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KDE Core/Platform 11/Buildsystem

Issues and wishes regarding the buildsystem

We discussed with the following participants:

  • Sune (Prison, Debian)
  • Ismael (OpenSUSE)
  • Harald (Phonon, Amarok)
  • Raphael (FreeBSD)
  • Stephen (Grantlee, KDE)
  • Gregory (BetterInbox, Windows)
  • Georgy (Debian)
  • Andreas (KDE)
  • Alex (CMake)


When cmake was introduced to KDE, there were not many other free projects using cmake. So the cmake f iles were added to kdelibs, and so were available for "all" KDE developers. The situation hsa changed in the last 5 years, and now there are also many free software projects outside KDE, and they'd like to use some of the cmake stuff from KDE. So, how can more be made available ?


  • some things may qualify to move directly into CMake
  • getting a Find-module into CMake is not easy, but straightforward:
    • "adopt" a module and send an email to [email protected] saying "I volunteer as maintainer for this new module".
    • if this is accepted, you'll have to maintain that module in CMake in the future, i.e. fix bugs reported by cmake users in the cmake bug tracker, care for source compatbility etc.
    • once a module is in cmake and a version of cmake which has this module is released, we cannot make use this before we require this version of cmake as minimum for KDE, and we shouldn't increase this too often.
  • some things are too specific to be accepted in cmake


  • try to get automoc into cmake
    • port it away from Qt to STL and kwsys, Kitwares process-class (Gregory)
    • discuss on [email protected] the best way how to integrate this in cmake (Alex)
  • check whether MacroLogFeature.cmake can be replaced by FeatureSummary.cmake
    • evaluate FeatureSummary.cmake from cmake 2.8.4 and if necessary propose extensions (Stephen)

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