(Bundling Libraries with Android Qt Apps -- includes HelloWorld style project with bundled libs)
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'''Bundling libraries with Qt Android apps''' is often important because many times it is too inconvenient to download libraries OR for example when internet access is expensive or not available.
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Attached project shows how to bundle libraries with a Qt Android Project.
Regarding the attached ZIP file:
- includes the following libraries for armv5 build: QtCore, QtNetwork, QtSystemInfo, QtGui
(add or subtract depending on allowed filesize and dependancies.
- includes the ability to handle back button and after asking user Quit: yes/no; quits when back button is pressed.
- still needs ministro as a dependancy-- but doesnt make ministro download libraries.
todo: edit QtActivity.java to remove ministro dependancy and upload (if I do) OR mail to me-- and I'll update the project.
For comments, questions, queries; drop me a email: nsnsns(at)gmail(dot)com -- and I'll do my best to help.
However, I am often busy- so please first do try to first ask in Android-Qt mailing list; and please also do try to help others in community and do try to contribute your code-changes to make the android-qt effort even better.
Thank you and do feel free to say hello: nsnsns(at)gmail(dot)com OR add me on linkedin:
My special thanks to XumuK ; Izaar for their earlier efforts to help peoeple bundling libraries.
XumuK thanks for helping me; and Izaar thanks for your tutorial and sharing code.
Good Luck...
Nalin Savara
Thursday, 6th Sept, 2012
ps: code is meant for; tested on and builds with Necessitas QtCreator Alpha3 -- in time, guys do try to submit a newer better version of this... that works with Alpha4

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