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Current projects in KDE Review:

Name Contact Date Review Requested Status
atelier Lays and KDE Atelier Telegram group none yet, pinged 2019-03-07
atlantik pino none yet, pinged 2019-03-07
kdots MInh ages ago moved to unmaintained as Minh said he can not maintain it and nobody else has picked it up
kpeg Ronny ages ago moved to unmaintained
liquidshell Martin Nov 2017. e-mailed asking to resubmit 2019-03-07 political issues as well as technical
plasma-active-window-control Martin Kostolný Jan 2018 pinged on what to do 2019-03-07
plasma-redshift-control Martin Kostolný Jan 2018 pinged on what to do 2019-03-07
plasma-simplemenu Eike Nov 2017, all good e-mailed asking where to go 2019-03-07
pulseaudio-qt Nicolas Fella none but it was previously in plasma-pa e-mailed asking if I can move it 2019-03-07
rkward Thomas Friedrichsmeier Nov 2018 but several issues outstanding e-mailed 2019-03-07 for status
rust-qt-binding-generator Jos VDO Sep 2017 Some issues still not addressed Nov 2018. e-mailed Jos for update

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