KDE Games/IRC Meetings/2008-02-02-log

[09:50am] milliams joined the chat room. [09:51am] pcapriotti joined the chat room. [09:55am] mezz_kolf joined the chat room. [09:57am] DrIDK joined the chat room. [09:58am] piacentini: 2 minutes! [09:58am] tsdgeos: ready.... [09:58am] piacentini: is eugene here? [09:59am] piacentini: http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Projects/Games/IRC_Meeting#Agenda [10:00am] You changed the topic to "KDE Games February 2008 meeting in progress". [10:00am] josel_: good morning [10:00am] josel_ is now known as josel. [10:00am] piacentini: Hi. People that are here live (and not logging) please say hi and a quick intro if you are new to these meetings [10:01am] piacentini: Mauricio Piacentini (hi) working with KMahjongg/KMines [10:01am] DrIDK: hi working int ktank [10:01am] ann_lunch is now known as annma. [10:01am] mezz_kolf: hi, Paul Broadbent, working on Kolf [10:02am] josel: hi, Johannes Bergmeier, working on KSudoku [10:02am] ikit: hi, working on Ktank [10:02am] milliams: Matt Williams, working on KSquares mostly [10:02am] You changed the topic to "KDE Games Feb 2008 meeting in progress, agenda at http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Projects/Games/IRC_Meeting#Agenda". [10:03am] piacentini: Also, please check the agenda link [10:03am] tsdgeos: albert astals, kiriki, ktuberling [10:03am] mikelima: hi, Luciano Montanaro, working on KGoldrunner [10:04am] piacentini: Looks like Eugene and Ian could not make it yet, but let us start anyway [10:04am] piacentini: Big agenda [10:04am] tsdgeos: yeah [10:04am] tsdgeos: too big [10:05am] piacentini: I think we could start by the smaller and more concrete steps [10:05am] piacentini: and then move up to the discussion of more complex topics [10:05am] piacentini: First topic: new games in consideration for 4.1 [10:05am] tsdgeos: who wants to get in? [10:05am] piacentini: Deadline iirc is March 31 [10:05am] tsdgeos: yeah [10:06am] piacentini: Which means March 14 in kdereview at most [10:06am] tsdgeos: sortof [10:06am] milliams: Will kblocks be ready? [10:06am] piacentini: So... I think Ksirk was a candidate. [10:06am] piacentini: milliams: yes [10:06am] piacentini: milliams: regarding KBlocks: I am waiting for widgets on canvas to land on qt-copy [10:06am] piacentini: Thiago mentioned that there was a plan to update qt-copy to 4.4 beta in about 10 days [10:07am] milliams: piacentini: thiago said that should happen within a week or two [10:07am] piacentini: I figure it out that I waited this long basically to get the score displaying in-game, let us do it properly [10:07am] pcapriotti: hi, I'm a bit late... Paolo Capriotti, kbattleship maintainer [10:07am] piacentini: And if it does not work, is ugly, or does not have good usability or performance, I will move it back to the statusbar, and finish the rest of the implementation (whic is more or less complete.) [10:08am] milliams: Excellent [10:08am] piacentini: So my target is end of February to move KBlocks to kdereview [10:08am] tsdgeos: mexican wave oO0OooO0OooO0OooO0OooO0OooO0Oo [10:08am] ratt joined the chat room. [10:08am] piacentini: Feature set: single player, implemente woc, experiment with dynamic layout dictated by the svg theme, KGameDifficulty, and (big if) KNewStuff [10:09am] piacentini: So: as we are talking about qt-copy and 4.4, this is also in the agenda [10:09am] CIA-24: aacid * r769912 kapman/trunk/playground/games/kapman/CMakeLists.txt: fix tests linking [10:09am] mikelima: piacentini: do you plan a two player mode? [10:09am] piacentini: Are there other games that plan to use 4.4 features [10:09am] piacentini: mikelima: no [10:09am] piacentini: mikelima: maybe in the future, but I do not see really a big need for it now [10:10am] DrIDK: what's new features in qt 4.4 ? [10:10am] pcapriotti: I'll probably experiment with widget on canvases for kbattleship's welcome screen [10:10am] mikelima: piacentini: Ok. [10:10am] milliams: piacentini: I think that if WoC high-scores work well, they should be used where appropriate in other games. [10:10am] piacentini: DrIDK: of interest to games, mostly widgets on canvas I think [10:10am] piacentini: milliams: nice idea. You mean a rework of KScoreDialog for this? [10:10am] milliams: Also for the new-game 'dialog' [10:10am] milliams: piacentini: Essentially, yes [10:11am] milliams: piacentini: I'll see how you get on with it first though [10:11am] piacentini: Cool. (I am taking notes) [10:12am] piacentini: jpwhiting: live or logging? If you are here, can you comment on KNewStuff for 4.1? [10:12am] piacentini: or anyone else, as we are speaking about features for 4.1 [10:12am] piacentini: And concrete plans [10:12am] milliams: Well, I'd like to see theme downloading with knewstuff for 4.1. [10:13am] tsdgeos: piacentini: i think it's something like 5am where jpwhiting lives [10:13am] piacentini: Just to be more clear, I think we can start the meeting with some definition of concrete features, schedules, etc, and then move to a more relaxed exchange of ideas [10:13am] pcapriotti: I would like to move kollision to kdereview [10:13am] mikelima: I want theme and level set downloading in KGoldrunner through KNewstuff... [10:13am] piacentini: tsdgeos: good point [10:13am] annma: milliams: theme downloading? from where? [10:13am] mikelima: I've not yet started working on that, though. [10:13am] annma: I can pass stuff on to jpwhiting and also tsdgeos [10:13am] piacentini: annma: Hi. Can you update us on KNewStuff status? [10:14am] milliams: annma: Either kde-look (if possible) or games.kde.org [10:14am] piacentini: Because this is something most games can potentially use for 4.1 [10:14am] annma: download works well, [10:14am] annma: there are several progs using download and it works [10:14am] tsdgeos: pcapriotti: is kollision yours? [10:14am] pcapriotti: tsdgeos: yes [10:14am] mikelima: If possible, kde-look would be better. [10:14am] annma: piacentini: milliams knewstuff download works as it were in 3.5 [10:14am] mikelima: More visibility, I think [10:15am] gvarisco joined the chat room. [10:15am] piacentini: mikelima: kde-look is not integrated into the API I think. Good for standalone themes, but require manual installation [10:15am] piacentini: mikelima: The goal (correct me if I am wrong) is to have new themes in a KNewStuff-enabled server [10:15am] piacentini: To be available in-game [10:15am] tsdgeos: pcapriotti: missing icon, configure should not be a pageddialog if it only has 1 page, cursor reappears if you move it outside the window, no doc [10:15am] annma: the only thing missing is to get a server for the stuff [10:16am] tsdgeos: pcapriotti: but that can be fixed in review so you have my vote [10:16am] DrIDK: for ktank, I I thought about Map download widget too from a server [10:16am] mikelima: piacentini: yes... I don't know how the protocol works, however... [10:16am] piacentini: pcapriotti: same here, has my support [10:16am] pcapriotti: tsdgeos: I already have the doc, I'll fix the rest asap [10:17am] piacentini: mikelima: maybe we can start with one or two games? [10:17am] mikelima: piacentini: of course. [10:17am] piacentini: I had support for it in KMines I think [10:17am] piacentini: But removed for lack of server and uncertain state of API for 4.0 [10:17am] mikelima: What is not clear to me is how will theme designers publish their stuff? [10:17am] piacentini: annma: does edu have a server? [10:17am] annma: lack of server is still a problem [10:17am] annma: NO [10:17am] annma: I am the only one shouting about it [10:17am] piacentini: annma: are you downloading from where? [10:18am] annma: edu.kde.org [10:18am] annma: I have been fighting this for years [10:18am] XT95 left the chat room. (Connection timed out) [10:18am] piacentini: So, I think this is a priority if we want to enable it in games [10:18am] annma: if we want a server we need to write it down will all needs [10:18am] annma: yes but you all need to act [10:18am] piacentini: Do we need a separate server, or can we let sysadmin figure it out how to best handle providing KNewStuff to the project? [10:19am] ratt left the chat room. (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) [10:19am] annma: we can let sysadmin handle it [10:19am] piacentini: annma: if we all agree it is needed on this meeting, we can trigger the process, with support from edu as well [10:19am] annma: Plasma will need one and I figure that at that point we'll get it [10:19am] annma: piacentini: yes [10:20am] annma: tsdgeos was to be made admin of a server but that went down [10:20am] piacentini: ok, so all agree on at least attempting to provide theme download via KNewStuff in 4.1? [10:20am] tsdgeos: +1 [10:20am] mikelima: piacentini: yes. And we do not have to convert all games to that at once. [10:20am] piacentini: Or someone thinks it is better not to push this idea for some reason (technical or othewise)? [10:21am] piacentini: mikelima: The idea (as it was, and commented out in some code) is to provide it in KGameThemeSelector [10:21am] annma: jpwhiting is now KNewStuff maintainer and will help with any problem [10:21am] piacentini: With optional parameters for the constructor to enable it or not [10:21am] annma: sounds good [10:21am] piacentini: So, concrete action point: talk to jpwhiting, put up a request to sysadmin (or e.V?) for a definition on this topic [10:22am] dimsuz joined