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Parley Practice NG 23rd attempt

Multiple Choice

  • Unset the selected choice after an answer (radio button)
  • Showing the "I knew it"/"Did not know it" below the other radios looks bad


  • Hint needs to be implemented in a sane way (now it shows the solution directly)

All Practice Modes

  • Grading - how do we give grades, how do words advance? Especially when combining modes (doing FlashCard, MC and Written all in one go)
  • no show solution button - not sure if it's needed - it is a bit irritating to press continue and not knowing if it will show the solution or not (it will)


  • Needs detailed list of mistakes made in written, maybe other modes
  • On the first (tab?) show the edit and (configure?) practice buttons, it is half empty anyway


Qt 4.6 seems to have introduces some changes with respect to delegates - pressing enter or tab goes to the cell below instead of next cell. Editing seems generally a bit hard with the table at the moment.

  • New rows are appended when pressing enter in the row above the last one, not in the last one - another Qt 4.6 regression

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