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Bundling libraries with Qt Android apps is often important because many times it is too inconvenient to download libraries OR for example when internet access is expensive or not available.

Attached project shows how to bundle libraries with a Qt Android Project.


Regarding the attached ZIP file: - includes the following libraries for armv5 build: QtCore, QtNetwork, QtSystemInfo, QtGui (add or subtract depending on allowed filesize and dependancies.

- includes the ability to handle back button and after asking user Quit: yes/no; quits when back button is pressed.

- still needs ministro as a dependancy-- but doesnt make ministro download libraries. todo: edit QtActivity.java to remove ministro dependancy and upload (if I do) OR mail to me-- and I'll update the project.

For comments, questions, queries; drop me a email: nsnsns(at)gmail(dot)com -- and I'll do my best to help.

However, I am often busy- so please first do try to first ask in Android-Qt mailing list; and please also do try to help others in community and do try to contribute your code-changes to make the android-qt effort even better.

Thank you and do feel free to say hello: nsnsns(at)gmail(dot)com OR add me on linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/nsnsns

My special thanks to XumuK ; Izaar for their earlier efforts to help peoeple bundling libraries. XumuK thanks for helping me; and Izaar thanks for your tutorial and sharing code.

Good Luck...

Nalin Savara Thursday, 6th Sept, 2012

ps: code is meant for; tested on and builds with Necessitas QtCreator Alpha3 -- in time, guys do try to submit a newer better version of this... that works with Alpha4

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.