky silently hits david_edmunson and it-s for being faster (11:47:14 IST) it-s: ok, the other game going to KDEGames 4.1 release is Kubrik - a 3D rubic's cube game (11:47:29 IST) it-s: unfortunatly the game developer Ian is unable to come today (11:47:47 IST) krish: it-s: what about kapman? (11:47:57 IST) it-s: yes, that was my question too (11:48:25 IST) it-s: I guess, sinse the kapman team isn't here it's up to mwoehlke to answer (11:48:30 IST) kleag: it-s: there is also ksirk which is volunteer. Apart a few bugs and some graphic glitches, it's ready. (11:48:33 IST) mwoehlke: the major hurdles are graphics related, namely we don't have suitable default art or themability (11:48:45 IST) it-s: kleag: very good (11:49:09 IST) it-s: kleag: I hope I can have a go with it some time soon to improve on graphics (11:49:38 IST) mwoehlke: playability is in decent shape, AI needs work but I fiddled with it some Friday; what I've got is probably OK with minor tweaking (11:49:49 IST) kleag: it-s: only animated flags are mandatory I think. I can do some work myself with some help (11:49:58 IST) fela: I'm not sure if KBreakout is really ready, but if people really want it to go into kdegames I think I will manage to make in ready to move to playground in 1-2 days (the main thing missing is the handbook) (11:50:00 IST) CIA-44: aacid * r794153 kreversi/trunk/KDE/kdegames/kreversi/mainwindow.cpp: warning-- (11:50:09 IST) it-s: kleag: no problem (11:50:13 IST) nbttbn [[email protected]] entered the room. (11:50:20 IST) krish: mwoehlke: was any new decision taken on theme? May be the idea of motobiker (11:50:23 IST) it-s: fela: I have a new theme ready for you (11:50:34 IST) it-s: fela: it look even better then the old one :) (11:50:37 IST) mwoehlke: krish: I haven't seen anyone say "no" to that yet (11:51:03 IST) piacentini: fela: My personal opinion is that KBreakout should attempt to go in (11:51:06 IST) piacentini: For 4.1 (11:51:10 IST) piacentini: I can help you with the handbook (11:51:17 IST) fela: it-s, nice! I suppose I should make it ready for 4.1 then... :) (11:51:19 IST) it-s: fela: I second that (11:51:23 IST) piacentini: If you do not manage to finish it, then we will cut it before the release (11:51:29 IST) piacentini: The same applies to ksirk (11:51:31 IST) emilsedgh_: +1 for kbreakout (11:51:41 IST) ***fela surrenders :) (11:51:54 IST) piacentini: Ksirk has been around for a while, and we need to pour some group energy into it (11:52:03 IST) emilsedgh_: just, it was too short, last time i tried, i played it for about 30-60mins and it just finished (11:52:05 IST) piacentini: With the move to kdereview, we will see if this happens or not (11:52:18 IST) fela: ok, but has it to move to playground before the 7th?? (11:52:28 IST) kleag: emilsedgh_: ksirk ? (11:52:30 IST) krish: thats 1 day (11:52:35 IST) emilsedgh_: no no, kbreakout (11:52:42 IST) fela: emilsedgh_, it's very easy to write new levels, so that's not a problem (11:52:43 IST) majewsky: fela: You mean kdereview. Moving to playground is yet easier and virtually not restricted. (11:52:44 IST) kleag: emilsedgh_: sorry (11:52:54 IST) fela: yes I mean kdereview, sorry (11:53:00 IST) piacentini: About schedule for move, there was an extension to the soft freeze (11:53:05 IST) piacentini: Let me check it, just a second (11:53:29 IST) piacentini: Soft freeze was on the 7th, was extended to the 20th (11:53:40 IST) piacentini: So two weeks. We had until the alpha release for the moves (11:54:00 IST) piacentini: So, let us say we need to be on kdereview before 16th, what do you think? (11:54:02 IST) fela: piacentini, that means I have until the 20th to move it to kdereview?? (11:54:07 IST) kleag: sorry: I still have to prepare my childrens for sleep; I'll come back later... (11:54:16 IST) fela: ok 16th would be ok too (11:54:16 IST) thomi left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)). (11:54:17 IST) piacentini: fela: let us try for the 16th, to have some breathing room (11:54:35 IST) fela: yep :) (11:54:40 IST) tsdgeos: fela: make kbreakout first start size bigger please (11:54:40 IST) piacentini: it-s: sorry for interrupting, go on please (11:55:03 IST) it-s: piacentini: oh no, that's what we had on schet=dule (11:55:05 IST) fela: tsdgeos, sure (11:55:16 IST) tsdgeos: fela: make the "user thingy" not being able to move while on pause (11:55:35 IST) tsdgeos: that's a major bug :D (11:55:41 IST) it-s: fela: yeah, tha's like cheating (11:55:43 IST) fela: tsdgeos, yes improving pause feedback is on the TODO (11:55:44 IST) piacentini: fela, others: I found one good tip for these kind of issues (11:55:54 IST) piacentini: See Kblocks recent revision (11:56:08 IST) piacentini: Basically, the game is paused when it looses focus (11:56:09 IST) tsdgeos: fela: hide mouse while playing (11:56:17 IST) fela: tsdgeos, also on TODO (11:56:35 IST) tsdgeos: so it does not seem finished to me, things that go to review must be finished (11:56:36 IST) piacentini: This automatically handles stuff like game pausing when you are going to switch a theme, highscores, etc (11:56:40 IST) ***tsdgeos is playing bad cop rule (11:56:42 IST) majewsky: piacentini: You mean http://websvn.kde.org/?view=rev&revision=793388 (11:56:44 IST) Zajec [[email protected]] entered the room. (11:56:55 IST) piacentini: majewsky: yes (11:57:17 IST) fela: tsdgeos, yes that's what I was saying, but if I've till the 16th I can make it ready :) (11:57:18 IST) piacentini: There are still room for improvement, but basically that is the best way to handle it imo (11:57:29 IST) Zajec: uh, hello... didn't get on time, my car... well, refused to cooperate ;/ (11:57:43 IST) tsdgeos: ok (11:57:58 IST) it-s: ok, so basicly the games we might see in 4.1 are: