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Current projects in KDE Review:

Name Contact Date Review Requested Status
atelier Lays and KDE Atelier Telegram group none yet, pinged 2019-03-07
atlantik pino none yet, pinged 2019-03-07
kdots MInh ages ago moved to unmaintained as Minh said he can not maintain it and nobody else has picked it up
kpeg Ronny ages ago moved to unmaintained https://marc.info/?l=kde-games-devel&m=150369367617478&w=2
liquidshell Martin Nov 2017. e-mailed asking to resubmit 2019-03-07 political issues as well as technical
plasma-active-window-control Martin Kostolný Jan 2018 pinged on what to do 2019-03-07
plasma-redshift-control Martin Kostolný Jan 2018 pinged on what to do 2019-03-07
plasma-simplemenu Eike Nov 2017, all good e-mailed asking where to go 2019-03-07
pulseaudio-qt Nicolas Fella none but it was previously in plasma-pa e-mailed asking if I can move it 2019-03-07
rkward Thomas Friedrichsmeier Nov 2018 but several issues outstanding e-mailed 2019-03-07 for status
rust-qt-binding-generator Jos VDO Sep 2017 Some issues still not addressed Nov 2018. e-mailed Jos for update

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