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* Andy Crouch (M)
* Andy Crouch (M)
* Anne Wilson (M)
* Anne Wilson (M)
* Anne Wilson (M)
* Chris Howells (M)
* Chris Howells (M)

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KDE GB is any KDE contributor in Britain.


  • Andy Crouch (M)
  • Anne Wilson (M)
  • Chris Howells (M)
  • Colin Guthrie (M)
  • David Jarvie (M)
  • Fred Emmott (M)
  • George Goldberg (M)
  • John Layt (M)
  • Jonathan Riddell (M) Treasurer
  • Kenny Coyle (M)
  • Kenny Duffus (M) Secretary
  • Malcolm Hunter (M)
  • Mark Purcell (M)
  • Matt Williams (M)
  • Mike McQuaid (M)
  • Paul Adams (M)
  • Peter Murdoch (M)
  • Richard Moore (M)
  • Stuart Jarvis (M) Chair
  • Thomas Gillespie (M)
  • Thomas McGuire (M)

...add yourself here

Names maked (M) are formal members of KDE GB (see below for applying).


KDE GB mailing list http://lists.quaker.eu.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-gb


Currently none, in the past we have attended Linux exhibitions and conferences but those seem to have dried up/gone out of business in Britain. A 4.4 release party was held in Glasgow in April 2010. We had a meeting in Stirling in October 2010.


Legal Status

We are an unincorporated membership society with a constitution and a bank account at Bank of Scotland run by Jonathan Riddell. You can apply for membership by writing to the secretary (Kenny Duffus). Membership is open to all e.V. members in Britain and any other active KDE contributor in Britain.

At our October 2010 meeting we agreed to register as a charity, this will let us claim back Gift Aid on Join the Game donations.

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