• Bilbao


  • 5 days, from Thursday Apr 7 to Monday Apr 11



  • ?, ??:00 to ??:00 - Open session: some teachers from distinct Edu centers of the Basque country will meet in order to be shown the programs. Best to sort applications by two axis: Ages and Subjects.
  • ? Arrival and start to meet and work
  • ? Group photo

Thu 7

Fri 8

Sat 9

Sun 10

Mon 11

Other scheduling ideas

  • About 20 devs in the meeting
  • Translators
  • Call for audience (people from Education: teachers,...)
  • Forum for the teachers,... before the sprint (open a section on KDE forum)
  • Open Day: Educación Libre with KDE-Edu Friday afternoon - evening?
  • Plasma Classroom (Aaron Seigo)

Practical Details

  • Sprint Adress
    • map
  • Hotel Address
    • map
  • Closest (there's just only one) airport: Bilbao (BIO)
  • Transport from airport to the hotel
  • Transport hotel -> University


Paid by KDE e.V.:

  • Travels
  • Hotel

Paid by participants:

  • Food
  • Local transport (subway)

Paid by local sponsors:

  • Buffet for Open session


Non-locals, please add your travel details and accomodation needs (Do you want to share a double room with somebody?) to the following table.

Name Country Arrival Departure Travel cost Comments
Aleix Pol Spain 6th april 12th april <100€ ?
Aaron Seigo Canada ? ? ? ?
Anne-Marie Mahfouf France ? ? 100€ (by car)
Agustín Benito Bethencourt Spain ? ? ?
Dani Gutiérrez Spain - - - Local organizer
Baltasar Ortega Spain 7 10 150 Euro. From Valencia by car (anyone) From friday to sunday
Frederik Gladhorn Norway ? ? ~300 Euro flight Probably weekend only
Torsten Rahn Germany ? ? ~350EUR flight Can only attend after my April 7 presentation in Heidelberg, so maybe only during the weekend
Sebastian Vöcking Germany ? ? ~300 EUR flight, maybe less Most probably from Wednesday til Tuesday but not perfectly sure yet.
Victor Cărbune Romania ? ? ~350 EUR flight (I'm still looking for cheaper flights) I would be able to attend from April 6/7
Daniel Laidig Germany ? ? ~170EUR flight (at least at the moment) Still not sure how long I can attend
Tomaz Canabrava Brazil ? ? not sure yet. all days


Please add topics you would like to cover here:

  • [My topic]

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