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  • Bilbao. About the weather in these days, take a look here


  • 5 days, from Thursday Apr 7 to Monday Apr 11

Organizers and Sponsors

Thanks to these organizations for making possible this event:


Thu 7 (KETS: 10 h)

  • 9:00 ETSI P1G5S classroom - KETS
  • 13:00 Restaurant of ETSI - lunch
  • 14:00 ETSI P1G5S classroom - KETS
  • 20:00 Back to the hotel
  • 21:00 Txomin Barullo restaurant - Dinner
  • 22:00 (Social program) KDE Edu Group photo enjoying the night of Casco Viejo

(KETS: KDE Edu Technical Session)

Fri 8 (KETS: 5 h)

  • 9:00 ETSI P1G5S classroom - KETS
  • 14:00 Restaurant of ETSI - lunch
  • 15:30 ETSI Conferences room - Open session
  • 20:00 Back to the hotel
  • 21:00 (Social program) Hika Ateneo - Basque Folk music concert: Leire Saitua
  • Free time for dinner

Sat 9 (KETS: 9 h)

  • 9:00 ETSI P1G5S classroom - KETS
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 15:00 Reciclanet - KETS
  • 20:00 (Social program)

Sun 10 (KETS: 8 h)

Mon 11 (KETS: 10 h)

  • 9:00 ETSI P1G5S classroom - KETS
  • 13:00 Restaurant of ETSI - lunch
  • 14:00 ETSI P1G5S classroom - KETS
  • 20:00 Back to the hotel
  • 21:00 Txomin Barullo restaurant - Dinner

Practical Details


Main place

It will be in the ETSI (Higher Technical School of Engineering) of Bilbao. It's 2 minutes walking from Termibus, and 1 min to the tram and metro. See map.

  • Coding venue: P1G5S (actually - P1G5) classroom, in the 1st floor of G building (see map)
  • Open session venue: Conferences room, in the 0 floor of E building (see map)

Weekend place

As on Saturday afternoon and Sunday the ETSI is closed, we'll go to the office of Reciclanet, a local Free Software group. We'll give instructions about how to reach its headquarters, but it's about 25 min by train from the hotel, or 15 min from ETSI.


Hotel Sirimiri is a two stars one, with gym and sauna (not included in payment). See map.

It's just 1 min to the tram, 5 mins to the metro.

Apart from this, there is a public swimming pool (sigle ticket 5,80 €) just 3 mins from the hotel.

Local transport: Tram and Metro

The tram and the metro (or subway) are the best transports to move between the Termibus, ETSI and hotel. It's recommended to buy a 5 € card ("Creditrans") for the 5 days, valid for both the tram and metro.


You've got to check-in the Creditrans before getting on the tram.

Key tram stations:

  • Atxuri: it's near to the hotel; 30 sec walking.
  • San Mamés: it's near the ETSI; 30 sec walking.

Both of them are the last stations, so nobody will get lost :)


You've got to check-in the Creditrans before getting on and after getting off the metro.

Key metro stations:

  • San Mamés: Termibus station and the ETSI are just 1 min walking
  • Casco Viejo: this is the metro station to go to the hotel; 5 mins walking.

Look for them in yellow here


  • Closest (there's just only one) airport: Bilbao (BIO)
    • Location
    • Public transport to/from the hotel: take the bus, and from Termibus take the metro. Public buses every 15 min; duration about 20-30 min to the "Termibus" Central station (last bus stop); price: 1.15€.


Paid by KDE e.V.:

  • Travels
  • Hotel

For information on how to get reimbursed for your travel expenses, please go here. Please fill out the expense report form and send it along with all of your receipts to rauch at kde dot org.

Paid by participants:

  • Food:
    • Lunches at ETSI: 3 x 5,90 €
    • Dinners at Txomin restaurant: 3 x 15 €
  • Local transport (subway): 5 € credit ticket "Creditrans" for the 5 days

Paid by local sponsors:

  • Buffet for Open session


Non-locals, please add your travel details and accomodation needs (Do you want to share a double room with somebody?) to the following table.

