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KDE Core/Platform 11/QCS Planning

This page contains rough working notes from discussion sessions at Platform 11, the contents of which may not accurately reflect any decisions made. Please do not infer anything from these notes, official summaries of the conclusions reached will be made available for discussion as soon as possible.

Concrete tasks for KDE contributions to Qt

(Should list in Qt developer wiki, or bring up on site) Perhaps book a session for "KDE code contributions" to look at specific smaller classes (KUrl, KIcon, etc) that are too small to warrant a separate session?

  • DateTime stuff
  • Locale
  • printing
  • itemviews stuff
  • KUrl stuff, KIcon stuff,
  • KAction partly. The entire problem can't be solved, but some more data fields could help
  • QLineEdit clear button
  • QCompleter not powerful enough
  • Itemviews stuff
  • Mimetype stuff
  • Geolocation core classes

Higher level community collaboration

Discuss with others how the communities can intersect in more interesting ways going forward.

We want KDE to be the default place to look for Qt solutions. Eg, if a library is not in Qt, or a contribution to add it is not accepted, KDE should be the next thought.

QCS is not really the right scope for advertising KDE libraries. It is more like this Randa summit, unconference. Not a place to grab people to talk about KDEs libraries and frameworks. It is more about the practicalities of open governance, and things that people want to contribute to Qt.

Instead KDE needs to get into DevDays to talk about what KDE makes available.

Maybe arrange a dev days session at QCS.

Most Qt developers should want to use KDE for some solutions. There should be blurry lines between KDE libs/solutions/frameworks and Qt

We should be KDE Tshirts - Part of the solution to QCS for KDE people and others. Need to ask Claudia to make some?

Strategize KDE strengths as presence in topics already in wiki.

Do we need anything from QtWebkit?

Looked at proposed topics in the devnet wiki - It contains technical issues, high level/open issues and practicalities and community, documentation, etc.

Looked at Attendees. Post to kcd about who is attending. 15-20 people from KDE, including KDE trolls like Thiago, ossi, danimo, fredrich, Gof., KDAB people, Basyskom people, opensuse people, lydia?, Frank?

Entry for CPAN stuff in QCS wiki.

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