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What is the relationship between the Qt and KDE communities, in particular on a non-technical level? What can we do to improve it. What are the topics to address, and how do we do that?

Us and Them

There still is a us and them mentality. Communities could be closer together. There are a lot of common ideas. Lots of personal ties, but always changing. We need mutual respect. Core people should act as role models for community and users.

Technical collaboration

KDE as space for innovation - less strict, gets feedback, gets real app exposure, more than a Qt labs project

Qt is cross platform, KDE is not there yet. Qt standards like unit tests, API review, continuous integration are or would also be good KDE standards.

KDE is part of ecosystem of independent Qt libraries that are not part of Qt.

System how to get libraries, similar to ruby gems, cpan?

How do we handle improved KDE stuff that goes into Qt but has a different api?

What is attractive for Qt in KDE

  • App developers
  • KDE is still a great public showcase and large resource of openly available Qt application code.
  • KDE is an early adopter, commercial customers are way behind.
  • KDE is a good pool for people.
  • KDE wants to contribute to Qt.
  • KDE cares about Qt. High quality feedback and contributions.
  • Example for successful library: QJson
  • Rekonq is interesting because it is a real world demo using qt webkit.
  • Git is a bonus

Open Governance

Can we convince people to help with modularization and clean up for KDE?

Get a foot into the door: go for qt creator

Can we put cmake projects into qt creator? Make it possible to create KDE applications by default.

What about QML designer?

KDE plan for QCS

Make KDE attractive Present KDE vision to Qt people

Sessions: KDE and Qt communities and working together, what can we learn from each other Code of conduct

Technical: The things that should be merged: KUrl and friends KLocale QLocale Printing Config systems Archive handling

The contributor agreement?

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