the chat room. [10:22am] piacentini: annma, tsdgeos: e.V. should be involved, or is this just strictly sysadmin stuff? [10:22am] mikelima: piacentini: is there a way to test this with a temporary server? [10:22am] dimsuz: hi guys. sorry, I'm late [10:22am] tsdgeos: piacentini: sysadmin is enough [10:22am] piacentini: dimsuz: hi [10:22am] dimsuz: how is it going? [10:22am] annma: sysadmin only [10:22am] dimsuz: ian's with as? [10:22am] dimsuz: us [10:22am] fela joined the chat room. [10:22am] tsdgeos: piacentini: if sysadmin says "no server", then you can upscale to eV [10:22am] tsdgeos: dimsuz: no [10:22am] mikelima: About the other point -- how to let contributors publish their theme? [10:22am] dimsuz: *sigh* [10:23am] piacentini: tsdgeos: ok. So maye myself, annma and tsdgeos? I can write an email to sysadmin, with CC to you guys and jpwhiting, to trigger this [10:23am] annma: mikelima: as temporary server you'll have to use games.kde.org [10:23am] fela: hi, sorry for my lateness [10:23am] annma: piacentini: yes [10:23am] tsdgeos: piacentini: ok [10:23am] mikelima: annma: that would be Ok. [10:23am] tsdgeos: fela: no prob [10:23am] dimsuz: piacentini: you're discussing themeing? [10:23am] piacentini: dimsuz: actually KNewStuff, concrete plans for having it in 4.1. Or abandon it forever [10:24am] Hrafnahnef joined the chat room. [10:24am] piacentini: OK, so let us move on, we can come back later [10:24am] dimsuz: piacentini: never heard something about plans to abandon it - some issues exist for that? [10:24am] piacentini: mikelima: and we can use games.kde.org for now during the beta, or at least until we figure out the server stuff [10:24am] piacentini: mikelima: and maybe upload, after discussion with jpwhiting [10:25am] piacentini: dimsuz: not really. It is just that I think that when an idea takes years to materialize there is probably something wrong with it [10:25am] annma: yes I'd like starting upload as well [10:25am] piacentini: But it is moving now, so let us see [10:25am] piacentini: So, back to the agenda: we have KBlocks, Kollision and Ksirk as candidates for review [10:25am] piacentini: Any others? [10:26am] dimsuz: piacentini: sure, but only if some other option exists I admit that i might have missed this discussion due to being late, so let's move on [10:26am] tsdgeos: i'm quite unhappy with ksirk still [10:26am] fela: I plan to finish KBreakout in time for 4.1 [10:26am] piacentini: dimsuz: (just threatening to see if we act on this [10:27am] piacentini: tsdgeos: I do not think it is ready yet, but maybe the process of trying to move to kdereview can help it polish [10:27am] piacentini: fela: Good! Any updates on what is missing? [10:27am] CIA-24: coolo * r769918 kpat/trunk/KDE/kdegames/kpat/patsolve/spider.cpp: [10:27am] CIA-24: speedup finding solutions by 30% in finding good moves [10:27am] CIA-24: first [10:27am] fela: but I'll let you know when it's ready for review [10:28am] piacentini: fela: ok [10:28am] fela: I need to add theming support highscores and theming, mostly [10:28am] tsdgeos: i just got the goal to conquer 0 countries and place 2 armies on each [10:28am] tsdgeos: !!! [10:28am] dimsuz: [10:29am] mikelima: By the way, it's great that there are many games up for review... [10:29am] milliams: tsdgeos: [10:29am] tsdgeos: but i have to acknowledge it has mproved since last time i had a look at it [10:29am] mikelima: But will we be able to keep up development for all of them? [10:29am] piacentini: fela: cool. Well, with KGameTheme and KScoreDialog it should not be toooo difficult, compared to the work you have done already [10:30am] piacentini: mikelima: well, I think most are in good shape and will need minimal update during the 4.x series, hopefully [10:30am] piacentini: Of course, improvements are welcome always [10:31am] dimsuz: i have something in mind in the recent time: i think we need new highscore class set. or give current one a good degree of polishing [10:31am] piacentini: So... I think this is it regarding new games ready for 4.1? [10:31am] milliams: dimsuz: The current one will _possibly_ be moving to use WoC [10:31am] piacentini: dimsuz: now is a good time to work/implement this. But it will have to be compatible with KScoreDialog, or we will need a clear migration path [10:32am] CIA-24: coolo * r769919 kpat/trunk/KDE/kdegames/kpat/ (dealer.cpp dealer.h pwidget.cpp pwidget.h): always inform the user what the solver is doing [10:32am] dimsuz: milliams: that's for kscoredialog. i mean underlying KHighscore classes [10:32am] milliams: KHighscore was never meant to be anything more than a wrapper aroung kconfig. Perhaps adding convenience functions would make using it