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KDE Documentation/Meetings/Akademy 2010 BoF

Akademy 2010 BoF

See BoF schedule for date and time.


  • Status of documentation (content, tools, community, ...)
  • Role of Wikis and forum in KDE documentation
  • Status of KHelpcenter
  • Brainstorming about future of KDE documentation
  • Planning for KDE documentation sprint


Thread on kde-doc-english with lots of good input

IRC channel: #kde-docs on freenode Mailing list: [email protected]

BoF Notes

(notes by Frederik, please extend)

Doc english as mailing list: not the perfect list name

quality of documentation

  • list on techbase
  • quality of documentation - Albert says there is a page about it, status is good, but translations lacking [1]

what's this help, tooltips

  • tooltips too large: on small screen it covers too much, what's this would be better here
  • should what's this be in tooltips?

userbase documentation

  • parley manual as guinea pig
  • page size, images, links, semantics
  • versioning of manuals
  • file uploading
  • translation of screenshots - mass uploads being worked on

do we need/have a native editor for wikis?

why not wiki to html/pdf directly - looks possible. xml directly in api, pdf export extension available - needs testing

specify what should be in manuals (eg not "how to compile")

formats: gnome

offline docs - method being investigated - some work already done on ocs may help.


  • people needed to do the incredibly boring stuff regularily - eg update images, or typographic editing - small bites at a time

blog on planetkde about userbase manual writing - needs very clear step-by-step instruction to get consistency. (currently being written)


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