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KDE Frameworks 5 Migration

This page summarises the steps required for the migration form KLocale to Qlocale in KDE Frameworks 5.

Global locale

Qt does not have an equivalent to KGlobal::locale(), i.e. application level locale settings, it only has the Qt default and system locales which apply at system-wide level.

Qt also doesn't offer setXxx() api in QLocale to allow apps to override a setting while running, and probably never will. Usually in KDE this is abused for things like temp changes to the date format when the normal format options api should be used, or a different locale object created. This will be the correct way to do so in Frameworks.

For example:


When it should be:

label->setText(KGlobal::formatDate(myDate, "%y-%M-%d"));

And under Qt5 will become:

label->setText(QLocale().toString(myDate, "yyyy-MM-dd"));

KGlobal::locale() returns the application's locale, which defaults to the system locale unless set different using KLocale::setLocale()

QLocale() constructs the default locale which is the system locale unless set different using QLocale::setDefaultLocale() QLocale::system() will always return the system locale.

So change all KGlobal::locale().xxx() references to QLocale().xxx()???

Would we want a QApplication::locale() ???

Side-note: QLocale::setDefaultLocale() could be used in KDE4 Workspace with a custom QSystemLocale to force all Qt apps to use the KDE settings!

API Migration


KLocale(const QString &catalog, KSharedConfig::Ptr config=KSharedConfig::Ptr()) KLocale(const QString &catalog, const QString &language, const QString &country=QString(), KConfig *config=0)

void reparseConfiguration()

static void splitLocale(const QString &locale, QString &language, QString &country, QString &modifier, QString &charset)


QLocale uses an enum value where KDE uses the ISO Code. Support may be added to Qt to convert between the two, or this may be provided in the planned QtIsoCodes addon.

KLocale Qt 5.0 Qt 5.1
ISO codes as strings enum Country Conversion methods to be added
allCountriesList() - To be added
QString country() Country country()
QString countryCodeToName(QString country) QString countryToString(Country country) or QString nativeCountryName()
QString defaultCountry() QLocale::C
bool setCountry(QString country, KConfig *config) QLocale(Language language, Country country)
QString countryDivisionCode () const Not used anywhere
bool setCountryDivisionCode (const QString &countryDivision) Not used anywhere


QLocale uses an enum value where KDE uses the ISO Code. Support may be added to Qt to convert between the two, or this may be provided in the planned QtIsoCodes addon.

QStringList allLanguagesList() const

QString language() const QString languageCodeToName(const QString &language) const

QStringList languageList() const => uiLanguages() static QString defaultLanguage()

bool setLanguage(const QStringList &languages) bool setLanguage(const QString &language, KConfig *config)

Digit Sets

Not supported directly in Qt 5.0, some conversion happens implicitly, defer to 5.1 if really needed.

QList<DigitSet> allDigitSetsList () const DigitSet digitSet () const DigitSet monetaryDigitSet () const

void setDigitSet (DigitSet digitSet)

QString digitSetToName (DigitSet digitSet, bool withDigits=false) const QString convertDigits (const QString &str, DigitSet digitSet, bool ignoreContext=false) const

Calendar / Date / Time

const KCalendarSystem * calendar () const KLocale::CalendarSystem calendarSystem () const QString calendarType () const

QString dateFormat () const QString dateFormatShort () const bool dateMonthNamePossessive () const DigitSet dateTimeDigitSet () const QString dayPeriodText (const QTime &time, DateTimeComponentFormat format=DefaultComponentFormat) const QString formatDate (const QDate &date, DateFormat format=LongDate) const QString formatDateTime (const QDateTime &dateTime, DateFormat format=ShortDate, bool includeSecs=false) const QString formatDateTime (const KDateTime &dateTime, DateFormat format=ShortDate, DateTimeFormatOptions options=0) const QString formatDuration (unsigned long mSec) const QString formatLocaleTime (const QTime &pTime, TimeFormatOptions options=KLocale::TimeDefault) const QString formatTime (const QTime &pTime, bool includeSecs=false, bool isDuration=false) const QString prettyFormatDuration (unsigned long mSec) const

QDate readDate (const QString &str, bool *ok=0) const QDate readDate (const QString &intstr, const QString &fmt, bool *ok=0) const QDate readDate (const QString &str, ReadDateFlags flags, bool *ok=0) const QTime readLocaleTime (const QString &str, bool *ok=0, TimeFormatOptions options=KLocale::TimeDefault, TimeProcessingOptions processing=ProcessNonStrict) const QTime readTime (const QString &str, bool *ok=0) const QTime readTime (const QString &str, ReadTimeFlags flags, bool *ok=0) const

void setCalendar (const QString &calendarType) void setCalendarSystem (KLocale::CalendarSystem calendarSystem) void setDateFormat (const QString &format) void setDateFormatShort (const QString &format) void setDateMonthNamePossessive (bool possessive) void setDateTimeDigitSet (DigitSet digitSet) void setTimeFormat (const QString &format) void setWeekDayOfPray (int day) void setWeekNumberSystem (KLocale::WeekNumberSystem weekNumberSystem) void setWeekStartDay (int day) void setWorkingWeekEndDay (int day) void setWorkingWeekStartDay (int day)

bool use12Clock () const => Remove int weekDayOfPray () const => Remove, try replace with weeend days instead

