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Website: Layout issues

In the new layout called "chihuahua" the menu is in the top line. That causes a reduction of menu entries and sub menus. Furthermore the details pages of the applications and others lacks maintainance.

So we decided to move most of the content to the kde wiki pages userbase and techbase. At the moment all KDE-Edu applications are listed on [1].

But all applications shall have an overview page in the flavour of www.kde.org on edu.kde.org. In the infobox on the right we will have a link to the application's wiki pages then.

You are invited to contribute us on userbase.kde.org with pages of all edu applications now!

Applications' categorization

Proposal was Kids, Schools, Universities. But sorting by Language, Maths, Science and so on has it's charme, too. So together with Daniel (dani_l) we will provide a consistant presentation categorized both ways.


Contributors have difficulties in writing news as rdf-files and uploading them by svn. So we are looking for a blog restricted to a couple of people contributing news here. Headlines will be inserted on the frontpage linking to the blog site. The News menu entry will be dropped.

About Us

Tell the visitors about the goal of the project and that we are part of KDE.

In addition we want to call for success stories here. Jeremy: "Send them to [email protected]" or such.

Tumaix told us about some things going on in Brazil concerning free software at schools. If we can get a true report, it would be a good starting point. Jeremy mentioned Gran Canaria, too.

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