kbreakout, klocks, ksirk (11:58:05 IST) it-s: anything else? (11:58:11 IST) krish: hi Zajec. Welcome. Just going through New games for KDE 4.1 (11:58:13 IST) milliams: Zajec: No worries, welcome anyway (11:58:18 IST) piacentini: kubrick (11:58:18 IST) krish: Next topic: KNS integration process (KGameThemeSelector) (11:58:36 IST) mwoehlke: it-s: giving up on Kapman? (11:58:59 IST) CIA-44: aacid * r794157 parsek/trunk/playground/games/doc/parsek/index.docbook: makeItBuild (11:58:59 IST) it-s: oh no (11:59:03 IST) it-s: just forgot (11:59:09 IST) majewsky: As already said, KDiamond is using KGameThemeSelector's KNS capabilities. Is there someone reponsible for this code? (11:59:10 IST) krish: mwoehlke: i guess some definitive yes on the mail thread would help (11:59:24 IST) mwoehlke: ok :-) (11:59:30 IST) piacentini: majewsky: I worked on it a bit (11:59:39 IST) mwoehlke: krish: you mean I should sit on Thomas et all to get "official blessing"? (11:59:43 IST) piacentini: majewsky: should be working ok now, tested with both kdiamond and kblocks (11:59:59 IST) krish: ok, i am a little confused here. Is KDE 4 > not using KNS2? (12:00:04 IST) majewsky: piacentini: I see, the themes folder is now rescanned. That is good. (12:00:07 IST) jpwhiting: krish: yes it is (12:00:13 IST) jpwhiting: krish: KNS2 is a library (12:00:22 IST) krish: hmm ok (12:00:25 IST) jpwhiting: it supports both old kns repositories, and new DXS ones (12:00:27 IST) piacentini: jpwhiting helped me a bit, btw as you know he is the kns2 maintainer (12:00:40 IST) jpwhiting: no current app is using DXS yet though (12:00:43 IST) krish: I am changing the techbase page (12:01:00 IST) jpwhiting: we are hoping to set up a permanent DXS server on kde.org domain (12:01:09 IST) jpwhiting: krish: which one? (12:01:12 IST) piacentini: Well, as we are taking about KNS, everything is ready, we just need a permanent server (12:01:26 IST) krish: mwoehlke: nah. (12:01:33 IST) krish: jpwhiting: meeting page (12:01:33 IST) jpwhiting: edu apps are currently using webspace on edu.kde.org to provide data (12:01:37 IST) jpwhiting: ah (12:01:42 IST) majewsky: jpwhiting: Would that DXS server allow users to contribute directly? The kstuff.org server which I'm currently using does only have an SVN "interface". (12:01:58 IST) mkbart [[email protected]] entered the room. (12:01:59 IST) josef|samba: majewsky: no, it also has a DXS interface ;) (12:01:59 IST) jpwhiting: majewsky: that's the plan (12:02:07 IST) mkbart: hi (12:02:17 IST) jpwhiting: josef|samba: dxs doesn't let users contribute directly? (12:02:24 IST) majewsky: josef|samba: Okay. You'll have to show me that on Wednesday. (12:02:26 IST) jpwhiting: oh, nm, I see what you were saying tno to (12:02:42 IST) josef|samba: yes it does - they can upload through DXS, give ratings, comments, request removals, add translations etc. (12:03:24 IST) jpwhiting: assuming I didn't horribly break upload code in coreengine changes I've made focusing on download ability (12:03:40 IST) krish: mwoehlke: ask it-s how eager I was to play kapman (12:03:44 IST) piacentini: OK, I said before I was going to push for the KNS server, sent an email to kde.e.v list, but did not follow up on that (12:03:53 IST) piacentini: This time, let us do it right then:) (12:04:07 IST) piacentini: The problem is: I am not technically familiar with how to setup one, what is needed, etc (12:04:11 IST) josef|samba: piacentini: from what I know, the sysadmins want to see the need first, i.e. the current server pushed to the limit (12:04:14 IST) piacentini: So, jeremy, can you help me? (12:04:25 IST) it-s: I hear thast annma was also interested in it, the server I mean (12:04:30 IST) jpwhiting: piacentini: a bit (12:04:34 IST) annma: josef|samba: what current server? (12:04:36 IST) piacentini: josef|samba: current server means the .kde.org websites? (12:04:44 IST) josef|samba: current server = data.kstuff.org (12:04:50 IST) krish: We moved to topic KNS2 server allocation (invite annma) (12:04:58 IST) annma: that's not a server josef|samba (12:05:45 IST) josef|samba: what is it then? (12:05:45 IST) jpwhiting: it needs postgres, hotstuff scripts, space (obviously) and josef|samba would know more (12:05:57 IST) annma: we can weight how many Mb we have on .kde.org websites for data piacentini (12:06:08 IST) jpwhiting: josef|samba: the problem is that new categories can't be set up on kstuff.org easily (12:06:18 IST) annma: and no devels know about it (12:06:22 IST) jpwhiting: (except by yourself) ;) (12:06:37 IST) majewsky: and me (12:06:44 IST) josef|samba: jpwhiting: I tought David Solbach wanted to look at easier administration (12:07:00 IST) jpwhiting: majewsky: I have svn access, but can't make new providers (12:07:06 IST) jpwhiting: josef|samba: maybe (12:07:17 IST) sacha__ is now known as DrIDk (12:07:19 IST) josef|samba: would it be a good idea to put provider management into SVN also? (12:07:21 IST) jpwhiting: josef|samba: yes, he has a test server also set up (12:07:34 IST) jpwhiting: yes (12:07:41 IST) annma: josef|samba: yes, in kde svn (12:07:45 IST) jpwhiting: :) (12:07:45 IST) piacentini: Just to understand it, is this (kstuff.org) the server setup by some university? (12:07:49 IST) majewsky: With the "and me", I meant annma. It should have been "me does" or something like this. (12:08:07 IST) jpwhiting: ah, got it (12:08:09 IST) josef|samba: piacentini: it's run by OSUOSL who run many KDE websites (e.g. dot.kde.org) (12:08:21 IST) jpwhiting: josef|samba: really? oh that's better than I thought (12:08:29 IST) piacentini: The problem is that when I mentioned it in the e.v. thread, I understood it was just for development (12:08:39 IST) jpwhiting: I thought it was just something at your office or something (12:08:40 