Name Country Arrival Departure Travel cost Single room preferred (yes/no) Comments
Aleix Pol Spain 7th april. 10am 12th april. 4pm 85€ no I'll be coming from CampKDE
Anne-Marie Mahfouf France 7th April - 10am 11th April 100€ (by car) ?
Agustín Benito Bethencourt Spain 8 11 84 € ?
Dani Gutiérrez Spain - - - - Local organizer
Baltasar Ortega Spain 7 10 170 Euro. From Valencia - Flight no
Frederik Gladhorn Norway Sat 9, 13:00 LH1142 Mon 11, 18:45 LH 1145 ~300 Euro flight no Probably weekend only
Torsten Rahn Germany Fr 08 April 11, 13:00, LH 1142 Mo 11 April 11, 7:15, LH 1147 ~350EUR flight no No comments
Sebastian Vöcking Germany 6 april, 12:00, LH3318 12 april, 12:40, LH3319 231,86 € (flight + train) no
Victor Cărbune Romania 7, 11:20 (LH 1824) 11, 18:05 (LH 1827) 362€ no
Tomaz Canabrava Brazil 7 april, 18h 12 april US# 1.239 ?
Rafael Fernández López Spain (Madrid) 8 april 10 april Not needed ?
Alex Fiestas Olivares Spain (Barcelona) 7 april 11 april Not needed ?
Andreas Cord-Landwehr Germany 7 April (17:25) 11 April (7:50) 311.17 EUR (flight) no need for single room
Digna González Spain - - - - Local organizer
Javier Quintano Spain - - - - Local organizer
Flávio Moringa Portugal 7 (22:45) 9 (11:55) - -
Elena Ramírez Spain 7th april. 9th or 10th april. - Single
Enrique Hernández Bello Spain (Tenerife) 6 april 9 april - -

Open Session


The goals of this session are:

  1. Show the KDE Edu apps to teachers from distinct Education centers of the Basque country, in order to extend the use of KDE Edu apps.
  2. Involve teachers in KDE Edu contributions:
    • Giving talks like this
    • Reporting bugs
    • Requesting new functionalities
    • Translating to basque and spanish
    • ... (Art design, etc)


  • 15:30 Hello from itsas and introduction to KDE [spanish]
  • 15:45 KDE Edu Presentation (apol) [english]
  • 16:00 Project overview (Baltasar, spanish teacher and kde blogger) [spanish]
    • Impact and history of KDE Edu
    • Fast show about the ~ 20 Edu apps.
  • 16:45 Linux Caixa Mágica project (Flávio Moringa)
  • 17:00 Lightningtalk-like app expositions by the developers
    • kstars (victor)
    • marble (thorsten)
    • kalgebra (aleix)
    • step (sebastian)
    • rocs (tomaz)
  • 17:30 Break
  • 18:00 KDE Edu Everywhere (Aleix)
  • 18:30 Getting involved in KDE and KDE Edu development (Tomas)
    • Show can we contribute to KDE Edu
    • Show the tools that can be used (git/make/kdevelop/etc)
  • 19:00 Conclusion and wrapping up (apol)
  • 19:30 Bye bye



With 17 participants from different parts of the globe like Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Romania, Canary Islands, Catalonia, Madrid, Seville and Valencia, the sprint was a mix of reflections on educational applications, programming in C + +, Qt and KDE, testing and design of the new web KDE Edu.

The session began with a brief introductory talk by Javier Quintana on the technical means used to connect our PCs to the network, read emails and prepare outstanding notebooks with new software . As the afternoon passed more people add to the room.


The atmosphere was relaxed in the living room, chats arose spontaneously, we discussed new projects, programming concepts were explained, programmers (silent people) wrote code with lots of peace and the number of cables grew almost exponentially with the arrival of a new participants.

After some problems with the projector, a classic, but it succeeds in presenting the "petit commit" the new KDE Web beautiful Edu, by Elena and will soon be available for you all.

