Parley Practice NG 23rd attempt

Work on the parley practice happens in a branch here: Browse WebSVN online

Check it out: svn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/branches/work/parley-practice/


  • remove old practice code F
  • does Paraphrase make any sense at all? no - remove paraphrase - it is not used in any single document we could find
  • remove Antonym completely
  • find an icon for stop practice (toolbar)
    • idea: use the start practice with media-stop instead of media-play
  • timeouts during practice ???


  • get rid of current way of handling them in the lib? BIC!!!???!!!
  • use a stringlist instead
  • make it possible to edit them in the table - how to separate two of them? semicolon?
  • change/rewrite dock widget
  • practice options (is this really really needed?):
    • accept any synonym as correct
    • ask to enter all synonyms
    • ask until the exact word that is wanted is there, but don't count other synonyms as wrong on the way there

Configure Practice

  • Currently check boxes and radio buttons are shown ->remove radios F
  • is it OK to have options across all types of practice on the same page?
  • language selection: instead of having two lists, just have one list containing "French → German" and "German → French"

Completely Missing

Still missing are:

  • Conjugations done right - argh
  • Vocabulary test (school like) with good summary and "grade"

Easy ones reusing the written front end should be:

  • Comparative forms, articles
  • Example sentences

Flash Card

  • Radio buttons make little sense here - I'd rather have 2-3 buttons - I knew it well, not good, not at all (?)

Multiple Choice

  • Unset the selected choice after an answer (radio button)
  • Showing the "I knew it"/"Did not know it" below the other radios looks bad
  • Make number of multiple choice answers configurable in the config practice dialog


  • Hint needs to be implemented in a sane way (now it shows the solution directly) - done (Frederik)
  • Feedback - when a new word is shown, it still says "Your answer was wrong" - done (Frederik)
  • Ignore accent / capitzalisation mistakes is not implemented currently
  • make sure that "I did (not) know it" actually does the right thing
  • I think I just had an empty word shown - make sure they are filtered away

All Practice Modes

  • Grading - how do we give grades, how do words advance? Especially when combining modes (doing FlashCard, MC and Written all in one go)
  • every word that was answered correctly is shown as "right on first attempt" in summary - no way to get anything wrong :D maybe change that...
  • feedback text: not "wrong idiot", not "I fear this was wrong.." but good sentences


  • Needs detailed list of mistakes made in written, maybe other modes
  • On the first (tab?) show the edit and (configure?) practice buttons, it is half empty anyway

General (not practice related)

  • New rows are appended when pressing enter in the row above the last one, not in the last one - Qt 4.6 regression?
  • changes in dock widgets are not reflected in table -> model needs to emit dataChanged for the view to update (not working since the editing happens without models knowledge)

Profiles and config and zip

  • Instead of using current kvtml files, use the same with compression
  • add images, sound and other media into the zip file

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