IST) piacentini: And not for final production/user (12:08:52 IST) annma: we need upload for 4.1 for kdeedu (12:09:06 IST) it-s: the same is for kdegames (12:09:14 IST) it-s: we will need some way to upload stuff (12:09:20 IST) jpwhiting: annma: upload should be possible, but seems disabled on the provider for some reason (12:09:21 IST) josef|samba: Yes, that's indeed an issue: OSUOSL only sponsors up to a certain size and then wants people to move elsewhere. Initially they said they would scale up, but it seems their policy has changed towards development support and not large production servers anymore. (12:09:47 IST) josef|samba: but if we keep the data in SVN, it shouldn't be much of an issue (12:09:48 IST) majewsky: it-s: Yes, and the problem is that we need a new server before 4.1 when we can change the knsrc configs. (12:09:55 IST) piacentini: josef|samba: that is why I thought we could not rely on them for 4.1, and sysadmin should set up one for us (12:10:05 IST) jpwhiting: exactly (12:10:08 IST) annma: yes (12:10:13 IST) josef|samba: it's really more a problem of size, not so much of stability, because the server is certainly running stable (12:10:37 IST) piacentini: But you are the expert. If we have access and you think we should exhaust our bandwidth resources with them, I could go for it (12:10:59 IST) ***josef|samba writing "provider management through SVN" into his TODO file for next week (12:11:30 IST) jpwhiting: josef|samba: all the providers I saw on there (I only looked at a couple) had nouploadurl set for some reason (12:11:44 IST) jpwhiting: do they need to add webdav packages or something for upload to be enabled? (12:12:19 IST) piacentini: Annma, jpwhiting: would you prefer to go directly with a .kde.org managed server? The problem is that someone will have to administer it, if we could rely on the OSUOSL services for a little longer, maybe this could be beneficial. I do not know the issues involved, really (12:12:29 IST) emilsedgh_: guys i have a little VPS server, its almost empty, im sure its not a good thing for a long-run and primary server, but i would be happy to share it if it helps (12:12:58 IST) jpwhiting: piacentini: I'd rather have something at kde.org personally, and think annma feels the same (12:13:00 IST) josef|samba: maybe we should discuss this more in detail afterwards to not completely bog down the agenda :) (12:13:05 IST) jpwhiting: good idea (12:13:09 IST) annma: once we start at one place I am not sure if we can easily move (12:13:14 IST) piacentini: agreed. Maybe an email thread? (12:13:18 IST) tsdgeos: not having .kde.org is bad (12:13:31 IST) tsdgeos: can happen things like www.spreadkde.org being lost (12:13:37 IST) jpwhiting: or here right after the meeting (12:13:41 IST) annma: tsdgeos: yes (12:13:41 IST) tsdgeos: of course kde.org can be lost too (12:13:44 IST) josef|samba: after meeting I'd say (12:13:45 IST) annma: I totally agree (12:13:54 IST) tsdgeos: but if that happens we better turn off computers and go playing football (12:14:04 IST) piacentini: After meeting, cool (12:14:06 IST) krish: :| (12:14:10 IST) annma: OK (12:14:11 IST) piacentini: Let us move on with the agenda (12:14:12 IST) krish: Next topic: Kblocks moving to KDE Review (12:14:26 IST) piacentini: Already moved, please test and report bugs (12:14:34 IST) krish: who represents Kblocks? piacentini (12:14:41 IST) piacentini: yes (12:14:49 IST) krish: oh cool moved to playground (12:15:00 IST) piacentini: BTW, it exposes what I think is a bug in QGV (12:15:14 IST) piacentini: Regarding rounding issues that lead to misalignment of sprites (12:15:30 IST) piacentini: I tried to work around it and it is possible if I use Pimaps, but cumbersome (12:15:59 IST) krish: aw. misalignment of blocks via its sprites would be a mess (12:16:02 IST) piacentini: So I decided to leave the code as simple as possible, in the hopes I can show it to Andreas (during FISL) and he can address the issue, or tell me how to solve it if it is onot a bug (12:16:21 IST) piacentini: To see it clearly, build kblocks, download the black and white theme (via KNS, yay) (12:16:30 IST) piacentini: And run at different sizes. You will see what I mean (12:16:53 IST) krish: hmm ok. will note that on todo list after reaching home (12:17:06 IST) it-s: yes, I've noted it too. some elements are aligned, while the others are quite off :/ (12:17:26 IST) piacentini: Now resize the window, try it at different sizes, and you will see that the place of misalignment changes (12:17:46 IST) piacentini: And it should not happen of course, as the underlying code is NOT resizing sprites or anything like that (12:17:47 IST) fela: piacentini, can't you make the height e multiple of the number of blocks and the same for the width? (12:18:12 IST) piacentini: fela: I can, but then I can not use the scaled view, and have to rebuild the graphics, same as we do (12:18:22 IST) piacentini: BTW, I have this code (12:18:25 IST) it-s: piacentini: you have already sent kblocks to kdereview, have you? (12:18:39 IST) piacentini: BUT, I prefer to have it solved in QGV, so for now I will let it there (12:18:58 IST) piacentini: Rationale: tired of working around what I think are bugs (12:18:59 IST) gurumeditationer left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection). (12:19:14 IST) ***mwoehlke thinks this sounds like the problem with Kapman wall tiles... (12:19:27 IST) it-s: mwoehlke: yes, I'm sure it is (12:19:37 IST) ***majewsky thinks this sounds like the bug that made KDiamond's have inequal border sizes (12:19:41 IST) it-s: mwoehlke: quite a few games have this same problem (12:19:42 IST) piacentini: If we do not expose the bugs and give TT a simple way to see them and address them, then we are all