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===Mandatory discussions===
===Mandatory discussions===
*Kolf2 -- How to go about it
*KDEGames Day
*Google Summer of Code
*What has to be done for 4.3?
**Who should participate
*dead maintainers, and how to deal with the phenomena ;)
**How to track
***Taking notes
**Follow ups
*Add topic
*Add topic

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What is it

A IRC meeting for the kdegames project, an experience that we try to repeat monthly, as long as people continue to attend! Everyone is welcome to attend, not just those who are currently actively developing. The meeting is a nice place to discuss the status of the module and plan future actions, and a opportunity for new contributors to know our community.


April 2nd 20:00 UTC* (find in your local time here).

Meeting will be on IRC channel #kdegames, freenode network. Duration: 60 minutes.


Mandatory discussions

  • KDEGames Day
    • When
    • Who should participate
    • How to track
      • Logging
      • Taking notes
    • Follow ups
  • Add topic
    • Add subtopic

If we have time

  • Alternative meeting platform

Meeting Logs

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