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Applications and Self-Contained Libraries

Status Repository Dependencies Maximum tier Developer Comment
DONE KAlgebra Analitza, ki18n, KConfigWidgets, KIOCore Tier 3 Aleix Pol See kf5 branch
DONE KAlgebra Mobile Analitza, KDeclarative (for KAlgebra Mobile, in Plasma integration mode) Tier 1 Aleix Pol See kf5 branch
TODO KTouch kdeclarative, plasma-framework (?) Tier 3 Sebastian Gottfried
IN PROGRESS Rocs TextEditor, Archive, CoreAddons, KDE4Support, Service, I18n, NewStuff, ItemViews Tier ? Andreas Cord-Landwehr see kf5 branch; it still eats kittens
TODO Artikulate kdeclarative,kconfig,ki18n,xmlgui,knewstuff,plasma-framework,phonon Tier 3 Andreas Cord-Landwehr
TODO Pairs KDeclarative, KArchive, KCoreAddons, XmlGui, Phonon Tier 3
TODO KHangman Tier ?
TODO Kanagram Tier ?
TODO Parley Tier ?
TODO Marble Tier ?
IN PROGRESS KGeography Tier ? David Gil
TODO Cantor Tier ?
TODO Khipu Tier ?
TODO Kmplot Tier ?
TODO Kalzium Tier ?
TODO KBruch Tier ?
IN PROGRESS Kig Parts, DocTools, I18n, KDE4Support David Narvaez See kf5 branch
TODO Kiten Tier ?
TODO KStars Tier ?
DONE Step Tier ? Frameworks branch
IN PROGRESS Klettres Completion, DocTools, EmotIcons, ItemModels, I18n, KDE4Support, NewStuff Tier 3 (4 with KDE4Support) Laurent Navet https://github.com/mali/klettres/tree/kf5

Library Porting

Porting status for all already self-contained libraries (those that do not require further splitting).

Status Repository Dependencies Maximum tier Developer Comment
DONE Analitza Qt-only Tier 1 Aleix Pol See kf5 branch
TODO KQtQuickCharts ? ? ? ?

LibKdeEdu Porting

Libkdeedu contains different libraries that have to be split after porting.

  • Original repository: libkdeedu
  • Branch: frameworks
  • Developer: Vishesh Handa
  • Overall state: ?
Status Repository Dependencies Maximum tier Developer Comment
IN PROGRESS KdeEduVocDocument Tier ?
DONE QtMmlWidget Tier ? There's nothing to port, this library has been discontinued

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