easier? [10:33am] dimsuz: piacentini: speaking of which - i think that popping it up after game over (like some games do - including maintained by me) might scare the user. it sometimes scares even me bad usability imho [10:33am] piacentini: dimsuz: agree, that is one of the motivations for the move to a woc structure, maybe [10:34am] piacentini: Like our current KGamePopupItem [10:34am] dimsuz: i think at first we'll need to analize what our games' highscore requirements are. i'll think about it [10:34am] tsdgeos: well, if you made a highscore, you have to enter the name, right? [10:34am] • fela wonders what "woc" stands for... [10:34am] pcapriotti: fela: widget on canvas [10:34am] fela: ok, thx [10:34am] piacentini: OK, let us go back to the 4.1 agenda, not much left before free discussion [10:34am] piacentini: There is a SOUND item [10:34am] piacentini: But it is vague [10:35am] dimsuz: tsdgeos: yes. but not necessarily right after I won. imagine the user who doesn't care about highscores or wants to care about them later. he would be annoyed by seeing these popups when he *just wants to play* [10:35am] piacentini: Personal take on this: nothing prevents games from implementing sound now, other than lack of sound designers [10:35am] pcapriotti: about sounds, any hints on how to play multiple sounds cuncurrently? [10:35am] pcapriotti: I'm not sure how to do it [10:35am] piacentini: pcapriotti: isn't phonon capable of this? [10:35am] mikelima: pcapriotti: you just play them... [10:36am] mikelima: piacentini: yes, it is. [10:36am] dimsuz: agreed. I spoke with it-s about sound in klines. he suggested to add "dummy" support for sounds so the game would be ready to just play them when they arrive [10:36am] pcapriotti: in multiple MediaObject's? [10:36am] mikelima: pcapriotti: yes. [10:36am] piacentini: I do not think there are synchronization classes or anything like that, but firing up multiple sounds work [10:36am] tosky joined the chat room. [10:36am] mikelima: I have a mail from phonon author stating that it is possible. [10:36am] pcapriotti: are they cheap to create? should I create them on demand, cache them, pool them? [10:37am] piacentini: dimsuz: hum... I am not sure about dummy support, but it should be easy to add. Just does not make much sense without sounds [10:37am] mikelima: I'll forward it if you want to see it. [10:37am] pcapriotti: mikelima: yes, thanks [10:37am] piacentini: piacentini: but i agree, like svg [10:37am] piacentini: someone has to start working in both code and art assets [10:37am] mikelima: pcapriotti: no idea... we'll have to experiment. [10:37am] piacentini: and work is easier in the future [10:37am] dimsuz: piacentini: by "dummy" i mean: play at least something i.e. implement support, then comment it out [10:37am] piacentini: dimsuz: cool [10:38am] mikelima: piacentini: I have made up a few samples for kgoldrunner... I'll start sound support there in a short while. [10:38am] piacentini: What I propose is that we nail (in this meeting and the next) our feature set [10:38am] piacentini: So we are not caught by surprise at the end of March [10:38am] tsdgeos: ktuberling has already support for sounds [10:38am] piacentini: when the feature freeze hits [10:38am] mikelima: I think KGoldrunner has the most demands for sounds, so if I can make them work, the other games will be easy. [10:38am] tsdgeos: "KTuberling most advanced game in earth" [10:38am] piacentini: mikelima: cool [10:39am] piacentini: tsdgeos: lol [10:39am] martin_ joined the chat room. [10:39am] piacentini: so, I will add dummy sound support to KBlocks as well [10:39am] tsdgeos: dinner time here, later! [10:39am] piacentini: At least for line removal [10:39am] mikelima: tsdgeos: well, most games sound just need "notification" type sounds... [10:39am] piacentini: and effects [10:39am] pcapriotti: if multiple MediaObject's need to be created, I think some kind of pooling library class could be handy [10:39am] XT95 joined the chat room. [10:39am] piacentini: pcapriotti: definately [10:39am] dimsuz: this might be the way to go if we *plan* to support sounds [10:39am] dimsuz: if we expect someone to create them [10:39am] dimsuz: how about searching for free samples on some CC-licensed sites? [10:40am] dimsuz: also someone might blog about this. [10:40am] mikelima: dimsuz: that could work... but having original stuff is better. [10:40am] piacentini: dimsuz: agreed. So now that phonon is working, let us sound-enable some of the games, with notification-style sounds [10:40am] XT95 left the chat room. (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) [10:40am] piacentini: But... [10:40am] tsdgeos: there's the dude that does ktuberling sounds, i