the time reimplementing stuff (12:19:57 IST) mwoehlke: is it reasonable for tile-like elements to have non-integer sizes? (12:20:04 IST) piacentini: I am personally a bit tired of this cycle, specially in regards to QGV. (12:20:06 IST) ikit [[email protected]/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-0749b367f224123d] entered the room. (12:20:12 IST) fela: piacentini, maybe I'm misunderstanding the problem, but having all blocks of the same size make sense: makes them look the same, is more efficient when using a pixmap cache, etc. (12:20:12 IST) krish: well, in that case solving this in QGV has become higher priority item (12:20:17 IST) piacentini: mwoehlke: it should not matter. In KBlocks the elements have integer sizes (12:20:27 IST) majewsky: mwoehlke: That was exactly the problem in KDiamond. See http://websvn.kde.org/?view=rev&revision=791841 (12:20:58 IST) piacentini: majewsky: are you using qgraphicspixmapitens or svgitens? (12:21:42 IST) majewsky: piacentini: The first one, together with KPixmapCache. (12:21:44 IST) piacentini: With svg, you can not solve them. With pixmap, we can correct for this in the code (sometimes, not always, as you will find out if you try something where you can clearly see the problem like KBlocks) (12:22:04 IST) krish: well, what happened to KGameCanvas? (12:22:21 IST) piacentini: What happens is that with pixmap itens we solve it by compensating the positon in the code, and recreating the scene, right? And not using non-integer sized elements (12:22:23 IST) piacentini: BUT (12:22:24 IST) krish: was it tried? (12:22:58 IST) it-s: Ok, next on agenda is [GSoC participatoin and mentoring] and I suggest we merge it with [KDEGames Student Day (date/time)(5min max)] to save up the time (12:23:05 IST) piacentini: if we have to do this, then I do not see the point in using the scene manager really, and the built-in svg capabilities. Better have it solved in QGV OR documented as a shortcoming. (12:23:09 IST) krish: Next topic: GSoC participation and mentoring (12:23:12 IST) DrIDk: kdegames-info: praise get 9 (12:23:12 IST) kdegames-info: DrIDk: Praise #9: "$who GSoC participatoin and mentoring" (added by sacha at 09:41 AM, April 06, 2008) (12:23:25 IST) it-s: now the idea is to invite all the students who applied for GSoC (12:23:41 IST) it-s: and have them meet the team and (maybe) wtay here for ever :D (12:23:47 IST) emilsedgh_: oh, one last thing (12:24:05 IST) it-s: the student's who applied for KDE Game development (12:24:14 IST) it-s: and thoughts? (12:24:22 IST) emilsedgh_ is now known as emilsedgh (12:24:32 IST) it-s: do you thonk it's a good idea? (12:24:42 IST) fela: I think it's a good Idea (12:24:50 IST) krish: it-s: yes and probably a count of how many would like to continue with KDE (12:24:54 IST) majewsky: With "meet the team", do you mean an extraordinary IRC meeting? (12:25:01 IST) emilsedgh: every game in the page, as you might know, has a page.it would be good if each game, gives a link to its page from the 'About' dialog (12:25:03 IST) fela: but I think we should maybe wait till the results of gsoc, or?? (12:25:17 IST) it-s: majewsky: yes, that's exactly what I mean (12:25:30 IST) Zajec: well, if I will be accepted with my idea for GSoC, you may be sure to see me :) (12:25:34 IST) it-s: emilsedgh: interesting point (12:25:42 IST) krish: emilsedgh: yes, nice idea. With gameplay screenshots as well (12:25:44 IST) it-s: emilsedgh: can you submit it to mailing list? (12:25:59 IST) emilsedgh: it-s: yes yes (12:26:07 IST) it-s: Zajec: but we want to meet you just the same (12:26:11 IST) josef|samba: fela: not all students will make it, but still all students should get a chance to be guided into development (12:26:23 IST) it-s: Zajec: regardless of whether you are accepted or not (12:26:28 IST) Zajec: oki :) (12:26:53 IST) it-s: josef|samba - thanks. that was my understanding of the issue (12:26:58 IST) emilsedgh: fela: there is a comment on knetwalk page: http://games.kde.org/game.php?game=knetwalk (not so important) (12:27:07 IST) krish: it-s: It would be great if the mentors name and contact be listed on a page in techbase (12:27:14 IST) fela: yes, exactly, I think this meeting is specially usefull for the rejected students (because they won't have an officially appointed mentor) (12:27:26 IST) it-s: now, who are our GSoC mentors (12:27:33 IST) it-s: pleasew rise your hands (12:27:42 IST) ***josef|samba is potential mentor (12:27:46 IST) ***krish waited for this moment so long (12:27:48 IST) ***milliams raises his hand (12:28:02 IST) milliams: I don't think we have many mentors (12:28:08 IST) josef|samba: only two? :( (12:28:09 IST) fela: emilsedgh, heh nice ^^ (12:28:13 IST) tsdgeos: i'm a potential mentor, but don't count much on me (12:28:27 IST) piacentini: same as tsdgeos :) (12:28:43 IST) krish: thats it :( (12:29:00 IST) piacentini: Just because I would like to concentrate on some of the release stuff for 4.1, etc (12:29:03 IST) milliams: And Cornelius I believe (12:29:15 IST) josef|samba: Tomorrow is SoC deadline. It will be a fight to reserve a few slots for kdegames, given the competition and all. (12:29:24 IST) tsdgeos: that does not mean you can get a mentor not present in this meeting (12:29:28 IST) majewsky: I could jump in in case of emergency, however I'm unsure if my knowledge and amount of spare time is big enough. (12:29:40 IST) tsdgeos: and we are over 200 probably 250 applications (12:29:47 IST) tsdgeos: which is a lot (12:30:04 IST) krish: tsdgeos: 250 kdegames only! (12:30:07 IST) josef|samba: yes, most applications won't make it (12:30:09 IST) ***krish faints (12:30:44 IST) fela: no, I think 250 kde applications (12:30:46 IST) it-s: but that's exactly why I want to set up that meet-day