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*aKademy 2008 and KDEGames talk
*Plans for 4.1
*GGZ and multiplayer in KDEGames
**Games to be moved back to <tt>trunk</tt>
**New games being worked on
**Improved multiplayer support (josef)
*Discussion: what worked on this release cycle, what we could improve for the next, what we should change?
*Should we focus on the existing games, or rather switch our attention to the playground?
*Pros and cons of Qt4.4
*Introduction to KTank
*Games to be moved to <tt>trunk</tt>
*Short Playground review
*New games being worked on (Progress report)
*Plans for KBlocks
*Features landing with Qt4.4
**Killer Robots
*Release Process and communication with release team
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Add more topics here

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What is it

A IRC meeting for the kdegames project, an experience that we try to repeat monthly, as long as people continue to attend! Everyone is welcome to attend, not just those who are currently actively developing. The meeting is a nice place to discuss the status of the module and plan future actions, and a opportunity for new contributors to know our community.


Sunday, March 16th, 2008 at 20:00 UTC* (find in your local time here).

Meeting will be on IRC channel #kdegames, freenode network. Duration: 60 minutes.

  • Please Note: The meeting has been moved off the 1st of February, due to the attendance problems on part of some KDEGames' members.


  • aKademy 2008 and KDEGames talk
  • GGZ and multiplayer in KDEGames
  • Pros and cons of Qt4.4
  • Games to be moved to trunk
  • New games being worked on (Progress report)
    • KBreakout
    • Killer Robots
    • KBlocks
    • piKross
    • Kapman
    • Ktank

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Meeting Logs

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