Sprint in Randa (Edu part)

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Introduction - People and their apps

Seems like a nice tradition, everyone gets a few minutes to say hi. Even if you don't have a particular app or topic, please enter your name here, so we can count on you :)

  • Anne-Marie - Meeting Introduction
  • Frederik - Parley
  • Aleix Pol - KAlgebra
  • Tomaz Canabrava - Rocs
  • Alexandre Freitas - Graphics
  • Bèrto 'd Sèra + Sabine Eller - contents and programming for less resourced languages
  • Jeremy Whiting - KAnagram, app accessibility
  • Nicolas Réau: Parley
  • Lydia Pintscher: introduction to KDE-Edu branding
  • Thorsten Rahn: Marble
  • Jens-Michael Hoffmann: Marble
  • Patrick Spendrin: KDE-Edu on Windows
  • Percy Camilo Triveño Aucahuas: a math lib in KDE-Edu


Title Description Who
Edu-Vision Where we are, where do we want to go, new ideas and a vision definition... ? Frederik, Annma, Tomaz, Alexandre Freitas, Aleix, Everyone ?
OnlineSocialThingys (talk) using GetHotNewStuff in your app, becoming social with open collaboration services and world domination without marble (tentative title) Frederik
Rocs Improvements and improving old edu apps redo rocs api to use QAnimation and Kross, help port old KDE 4 code to the new Qt API and maybe gluon. Tomaz
New and improved Graphics Gonna take a look in default graphics and try to improve them. Alexandre Freitas ( Tomaz's graphics / promo guy )
Languages, less resourced Considering languages when programming, how to get contents for educational applications and their translations Bèrto 'd Sèra, Sabine Emmy Eller (Vox Humanitatis)
Math lib Sharing code between KAlgebra, KmPlot. KmPlot future Percy, Aleix, Annma
Website future versus userbase and techbase Lydia, Alexandre, Annma

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