so badly (12:30:55 IST) krish: phew (12:30:55 IST) tsdgeos: no, of course not 250 kdegames only :D (12:31:02 IST) it-s: and hopefully befor the descission day (12:31:19 IST) it-s: cos after some people will be so upset they didn't make it, they wwill just go away (12:31:26 IST) it-s: and we will loose potential devs (12:31:32 IST) tsdgeos: that's their problem (12:31:34 IST) tsdgeos: not us (12:31:37 IST) krish: it-s: after the decision day you can forget the student strength here (12:31:39 IST) fela: yes, but then we risk to help people that will then disappear (12:31:43 IST) josef|samba: milliams will have to tell the results, because I'll be travelling at the decision day (12:31:49 IST) milliams: :D (12:31:59 IST) fela: on the other hand, maybe if thy see how friendly we are they won't disappear (12:32:10 IST) fela: :) (12:32:13 IST) it-s: fela: that's the hopw I have... (12:32:15 IST) it-s: hope (12:32:37 IST) Zajec: what would you talk about on this pre-decision meeting? (12:32:45 IST) it-s: we have a playground full of dieing games... it would be nice if someone would step in (12:32:49 IST) Zajec: because I gues most of the student won't have any problems yet :) (12:32:50 IST) piacentini: in my personal opinion, I would love to have more contributors. However, if they simply go away because Google did not accept them, too bad. But it is not my problem, and not a contributor that would help KDE in the long run for free (12:33:14 IST) krish: btw, this reminds me. I have a question. I proposed my idea on mailing list and applied on soc page? Is there any where else I need to propose.. may be specific page on kdegames? (12:33:24 IST) piacentini: In other words: contributions always welcome, and we need to help, but it does not have to be tied to a prize :) (12:33:30 IST) milliams: krish: The gsoc page is the only place needed (12:33:53 IST) krish: thks. ive done then :) (12:34:05 IST) it-s: piacentini: that's not the point. point is that they have subnited their applications hoping to be accepted, but they (probably) have no idea about the existance of KDEGames team, and this channel, and that they can get help here etc. (12:34:16 IST) piacentini: sure, good initiative (12:34:19 IST) it-s: piacentini: maybe if they knew, they wouldn't just go (12:34:28 IST) piacentini: nothing against it, 100% supported, go on, etc :) (12:34:44 IST) josef|samba: krish, MathStuf, etc.: how did you find the channel, was it easy to find? (12:34:51 IST) krish: yes (12:34:58 IST) tsdgeos: my take is that they submitted a kdegames application because they want the money and don't care if there's a team, etc because otherwise they would have searched, but that's just because i'm negative by nature (12:34:59 IST) MathStuf: yes (12:35:03 IST) it-s: milliams: is there any way you could find me the list of all the people who submited their applications for kde games development (12:35:05 IST) krish: i was always on #akademy2008 and #kde-in (12:35:11 IST) it-s: milliams: with email addresses preferably (12:35:15 IST) Zajec: josef|samba: not really, as it's (it was?) hidden... o idea why (12:35:24 IST) Zajec: I had to ask on #kde for this channel (12:35:39 IST) Zajec: listing all channels didn't show this one on the list (12:36:00 IST) MathStuf: I found it on kde.org where the list of IRC chans IIRC (12:36:02 IST) josef|samba: Zajec: ouch, maybe an issue with freenode (12:36:09 IST) piacentini: Idea: list the kdegames channel and mailing list info in the games.kde.org website (if not there already) (12:36:12 IST) it-s: that's what I thought... we are the magical land of KDEgames, and quite illusory at it :P (12:36:15 IST) milliams: it-s: I can do, yes. (12:36:17 IST) tsdgeos: josef|samba: no, the channel is configured that way (12:36:33 IST) josef|samba: hm it says +ns (12:36:34 IST) it-s: milliams: could you send me an email please, whenever you get time (12:36:34 IST) Zajec: josef|samba: it's about channel's settings (12:36:41 IST) emilsedgh: piacentini: i will, thanks for mentioning (12:36:58 IST) it-s: piacentini: great idea! (12:37:08 IST) DrIDk: kdegames-info: praise get 10 (12:37:09 IST) kdegames-info: DrIDk: Praise #10: "$who Kapman - shortly of development" (added by sacha at 09:41 AM, April 06, 2008) (12:37:13 IST) it-s: now (12:37:19 IST) it-s: lets move on to the last topic (12:37:20 IST) it-s: DJL - the future of gaming on linix (12:37:31 IST) tsdgeos: linix rocks! (12:37:32 IST) krish: linix / linux? (12:37:36 IST) it-s: Diablo150: please tell us all about DJL (12:37:37 IST) emilsedgh: lol (12:37:38 IST) DrIDk: kdegames-info: praise get 12 (12:37:38 IST) kdegames-info: DrIDk: Praise #12: "$who DJL - the future of gaming on linix" (added by sacha at 09:41 AM, April 06, 2008) (12:37:42 IST) jpwhiting: DJL? (12:37:50 IST) Diablo150: hi, for the begun ,sorry for my bad English (12:37:57 IST) majewsky: DrlDK: What is this praise thing? (12:38:07 IST) Diablo150: djl aim to be a linux gaming plateform (12:38:08 IST) majewsky: DrlDK: Where can I buy that? (12:38:14 IST) DrIDk: majewsky: I use bot for show the agenda (12:38:14 IST) Diablo150: like Steam... (12:38:32 IST) tsdgeos: Diablo150: what does it provide? (12:38:45 IST) tsdgeos: or is it "just" a binary that launches other binaries (12:38:49 IST) Diablo150: it can use a repository for extract a lot of archives (12:39:03 IST) it-s: tsdgeos: in essence it's a game louncher (12:39:09 IST) it-s: launcher (12:39:11 IST) Diablo150: It download and install game on a sub directory (12:39:19 IST) tsdgeos: Diablo150: a la klick? (12:39:36 IST) it-s: tsdgeos: but it also does some simple pakgage management with it (for games only) (12:39:44 IST) josef|samba: tsdgeos: klik! (12:39:53 IST) Diablo150: no, djl don't use only one type of