can ask him about if he is able to do something else once he finishes my sounds [10:40am] piacentini: remember that they should be themable [10:41am] piacentini: Well, maybe not for 4.1 [10:41am] dimsuz: mikelima: that could work as a temporary solution at least. [10:41am] piacentini: But something to keep in mind [10:41am] pcapriotti: I still have the "cut sounds" problem, though... is it just me? [10:41am] tsdgeos: dimsuz: CC is not ok regarding kde licensing guidelines afair [10:41am] piacentini: pcapriotti: not just you [10:41am] tsdgeos: pcapriotti: on newer xine and alsa (mandriva cooker) works here [10:41am] dimsuz: tsdgeos: oops. didn't involved much in licensing stuff ok then. any other option? [10:41am] piacentini: But, hopefully for 4.1 this will be fixed, with gstreamer backend as well [10:41am] mikelima: Ian's son is a musician, and he has volunteered for kgoldrunner sounds... [10:42am] mikelima: Maybe we can have some more, afterwards. [10:42am] pcapriotti: ok, I'll upgrade [10:42am] piacentini: I would like to discuss the release process as well [10:42am] tsdgeos: dimsuz: http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Policies/Licensing_Policy [10:42am] piacentini: Then we can end this part, agenda almost done [10:42am] dimsuz: tsdgeos: thanks. will read [10:43am] piacentini: Anyone here volunteers to do release management? [10:43am] piacentini: I emailed Johann last week, no answer [10:43am] piacentini: I see he is logging [10:43am] piacentini: But we need active management [10:43am] tsdgeos: you? [10:43am] piacentini: I am kind of doing it, but if someone wants to [10:43am] • dimsuz recalls that he havent heard something from/about Johann for some time [10:43am] piacentini: I will support him/her [10:44am] dimsuz: piacentini: if you have time, i'd vote for you with all my hands [10:44am] piacentini: As I am also doing some stuff for KTurtle, etc [10:44am] piacentini: dimsuz: I can do it at least temporarily, just think it is a nice opportunity for those [10:44am] piacentini: who want to get more involved [10:44am] piacentini: To have something concrete to take care of, communicate with the rest of the project, etc [10:44am] • dimsuz won't vote as he is not sure he will always find time... [10:45am] piacentini: Well, let us think about it [10:45am] dimsuz: s/vote/volunteer/ [10:45am] piacentini: There was an email in the kde-releaseteam ml detailing release manager duties [10:45am] piacentini: Maybe Eugene, I will talk to him. Or maybe Johann will have time now [10:46am] piacentini: If all fails, I can do it for 4.1 if you support it [10:46am] martin_: It would be good if it would be someone who pushed things a bit and who is quite active: Maruicio or Eugene are doing a lot lately and would be good candidates [10:46am] tsdgeos: eugene is too undiplomatic imho [10:46am] dimsuz: nice plan [10:46am] dimsuz: martin_: +1 [10:47am] piacentini: tsdgeos: well, he is an artist But I kind of agree, this is a diplomatic position [10:47am] piacentini: look at annma [10:47am] dimsuz: tsdgeos: agreed, but he might become but thinking second time: he's more creative than diplomatic. [10:48am] piacentini: See http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-release-team&m=120059280508957&w=2 [10:49am] piacentini: Well, one minute without posts, maybe time to end the formal part? [10:49am] piacentini: Anything else in the agenda? [10:49am] piacentini: I think we did not cover Discussion: what worked on this release cycle, what we could improve for the next, what we should change? [10:49am] piacentini: But this could be the topic for after the meeting [10:50am] mikelima: All right. [10:50am] piacentini: Ah.. there is the kde feature plan for 4.1` [10:50am] DrIDK: . [10:50am] mikelima: What I'd like to know, is what are the plans for the existing games too. [10:50am] piacentini: somewhere on techbase [10:50am] piacentini: mikelima; exactly, that is the place for features to existing games [10:50am] mikelima: I may try to help on other games too. [10:51am] piacentini: For existing games: I think I will work on KShisen [10:51am] mikelima: Especially if it's something with a similar pattern... [10:51am] pcapriotti: http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.1_Feature_Plan [10:51am] mikelima: Say hotnewstuff. [10:51am] mikelima: Or sound. [10:51am] piacentini: As it needs to be converted to KScoreDialog, etc. And the other maintainers are not that active, so I think it will fall on my lap... [10:51am] mikelima: pcapriotti: yes, but it's too little! [10:52am] piacentini: any game you guys think could use mikelima's help? [10:52am] pcapriotti: mikelima: we should add stuff there, I think [10:52am] piacentini: pcapriotti: yes, that is open for addition [10:52am] josel: until when should a new library for kdegames be in to be used in 4.1? [10:52am] piacentini: josel: feature freeze is March 31 [10:52am] piacentini: But it needs to be in playground before this [10:53am] martin_: If anybody is bored: I would like to look for a maintaner for LSkat and KWin4. I dont think I will be able to maintain them properly [10:53am] piacentini: and in kdereview before march 16 [10:53am] mikelima: If the techbase is filled in, even with things that are just "i'd like to have this", that would be a good start. [10:53am] martin_: I pushed them to 4.0 but I cant keep a constant maintiaing going...so ifsomeone wants to do this [10:53am] josel: well, i want to finish basic features befor moving it to kdesvn [10:53am] dimsuz: martin_: i think your best option is to post to kde-games-devel and blog about it (or ask someone to blog) [10:53am] piacentini: martin_: Well, maybe a co-maintainer? [10:54am] martin_: yes, something like this [10:54am] piacentini: martin_: So you would still helping us as best as you can? [10:54am] mikelima: martin_ I think the games are Ok as they are, mostly... [10:54am] piacentini: actually, Luciano (mikelima) is a perfect candidate to help you with this [10:54am] milliams: brb [10:54am] mikelima: Just keeping them compiling should not be much work. [10:54am] piacentini: As he is already working with the card selection stuff, etc [10:54am] milliams left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection) [10:54am] martin_: yes i will help but i have time not continiouls yonly in some short burst like holiday. so i can implement features then but not react fast to butgs etc [10:54am] josel: is there someone, who wants to do svg for ksudoku? [10:55am] piacentini: Luciano, how about helping Martin with these games? [10:55am] mikelima: martin_: I can help with lskat, but I'm mostly in his position... [10:55am] piacentini: Should not be too much work, basically some bug fixing if necessary, but they are quite stable. [10:56am] piacentini: mikelima: me too But I think with some weekends only we can manage to maintain most of the apps [10:56am] piacentini: Difficult part is the new features, etc [10:56am] dimsuz_ joined the chat room. [10:57am] piacentini: Like now in February I will have little time to work on KDE... But I asked for help with some KTurtle bugs last week (before 4.0.1), and someone appeared out of the blue and fixed it for me! [10:57am] mikelima: So who volunteers for kwin4? [10:57am] DrIDK left the chat room. ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") [10:57am] piacentini: mikelima: Maybe a gentle blog post. Just asking for help at this point [10:58am] piacentini: triaging bugs, etc [10:58am] DrIDK joined the chat room. [10:58am] DrIDK: come back [10:59am] piacentini: Josel: regarding svg for KSudoku [10:59am] piacentini: Why do you need it? [10:59am] piacentini: For themes, customization I believe? [10:59am] XT95 joined the chat room. [10:59am] josel: yes, and to replace the current mess [10:59am] piacentini: Not sure if it applies really, or if you should go for a color/font customization combo [11:00am] piacentini: josel: this is probably something you should start slowly in a branch in the future, to land when ready [11:00am] piacentini: So it might be 4.1, 4.2, 4.3.... [11:00am] piacentini: As it is probably a more-or-less partial rewrite of the game iirc [11:00am] milliams joined the chat room. [11:00am] josel: it looks nice, but the underling code is in very bad shape [11:00am] dimsuz_: ah! have you guys seen my mail about minimum sizes on first run? [11:00am] piacentini: dimsuz: yes, nice catch [11:01am] josel: and some features for 4.2 (i think, i can't finish them for 4.1) depend on them [11:01am] piacentini: dimsuz: btw, KBreakout needs it [11:01am] Pinaraf left the chat room. ("bye bye") [11:01am] piacentini: josel: what do you need to start working on this? Maybe Eugene can give you the svg art necessary for the prototype [11:01am] dimsuz_: piacentini: i think this should be fixed by someone. I might try if authors of games give me a permission [11:01am] DrIDK: Did you speak about ktank ? [11:02am] josel: i have an prototype svg [11:02am] dimsuz_: josel: btw, i sent you crash in ksudoku, you received it? [11:02am] XT95 left the chat room. (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) [11:02am] piacentini: DrIDK: not yet. Do you want to start? [11:02am] josel: dimsuz_: when did you sent me it? [11:02am] piacentini: Agenda is basically finished, we gave priority to features that would/could make it for 4.1 first [11:02am] josel: what i need is code to show it [11:03am] DrIDK: piacentini: yes I can start when you ask me [11:03am] dimsuz_: josel: a several weeks ago it's simple to reproduce: just start some game and try to resize window bigger, then to a tiny minimum, then again bigger etc. SIGFPE is caught [11:03am] piacentini: lol... DrIDK: how about KTanks? [11:04am] milliams: piacentini: Are you going to blog the 'minutes' of the meeting? [11:04am] DrIDK: So, let's go! [11:04am] dimsuz_: josel: i.e. play with resizes [11:04am] piacentini: milliams: it is carnival here in Brazil. But I should be able to do it by Monday [11:04am] it-s joined the chat room. [11:04am] piacentini: or if you want to do it, feel free to [11:04am] it-s: good morning gang [11:04am] milliams: piacentini: There's no rush of course. Have fun partying! [11:05am] DrIDK: as you can know, Ikit and me, and others helpers are developping ktank. This is a remake of the wii games [11:05am] mikelima: Hi it-s! We just agreed to redo all the games in ascii art! [11:05am] josel: dimsuz_: yeah, i saw it, someone comitted a fix for it [11:05am] milliams: it-s: Morning [11:05am] piacentini: can someone email eugene a copy of the log so far? [11:05am] piacentini: sorry DrIDK, please continue [11:05am] pcapriotti: mikelima: lol [11:05am] dimsuz_: josel: ah, cool [11:05am] DrIDK: it-s: hi... you come a the good time [11:06am] it-s: DrIDK: I just woke up [11:06am] piacentini: We are at the last item in the agenda, DrIDK will talk about KTanks to those who do not know it [11:06am] emilsedgh joined the chat room. [11:06am] DrIDK: Ktank is a project with 2 stuff : - KTankBattle ( the games) - Ktankeditor ( the editor) [11:06am] DrIDK: ( sorry for my english... ) [11:07am] DrIDK: Ktank will be an openGl 2d games using a new library called : KGLengine [11:07am] DrIDK: With KGLengine, i will be possible to develop other OPengl 2d games [11:08am] DrIDK: KGLengine work like QGraphicsScene system [11:08am] DrIDK: We have a scene, and we can add some Item ( KGLItem) [11:08am] DrIDK: But it's not all [11:09am] DrIDK: KGLengine provide new stuff, like Key Control ( KGameKey), or Fullscreen Mode [11:09am] DrIDK: And Particule Engine, and Collision detector using Quadtree [11:10am] DrIDK: So, the first game using KGLengine is Ktank [11:10am] piacentini: DrIDK: small suggestion: take care with API names so not to clash with more global ones. A name like KGLengine is probably too generic imo, same for KGameKey. [11:10am] piacentini: DrIDK: suggestion: find a name for the engine (think Plasma, Decibel, etc), and use it in the API [11:11am] DrIDK: piacentini: ok, I will mind it [11:11am] dimsuz_: bye guys. have to go we may continue on ML [11:11am] piacentini: Minor, but worth it if you plan to make it reusable [11:11am] piacentini: dimsuz: see you [11:11am] mikelima: hi dimsuz [11:11am] DrIDK: you can see a screenshot here : [11:11am] DrIDK: smoke.png [11:11am] dimsuz_ left the chat room. (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) [11:12am] DrIDK: so, ktank will be more... It will be a game playable on network [11:12am] mikelima: what kind of game is that? Something like scorched eart? [11:12am] DrIDK: it's a new games [11:13am] DrIDK: you control the hull with key ans turret with mouse [11:13am] DrIDK: the gameplay is very nice! [11:13am] DrIDK: Ktank want to be a "Doom Like" in 2d [11:13am] mikelima: Can you play stand-alone, against the computer? [11:14am] mikelima: That would be useful for players evaluating the game... [11:14am] DrIDK: mikelima: My first objectif is to create a Network games. After, We will create some bots with IA [11:14am] dimsuz left the chat room. (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) [11:15am] mikelima: DrIDK: Ok. Bots do not have to be too smart-- just give them enough ammo! [11:15am] DrIDK: this game will have a lot of funny stuff! Different weapons, bullets, amor , bonus etc... [11:16am] DrIDK: For exemple, I will create Automatic-turret [11:16am] DrIDK: If the tank is near the turret, it will be shooted [11:17am] DrIDK: So, now, about Ktankeditor [11:17am] DrIDK: ikit is the developpers [11:18am] ikit: yes [11:18am] piacentini: it-s: my irc client has a fancy formatting for logs, trying to fix it to send it to you [11:18am] DrIDK: we want to have a polymorph games. All people will be able to create his map, and play on it with other people [11:18am] it-s: piacentini: thanks *yawn* .... my head [11:19am] DrIDK: then, when we start ktank client on network, we can dowload automaticaly user's maps [11:20am] DrIDK: so, now, the next week end, ikit and me will try to finish the first ktank playable [11:20am] XT95 joined the chat room. [11:21am] DrIDK: After, we will need help for develop