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* John Layt
* John Layt
* Paul Adams
* Paul Adams
* Stuart Jarvie
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KDE GB is any KDE contributor in Britain.


  • Jonathan Riddell
  • Kenny Duffus
  • Anne Wilson
  • David Jarvie
  • George Goldberg
  • John Layt
  • Paul Adams
  • Stuart Jarvie

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KDE GB list


Currently none, in the past we have attended exhibitions and conferences but those seem to have dried up. A 4.4 release party was held in Glasgow in April 2010.

Legal Status

We are an unincorporated society with a constitution and a bank account at Bank of Scotland run by Jonathan Riddell

If KDE e.V. supporting member scheme becomes popular with UK taxpayers we should consider becoming a charity to claim back the Gift Aid

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