archive, it can use tar.gz, autopackage, zip, etc... (12:40:16 IST) krish: okay so only from sources (12:40:30 IST) Diablo150: no, only binaries packages (12:40:38 IST) MathStuf: DJL should prefer distro repos (i would think) though then if they're not there, get a tarball (12:41:11 IST) Diablo150: djl don't use repo, it's a repo manager (12:41:23 IST) tsdgeos: well, dinner time (12:41:30 IST) tsdgeos: i have a few comments over ksirk (12:41:33 IST) it-s: tsdgeos: enjoy your meal (12:41:35 IST) krish: does it address dependencies for the game too (12:41:40 IST) tsdgeos: not sure if ill be back when we are on ksirk (12:41:46 IST) tsdgeos: if not i'll email kleag and the list (12:41:58 IST) Diablo150: no fir now it can't install dependancies (12:42:00 IST) Diablo150: But, (12:42:00 IST) milliams: tsdgeos: enjoy! (12:42:17 IST) Diablo150: It can tell user if a library is missing (12:42:33 IST) it-s: tsdgeos: if you want we can do Ksirk right after the DJL (12:43:04 IST) piacentini: people, just a thought: have we discussed kapman yet? Nothing against the DJL discussion, but it is not really kdegames related at this time, is it? I think it will be more productive if we have a link to DJL homepage, and the author introduces it in the mailing list (12:43:21 IST) krish: Diablo150: hmm, that would be a good thing to start with (12:43:26 IST) majewsky: http://djl.tuxfamily.org (12:43:29 IST) it-s: the point is that DJL is a nice liitle app which makes game launching and management so much easier (12:43:32 IST) piacentini: Then we can be more productive really (12:43:39 IST) krish: piacentini: not yet. Its next (12:43:41 IST) sacha_ [[email protected]] entered the room. (12:43:48 IST) Diablo150: piacentini: http://djl.tuxfamily.org/index_en.html (12:43:59 IST) piacentini: Sure, I am not discussing if it is useful. Just the convenience of discussing this at the meeting before the kdegames specific topis are covered (12:44:00 IST) sacha_: sorry (12:44:29 IST) it-s: piacentini: well, kapman tam didn't show up, inspite all my efford (12:44:33 IST) krish: Well shall we do Kapman - shortly of development (12:44:33 IST) sacha_: sorry.. disconnected.. always anout DJL ? (12:44:36 IST) piacentini: At the same time, I do not see the relevance to kdegames specifically, as the module is integrated with all major distros (12:44:40 IST) krish: mwoehlke is here (12:44:47 IST) Diablo150: sacha_: yep (12:45:16 IST) piacentini: Sorry for being blunt, I will definately check it out, could be useful for a extragear-games installer or such. (12:45:26 IST) it-s: piacentini: we could bundle it in. as a game louncher it's great (12:45:29 IST) piacentini: But installation of games is really not that important to us imo. Anyone disagrees strongly? (12:45:37 IST) piacentini: it-s: ok, this is a good point (12:45:40 IST) sebastienb_ [[email protected]] entered the room. (12:45:42 IST) majewsky: piacentini: Something like DJL could also help us to release newer revisions without being bound to the release schedule. (12:45:55 IST) piacentini: majewsky: we are bound by it (12:45:56 IST) piacentini: no choice (12:45:58 IST) it-s: piacentini: I'll write to the mailing list about DJL, and what I see it could do for us (12:46:00 IST) piacentini: as part of a larger project (12:46:01 IST) ***mwoehlke is one-armed due to cat ;-) (12:46:17 IST) Diablo150: piacentini: djl also support more than 40 games, for now it's the only package manager can do that (12:46:33 IST) piacentini: majewsky: maybe good for a potential extragear-games, agreed (12:46:38 IST) david_edmundson: Diablo150: only open souce games? (12:46:38 IST) sacha_: I think a lot of user, want to play with "big game" easier on linux (12:46:40 IST) krish: mwoehlke: did the cat feed on other arm :) (12:46:52 IST) jpwhiting: hehe (12:46:58 IST) Diablo150: david_edmundson: No but maybe 90% of games a open source (12:47:13 IST) mwoehlke: it-s: I asked at one point, IIRC they said they can't get IRC access (12:47:18 IST) krish: piacentini: i guess if DJL could address dependencies well. It could be used by other desktop envs to install kdegames (12:47:21 IST) mwoehlke: krish: no, laying on :-) (12:47:28 IST) piacentini: krish: not our problem really (12:47:30 IST) Diablo150: But if it's a problem I can made a non-free repo... (12:47:30 IST) it-s: people, I know everyone is tired by now, but lets not get off topic (12:47:37 IST) krish: wow. thats so sweet mwoehlke (12:47:41 IST) piacentini: This is distro specific, let us stay focus on what we can address (12:47:45 IST) it-s: mwoehlke: please tell us about Kapman (yet again) (12:48:00 IST) it-s: Diablo150: it's not. let's not rush it (12:48:16 IST) mwoehlke: gameplay is in good shape, it's the graphics stuff I worry about (12:48:16 IST) sacha_: did you speak about kboogle? (12:48:28 IST) david_edmundson: no, or at least I haven't. (12:48:28 IST) it-s: Diablo150: I'll write to the mailing list and describe DJL in details. then we will have more time to discuss it (12:48:41 IST) Diablo150: it-s: ok, thanks (12:48:42 IST) it-s: Diablo150: today I just planned an introduction (12:48:46 IST) piacentini: it-s: good idea: just trying to streamline the meeting, or we will drift (12:48:49 IST) krish: yes, that be great. I'd love to discuss more on DJL (12:48:56 IST) krish: later (12:48:58 IST) it-s: piacentini: agreed (12:49:03 IST) piacentini: Suggestion: can we discuss ksirk (12:49:05 IST) krish: kapman (12:49:11 IST) it-s: now - Kapman (12:49:13 IST) krish: kapman done? (12:49:14 IST) piacentini: ? And then kapman, but it is kind of pointless without the developers (12:49:18 IST) piacentini: So kapman (12:49:30 IST) it-s: since no one from the dev team has come... (12:49:39 IST) krish: ksirk (12:49:39 IST) it-s: mwoehlke will have to do the honors (12:49:40 IST) piacentini: imo, developers are not here, we know Matthew's views. IMO it will not make it for 4.1 at this pace (12:49:50 IST) piacentini: Do you agree, matthew? (12:49:54 IST) krish: oh ok. mwoehlke (12:50:03 IST) it-s: *sigh* I have tried... (12:50:24 IST) it-s: well (12:50:27 IST) mwoehlke: piacentini: probably not if it needs the graphics issues mostly fixed by the 16th (12:50:29 IST) it-s: ksirk (12:50:36 IST) piacentini: I think we will have to see if the developers will continue on board after the assignment has ended (12:50:42 IST) piacentini: If they do, and can work with the KDE team (12:50:50 IST) piacentini: (including mwoehlke) (12:50:56 IST) piacentini: then we can have it in 4.2 (12:50:56 IST) sacha_: it-s: need to speak about kboogle too (12:51:02 IST) piacentini: No point forcing it right now imo (12:51:07 IST) it-s: piacentini: I doubt it :/ my last email conversation with them shown little, or no interest :( (12:51:20 IST) piacentini: it-s: then if this happens (12:51:28 IST) mwoehlke: I'd have to say the team is too new to get what needs to be done finished in time :-( (12:51:30 IST) piacentini: Someone can volunteer to spearhead development (12:51:37 IST) krish: sacha_: kboggle (12:51:47 IST) sacha_: david_edmundson: kboogle (12:51:48 IST) piacentini: maybe mwoehlke, and bring it to completion for 4.2. (12:51:49 IST) david_edmundson: here (12:51:52 IST) piacentini: ok, kboogle (12:52:06 IST) sacha_ is now known as ImDridk (12:52:26 IST) it-s: david_edmundson: please tell us about your game (12:52:29 IST) majewsky: Isn't is KBo*g*gle? (12:52:36 IST) krish: yes (12:52:44 IST) it-s: KGoooogle? :P (12:52:48 IST) krish: (12:51:37 IST) krish: sacha_: kboggle (12:52:48 IST) ImDridk: david_edmundson: ? (12:52:50 IST) david_edmundson: I had a weird urge to play boggle, so checked out kboggle. It didn't compile was KDE3 and the screenshot I found looked a bit old. So I knocked up a new one (12:53:13 IST) sebastienb- left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)). (12:53:23 IST) david_edmundson: I was in here last night asking someone else to give me some feedback and the person there (sorry I forget who) suggetsed coming back here and see if its wanted in kdegames (12:53:24 IST) ImDridk: david_edmundson: can you send your screenshot url (12:53:28 IST) david_edmundson: yep (12:53:31 IST) jpwhiting: knocked up is probably not the best word... ;) (12:53:35 IST) david_edmundson: kboggle.png (12:54:17 IST) david_edmundson: I only started it Tuesday. (12:54:29 IST) it-s: david_edmundson: not bad at all :) (12:54:35 IST) david_edmundson: thanks very much (12:55:01 IST) ImDridk: so, the question is : does he replace kboogle, or create a new one in kde svn ? (12:55:05 IST) krish: it-s: +1 (12:55:08 IST) it-s: david_edmundson: have you mooved it into playground yet, do you have SVN? (12:55:13 IST) piacentini: question: game or kdeedu app? (12:55:28 IST) david_edmundson: I have an SVN on my server http://sharpley.org.uk/kboggle (12:55:31 IST) krish: piacentini: game i guess (12:55:34 IST) it-s: piacentini: well it IS in playground/kdegames currently (12:55:37 IST) ImDridk: games too (12:55:39 IST) krish: i dont see an edu point (12:55:45 IST) david_edmundson: the OLD one is in playground/games (12:55:49 IST) david_edmundson: it's far more game like (12:56:06 IST) david_edmundson: I haven't learnt anything from playing it anyway. (12:56:13 IST) piacentini: well, blinken is as well, if you look at this way (12:56:33 IST) piacentini: But there are pedagogic ways to use this kind of activity (12:56:33 IST) it-s: piacentini: no. this game isn't eductional (12:56:39 IST) ImDridk: maybe , david_edmundson can use icon of old kboogle (12:56:56 IST) it-s: piacentini: it requires you to know words already rather then helps you to learn new ones (12:57:05 IST) it-s: piacentini: it's just a word game (12:57:14 IST) krish: ok some idea to make it educational. Provide a list of synonyms to the words that are hidden in the block (12:57:48 IST) piacentini: it-s: I wlll not stretch the point here, but there is a larger view of what is "educational". But let us discuss the game, we can see it later with the kdeedu guys and girls :) (12:57:50 IST) it-s: krish: we don't want it eductional :P then kdeedu will expropriate it :P (12:57:51 IST) krish: player looks up to synonyms and thinks for words in the block.-- tada edu english (12:58:13 IST) piacentini: As an example, kanagram is in kdeedu (12:58:20 IST) piacentini: And you already know the words you are finding :) (12:58:27 IST) it-s: piacentini: well, you do have sense (12:58:28 IST) krish: it-s: well, i'd too love that game without edu pls (12:58:34 IST) piacentini: In any event it is KDE, let us get it ready first (12:58:36 IST) piacentini: :) (12:58:38 IST) it-s: piacentini: sorry, wrong word (12:58:45 IST) it-s: piacentini: I meaned 'point' (12:59:08 IST) piacentini: We can complete it, move to kdereview, and then see where it fits best. It is all kde (12:59:14 IST) it-s: so, david_edmundson's question was - does he add it as a new item, or replaces the existing one? (12:59:31 IST) piacentini: Is kboogle (in playground) active? (12:59:36 IST) piacentini: Let us see the last checkin (12:59:43 IST) david_edmundson: 2 years ago (12:59:47 IST) david_edmundson: if you ignore scippy (01:00:03 IST) piacentini: OK, so not active. It will need to be moved to unmaintained (01:00:15 IST) piacentini: Then, you can import yours if you plan to continue developing it (01:00:16 IST) rivo left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)). (01:00:44 IST) david_edmundson: I'd like to keep developing it (01:01:04 IST) piacentini: ok. So tomorrow I will move the current one