with Kggz and phonon [11:21am] it-s: did you people have a chance to discuss sounds in KDEGames? [11:21am] DrIDK: So, I have finished... ikit, any other suggestion ? [11:21am] piacentini: it-s: sent to your gmail address [11:21am] emilsedgh: next week? [11:22am] emilsedgh: yay! [11:22am] emilsedgh: so fast [11:22am] it-s: emilsedgh: yeah these two are ases [11:22am] it-s: aces [11:22am] DrIDK: you can look some news about ktank developpement on : http://ktank.free.fr/wordpress [11:23am] • it-s shakes his head, but that only makes headace worth [11:23am] DrIDK: Ikit and me are enjoy to create a kdegames [11:23am] piacentini: people, I will have to go for a while now, helping a friend with her relocation. See you during the week, and will post about the meeting by Monday on planet.kde.org [11:24am] it-s: so we are done then? [11:24am] it-s: good. [11:24am] piacentini: DrIDK: looks iike a nice plan, lots of energy. Keep it that way! [11:24am] mikelima: all right, ciao piacentini [11:24am] it-s: back to sleep [11:24am] piacentini: bye people [11:24am] it-s left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection) [11:24am] DrIDK: I hope you have understand me with my bad english [11:24am] DrIDK: it-s: [11:24am] milliams: piacentini: Cya [11:24am] You have set yourself away with "piacentini". [11:24am] mikelima: DrIDK: I think you have something there... I'd like a more humorous theme, but.. [11:25am] emilsedgh: DrIDK: do you think that ktank will get in the 4.1? [11:25am] DrIDK: emilsedgh: it's a big project. I think we will have only beta version on march [11:26am] emilsedgh: hm [11:26am] DrIDK: my plan is to finish ktank 1.0 on junny [11:26am] emilsedgh: so 4.2 is the target? [11:26am] milliams: Well there's always 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 etc. [11:26am] DrIDK: juny [11:26am] nicolas030 joined the chat room. [11:26am] martin_: bye bye guys [11:26am] DrIDK: And I want ktank to is playable on windows [11:26am] mikelima: milliams: exactly. [11:26am] DrIDK: for have a lot a player [11:27am] mikelima: ciao martin_ [11:27am] martin_ left the chat room. (Remote closed the connection) [11:27am] mikelima: DrIDK: so you develop on Windows? I pity you... [11:27am] DrIDK: no [11:27am] DrIDK: I develop on linux [11:28am] DrIDK: But, I want to create a ktank client on windows too with kde/win [11:28am] mikelima: DrIDK: I was joking, do not thake that bad! [11:28am] DrIDK: [11:28am] XT95 left the chat room. (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) [11:28am] mikelima: All right... Supposedly, all games should be usable on Windows. [11:29am] mikelima: Yours has this OpenGL thing, so it may be harder... [11:29am] XT95 joined the chat room. [11:29am] DrIDK: so, are they any kggz developpers here ? [11:30am] DrIDK: so, for other, you can try to test ktank in : playground/games/ktank [11:31am] DrIDK: [11:31am] mikelima: DrIDK: I'll have a look... [11:32am] mikelima: so what are others up to? [11:32am] DrIDK: mikelima: kgamekey [11:32am] DrIDK: kgamekey is very usefull for games [11:33am] DrIDK: Qt4 doesn't provide any control key without "delay time" [11:33am] ianw2 joined the chat room. [11:33am] mikelima: hi ianw2... you are a bit late! But welcome, none the less! [11:33am] DrIDK: with KgameKey, you can press simultaneous on "Arrow Up" + Key A+ key B [11:34am] ianw2: Am I on or not? [11:34am] mikelima: ianw2: you are late for the conference. [11:35am] mikelima: No big deal, howver... [11:35am] ianw2: Yeah, I know. It was quite a dinner party ... [11:35am] mikelima: I hope you enjoyed yourself... [11:36am] ianw2: Yeah we did. AAron was in good form ...;-) [11:36am] mikelima: ianw2: I can imagine... or maybe not! [11:36am] CIA-24: gallinari * r769951 kapman/trunk/playground/games/kapman/ (gamescene.cpp ghost.cpp kapmanmainwindow.cpp maze.cpp): Pills and energizers are now drawn before the characters (kapman and ghosts) so that they are in the background [11:37am] ianw2: Best left unsaid ... so have you decided a lot tonight? [11:37am] mikelima: Well, it's been interesting, but nothing decisive. [11:38am] ianw2: Oh? [11:39am] emilsedgh left the chat room. ("Kopete 0.12.4 : http://kopete.kde.org") [11:39am] mikelima: I just sent you the log... [11:39am] mikelima: Well, to summarize... [11:39am] ianw2: Great, thanks Luciano! [11:40am] mikelima: we have discussed about new games to include. [11:40am] mikelima: KBlocks and ksirk have been cited... [11:40am] DrIDK: so, I m go to slee... work ! [11:40am] mikelima: and.. [11:41am] DrIDK: bye [11:41am] DrIDK left the chat room. [11:41am] mikelima: kollision, and maybe ktank. [11:42am] ianw2: sounds good

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