After eight o'clock, we headed to Hotel Sirimiri (a simple, comfortable and central hotel well connected) to leave our bags and start the social aspect of Sprint. It's when he joined Tomaz Canabrava the event.


This part can be summarized in two simple phrases: fine dining in Txomin Barullo restaurant and walk back through the old to make a drink, but the day has been long and hard, we retired to chambers Links Partners pretty soon.

Finally, a first day of contact, to break the ice and lay the foundations for the work of the long weekend ahead.

Day 2

It starts on the second day begins with a social breakfast (everything we do together and not be in front of a screen is labeled "social"), an underground excursion to and arrival at the classroom work. Fairly quickly the world gets to work on their projects. It is time to make short presentations to the audience (but good). The Open Session begins with the introduction of Aleix Pol, to welcome and thank the attendees at this event promoting KDE Edu.


Flavio then Moringa us Caixa Magica , a computer for children and teachers from 4 to 12 years that works based on the KDE desktop. Certainly a very interesting project because it has real experience and a KDE-based desktop

After a few questions and offering assistance of the KDE developers to the project, in turn begins Enrique Hernandez, who has Bardinux .

The following presentations are the Lighting Talks, ie the lightning talks. The Canabrava Tomaz started with Rocs , com explaining the application works and utility.

Follow Step , the physical simulator, presented by Sebastian Vöcking, which performs several shows and open ejempplos showing its potential as a solar system simulator or the evaporation of a liquid particle.

Then comes the turn for KStars , the planetarium for KDE, which is presented Carbune Victor's hand. In the brief discussion presents the OpenGL engine in the future will use this application you will be more fluid and beautiful. Also announced the inclusion of educational modules in future releases and teaches us that the help of KStars is a great source of astronomical information. Is a brief technical stop and is used to take a break.

After coffee break is the turn to Torsten Rahn, featuring the great Marble , which he calls "The virtual globe for the people." A brief introduction where we highlighted the virtues of the application: maps, forecasts, data, etc.. Finally, it shows us what's new Marble 1.1, which is about to appear, such as mapping assistant or basic wizard voice navigation. Turn comes KAlgebra ,calculator and more of my friend Aleix Pol. In a brief presentation, shows the full potential of the application to use colors, aid co-textual, or complicated operations when developing special mathematical graphs.

Finally, it presents a good Aleix show virtuasismo computer: your Linux laptop to connect via wifi laptop to show Agustín Benito edu KDE applications on Windows, a necessary possibility to use these great applications on almost any computer. It also shows the KAlgebra versiónd of mobile devices.

Then the most spectacular demonstration, the project for tablets Active Plasma, running on openSUSE 11.4 on a Lenovo tablet. I refer to a recent entry to see the project and see a video of it. Finally, Tomaz made a wonderful presentation on KDE collaborate on education and the reasons for doing so. Barefoot on stage, explains the beginning of the collaboration of Anne-Marie Mahfouf, without programming knowledge has become a major contributor to KDE Edu. His final message (no text) is as follows:

   "If you like free software, working doing something, be it programming, whether designing, either translating, either promoting, either by providing ideas, etc.. Come and have fun with us " 

Alex Fiestas from the audience adds:

   "KDE is cool because we do what we do with love" 

And you are quite right.

Finally, around 7 pm, with a few simple words Aleix farewell grateful for the assistance and summons us to the night (and, of course, social)


Return to the hotel on the tram that travels parallel to the enchanting River Bilbao, descansamosuna time and we will see the musical performance at the Ateneo Hika and then back through the old part of Bilbao to eat some tapas, led by the team of Itsas, led by the magnificent Danitxu.

In short, a very intense day with very positive results.

Day 3

The day begins with some parallels with previous social breakfast, travel to the ETSI (this time in the tram) and rapid commissioning of the equipment to continue the work. As usual the group is silent, absorbed in their email lists, news, virtual social relationships, of course, the programming code. We are all sitting at our desks, as if we were students, feeling that was reinforced by the presence of Javi on the stage of the classroom. There was some joke about going to the bathroom, he asked permission to the improvised teacher. While each developer was focused on their applications, Alex works with Elena to continue polishing the KDE Edu new website (which as already explained, will soon be on their monitors).

