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**see [[Policies/SVN_Guidelines]].
**see [[Policies/SVN_Guidelines]].
**see [[Projects/Games/Maintainers|KDE games maintainers]].
**see [[Projects/Games/Maintainers|KDE games maintainers]].
*KNewStuff2 server setup
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Add more topics here

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What is it

A IRC meeting for the kdegames project, an experience that we try to repeat monthly, as long as people continue to attend! A meeting is a nice place to discuss the status of the module and plan future actions, and a nice opportunity for new contributors to know our community.


Tuesday, October 1st, 2007 8:00PM , UTC. Find out the current UTC time easily here.

You can check what time the meeting will be in your timezone in [1].

Meeting will be on IRC channel #kdegames, freenode network. Duration: 90 minutes.


Official shift into release mode, including:

  • Documentation
    • Call for help from docs team
  • Website concept
    • Great initial work by Emil and Eugene, how can we help them?
  • Game icons
  • Action/configuration pane icons
    • List what we need, decide how to make them
    • Can the Oxygen team help? Or can we help them?
  • Games with no active maintainers:
  • KNewStuff2 server setup

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