to unmaintained (01:01:08 IST) it-s: david_edmundson: welcome aboard David (01:01:09 IST) piacentini: (can not do it now from this machine) (01:01:17 IST) david_edmundson: but I have a bad habbit of starting a project and getting bored of it quickly, I was hoping getting someone else telling me to do stuff would stop me running away (01:01:22 IST) piacentini: Can you email me at [email protected], david? (01:01:25 IST) david_edmundson: sure (01:01:36 IST) ImDridk: :D (01:01:37 IST) jpwhiting: it-s: kanagram makes you have to know words already too (01:01:37 IST) it-s: david_edmundson: you will :) that's what we are here for :P (01:01:43 IST) krish: david_edmundson: we will bug you. dont you worry (01:01:44 IST) piacentini: cool. (01:01:45 IST) jpwhiting: it could move into kdegames also (01:01:57 IST) ImDridk: so before end, of meeting, you can look this nice video : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=iiZMJWXBO3Q (01:01:57 IST) jpwhiting: but it's more educational imho (01:01:58 IST) it-s: jpwhiting: ok, ok. point taken :P (01:02:18 IST) it-s: ImDridk: you could at least tell people what it is :P (01:02:23 IST) josef|samba: ImDridk: can you please post the direct link to the video for those without flash plugin? (01:02:52 IST) krish: its ktank (01:03:09 IST) ImDridk: josef|samba: yes (01:03:34 IST) it-s: is ksudoku dev here? (01:03:35 IST) krish: :*) I miss my 8bit sega video game (01:03:45 IST) krish: what about ksirk? (01:03:49 IST) krish: are we skipping? (01:04:08 IST) it-s: krish: but we have discussed ksirk, and kbreakout in the beginning (01:04:21 IST) piacentini: krish: Kleag is not back yet (01:04:55 IST) ImDridk: josef|samba: Im uploading (01:04:58 IST) krish: well yes. hes not back. it-s, he wanted to talk i guess (01:05:09 IST) piacentini: Suggestion: end of formal meeting, we discuss the KNS server, and if/when Kleag returns we resume ksirk (01:05:12 IST) krish: ok ksudoku (01:05:22 IST) it-s: ok (01:05:34 IST) it-s: that concludes our meeting for today (01:05:40 IST) krish: it-s: ? (01:05:41 IST) it-s: thatnk you all for joining (01:05:47 IST) david_edmundson: thank you (01:05:52 IST) kleag: Hi, I'm back right now (01:05:55 IST) krish: hehe (01:05:56 IST) piacentini: lol (01:05:57 IST) josef|samba: lol (01:05:57 IST) piacentini: ok (01:05:58 IST) mwoehlke: ok, me needs food then ;-) (01:05:58 IST) majewsky: lol (01:06:03 IST) piacentini: so ksirk (01:06:03 IST) jpwhiting: lol (01:06:04 IST) majewsky: Me too. (01:06:05 IST) it-s: oh (01:06:10 IST) piacentini: and then the KNS server! (01:06:11 IST) krish: it-s: New Control api - joystick, mouse, keyboard.. (DrIDK)? (01:06:11 IST) it-s: oh well (01:06:32 IST) piacentini: krish: we are getting tired, let us concentrate on KDE 4.1 issues (01:06:36 IST) it-s: krish: DrIDk has already presented it last time. I just wanted to refresh people's memory (01:06:38 IST) piacentini: And then we can discuss freely after wards (01:06:44 IST) piacentini: afterwards (01:06:47 IST) krish: I guess I'll fall asleep right after this meeting. Its past 1:00am here (01:06:54 IST) ImDridk: krish: no time for it! Just , I m creating all group control in one api. then we will be able to use, Josystick for play in Kblock for exemple (01:06:59 IST) jpwhiting: :) (01:07:19 IST) krish: ImDridk: thks for that. I'll study it up a bit by googling. (01:07:26 IST) it-s: can I see ksudoku dev, or not? (01:07:37 IST) ImDridk: josef|samba: http://ktank.free.fr/images/ktankVideo.ogg (01:07:40 IST) piacentini: kleag: are you ready to attempt ksirk move to kdereview? Do you think it is what we need to do? (01:07:47 IST) piacentini: it-s: Josel not here (01:07:55 IST) josef|samba: ImDridk: merci (01:07:56 IST) it-s: piacentini: oh :/ (01:08:14 IST) it-s: I just wanted to tell him how much I liked the redesign :( (01:08:25 IST) jpwhiting: it-s: heard of e-mail? ;) (01:08:34 IST) kleag: piacentini: the few days more should be enough to solve the last bugs. At the condition that unperfect graphics could be judged OK (01:08:40 IST) it-s: jpwhiting: oh, that's so formal :P (01:08:48 IST) jpwhiting: it-s: not always (01:08:59 IST) majewsky: kleag: Solving the last bugs is what the review is for. (01:09:01 IST) piacentini: unperfect graphics are ok, and a motivation for artists to step in at this stage of the release cycle imo (01:09:28 IST) ImDridk: josef|samba: does video work ? (01:09:53 IST) josef|samba: wait, still downloading... (01:09:55 IST) piacentini: It has also been in playground for ages, we need to push for it, and give people a chance to help improve it. If it is good enough for a start (which I think it is) (01:10:00 IST) kleag: majewsky: yes, but the last gameplay changes by ervin's student (verygood) introduced some crashes for example. It cannot be reviewed in this shape. (01:10:06 IST) DrIDk left the room (quit: Connection timed out). (01:10:18 IST) it-s: ok people. it was nice to see you all, but I have to go now. (01:10:21 IST) piacentini: kleag: can you move it until the 16th? (01:10:22 IST) kleag: majewsky: but there is crashes only in network games now (01:10:33 IST) piacentini: it-s nice job, have a good evening ! (01:10:36 IST) kleag: piacentini: yes, I can. (01:10:44 IST) jpwhiting: later it-s (01:10:47 IST) it-s: Diablo150: don't disappear. i want to see you here all the time, ok? ;) (01:10:57 IST) it-s: thanks people. (boy am I tired!) (01:10:58 IST) Diablo150: ok :) (01:11:07 IST) piacentini: So... we will have still a couple of months to solve the network crashes imo. We should push for the move (01:11:08 IST) it-s left the room (quit: "Konversation terminated!"). (01:11:20 IST) mwoehlke left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).

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