Returning begins to analyze the different GSOC projects that KDE Edu team can tutoring. We talk about the candidates, the objectives, which can add and opens a space for dialogue on the general ideas that should govern KDE Edu. I must confess that I lost a bit but I found it very interesting. Time passes quickly when you're engaged in your business, so the lunch lelga sooner than we wanted. Furthermore, due to organizational reasons we leave and move our equipment Faculatad a new workplace, Reciclanet, a place that will surprise us all.


We went to a bar near the College and received a new member of the Sprint, Frederik Gladhorn, developer of Parley. After lunch (social and, as always, very interesting and fun) we take the subway and met with Emet, which acompany us to Reciclanet located in a building full of great local (without being industrial buildings). This was one of the discoveries of the day (but not only). Reciclanet is basically a place where computers are recycled "old" opertaivos installing Linux systems, and subsequently sold at prices truly acceptable. An NGO computer is doing and will do a great role in the Diffusion of Free Software.

Obviously, this slowed us down a bit and there was some chaos in the group, as we were and just time, but I think this experience is that then stays in l, group or collective memory. Finally, we take the subway back to the hotel and Dani, in collaboration with the group Itsas Free Software, we have a restaurant Montenegro, Enekuri, where he started an excellent social dinner, with delicious food (I should talk about mass caterers once the web), with major topics of conversation, good wine and good desserts (though without honey in a dish, a sacrilege to some of the members of the group).


At this point, some participants are removed at the hotel, while others enjoy the tranquil setting of a pub Bilbao. Obviously, most conversations revolve around the burning issues of the SL, with special attention to its future. I take this opportunity to speak with Frederick on Parley, showing my admiration for the program and promising reports on its use with students. The truth is that I feel tired all day and half a chance, I retire to my room. It's been a productive day off where expectations have been met had on this Sprint.

Day 4

Sunday begins with the traditional collective breakfast at the hotel, where I have the "taste" to say goodbye to many of the participants (like say, because I could not even say goodbye others) and to be following events, that if, now will follow with much more attention on the Internet. As I pick the tram at 9 in the morning to catch the bus and take the plane from Bilbao to Valencia and then take the subway and then the train (an odyssey of transport "public") to get home for 14 hours (and eat excellent baked rice .... :) ) Participants made a brief trip to the headquarters of Reciclanet to continue the meeting. The atmosphere is very quiet in Bilbao, which contrasts with the bustling night. Logical. There are hardly any people in the metro.

Throughout the morning, still working on projects related to education, Sprint participants are somewhat tired and prefer to prepare their code to share the last day. The truth is that for many days of talks on meals and travel and already have enough material to insert into your applications.


The hours pass and it's time to stop to regain strength. The Sunday meal is done in the Hika Athena. A meal with more than 60 people with different concerns where developers have changed a little their topics of conversation as not everything in life are the computers and software. Good food, toasts and laughter, good times are remembered.

The time has come for an afternoon of fun Bilbao, Sprint partipantes you want (almost all foreigners who do not know the city) decided to walk around and visit the Guggenheim Bilbao, while others are more interested in continuing their work in Reciclanet. The proposed activity and a trip to the beach, was annulled on Sunday broke the streak of sunny days that came with the Sprint.

Day 5

Last day of the event takes place in the new ETSI, is the last session partipantes programming and used it to lay the groundwork for future projects. The truth is that there are few participants. KAlgebra, Rocs, Step, susatanciales and kiosk improvements are catching up fast, so hopefully soon be polished adaptation to KDE.

After lunch, the afternoon is developed in the same way, with all the developers focused on the projects, for example, is prepared in the introduction text to support that allows entering words KAlgebra without the program is interpreted as functions or data .


At night, the few remaining workers are laying off, most of them will not be in the morning.

Thus ends a long and fruitful Sprint, which quite sure applications and community will benefit.


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