KLocale::WeekNumberSystem weekNumberSystem () KLocale::WeekNumberSystem weekNumberSystem () const int weekStartDay () const int workingWeekEndDay () const int workingWeekStartDay () const QString timeFormat () const


int decimalPlaces() const QString decimalSymbol() const int fracDigits() const QString negativeSign() const QString positiveSign() const QString thousandsSeparator() const

void setDecimalPlaces(int digits) void setDecimalSymbol(const QString &symbol) void setFracDigits(int digits) void setNegativeSign(const QString &sign) void setPositiveSign(const QString &sign) void setThousandsSeparator(const QString &separator)

QString formatLong(long num) const QString formatNumber(double num, int precision=-1) const QString formatNumber(const QString &numStr, bool round=true, int precision=-1) const

double readNumber(const QString &numStr, bool *ok=0) const

Currency / Money

KCurrencyCode *currency () const QString currencyCode () const QStringList currencyCodeList () const QString currencySymbol () const int monetaryDecimalPlaces () const QString monetaryDecimalSymbol () const QString monetaryThousandsSeparator () const SignPosition negativeMonetarySignPosition () const bool negativePrefixCurrencySymbol () const SignPosition positiveMonetarySignPosition () const bool positivePrefixCurrencySymbol () const static QString defaultCurrencyCode ()

void setCurrencyCode (const QString &newCurrencyCode) void setCurrencySymbol (const QString &symbol) void setMonetaryDecimalPlaces (int digits) void setMonetaryDecimalSymbol (const QString &symbol) void setMonetaryDigitSet (DigitSet digitSet) void setMonetaryThousandsSeparator (const QString &separator) void setNegativeMonetarySignPosition (SignPosition signpos) void setNegativePrefixCurrencySymbol (bool prefix) void setPositiveMonetarySignPosition (SignPosition signpos) void setPositivePrefixCurrencySymbol (bool prefix)

QString formatMoney (double num, const QString &currency=QString(), int precision=-1) const

double readMoney (const QString &numStr, bool *ok=0) const

Binary Units

Not supported in QLocale.

BinaryUnitDialect binaryUnitDialect () const QString formatByteSize (double size) const QString formatByteSize (double size, int precision, BinaryUnitDialect dialect=KLocale::DefaultBinaryDialect, BinarySizeUnits specificUnit=KLocale::DefaultBinaryUnits) const void setBinaryUnitDialect (BinaryUnitDialect newDialect)

Measurement Systems

MeasureSystem measureSystem () const void setMeasureSystem (MeasureSystem value)

int pageSize () const void setPageSize (int paperFormat)


QTextCodec * codecForEncoding () const const QByteArray encoding () const int encodingMib () const int fileEncodingMib () const bool nounDeclension () const QString removeAcceleratorMarker (const QString &label) const bool setEncoding (int mibEnum)


Replace with QTranslator / tr() at lowest level, or new KTranslator at higher level.

QStringList installedLanguages () const bool isApplicationTranslatedInto (const QString &language)

void copyCatalogsTo (KLocale *locale) void insertCatalog (const QString &catalog) void removeCatalog (const QString &catalog) void setActiveCatalog (const QString &catalog) static void setMainCatalog (const char *catalog)

bool useTranscript () const

QString translateQt(const char *context, const char *sourceText, const char *comment) const void translateRaw(const char *singular, const char *plural, unsigned long n, QString *lang, QString *trans) const void translateRaw(const char *ctxt, const char *singular, const char *plural, unsigned long n, QString *lang, QString *trans) const void translateRaw(const char *msg, QString *lang, QString *trans) const void translateRaw(const char *ctxt, const char *msg, QString *lang, QString *trans) const void translateRawFrom(const char *catname, const char *msg, QString *lang, QString *trans) const void translateRawFrom(const char *catname, const char *singular, const char *plural, unsigned long n, QString *lang, QString *trans) const void translateRawFrom(const char *catname, const char *ctxt, const char *msg, QString *lang, QString *trans) const void translateRawFrom(const char *catname, const char *ctxt, const char *singular, const char *plural, unsigned long n, QString *lang, QString *trans) const

QString localizedFilePath (const QString &filePath) const static QString langLookup (const QString &fname, const char *rtype="html")

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