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KDE Core/Platform 11

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Purpose of the Sprint

To examine the current state and near future of the KDE Platform (kdelibs and kdebase-runtime), particularly as it relates to the growing usage of it in new contexts such as mobile or on Windows and MacOS and its traditional usage as a set of conveniences and consistency creators for KDE application development.

The sprint will aim to create an actionable, multi-year roadmap for kdelibs and kdebase-runtime and will examine issues of modularity, topicality and the inherent dichotomy between the KDE Platform as an application development framework (similar to Qt) and as a stand-alone platform to target (similar to, e.g. Windows, MacOS, etc.)


Note: these are simply sample topics, not final direction on what will actually be discussed. Actual topics will be generated at a pre-sprint meeting online as well as through group authorship of this section.

Workflow / Management

  • Recommended Git workflow for kdelibs
  • Git documentation

Modularization of KDE libraries

Alex: should IMO include not only kdelibs, but also kdesupport, kdepimlibs and kdebase libs

  • KIO - Split platform and gui parts?

Initial attempts to create class-level dependency graphs: http://www.kdab.com/~volker/kde/

Framework vs Platform

  • Qt OpenGov
  • Policy towards QtMobility
  • Geolocation


  • KLocale & co vs QLocale & co: How to act local everywhere while retaining configurability.
  • QDateTime vs KDateTime and KCalendarSystem
  • KHTML vs QtWebKit

Moving stuff into kdelibs

  • Move libkonq or parts thereof into kdelibs?

Build Profiles

Build system

What level modularity do we want/need here ? Chances of CMake becoming the buildsystem for Qt.

QML and Javascript



June 1/2 - 6/7


Randa, Switzerland

Travel and Accommodations

See at the general Randa page.

Food, Drink and Shopping

See at the general Randa page.

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