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= Proficiency: Independent =

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Vokabulary Learning Workflows

Using the Language Learning Personas in the following we define their usage goals and workflows for vocabulary trainers. We divide the workflows in groups of different experience levels and provide typical scenarios for each level/group.

In all descriptions we refer to the application with the term "trainer" to avoid assumptions about actual applications or experiences with specific applications.

Proficiency: Starter

Learning for a Test (Camille)

goal: Camilla has a vocabulary test in school and has to learn 60 new words

  1. she starts the trainer
  2. subgoal: she wants to create a learning session containing only the words used in the test
    1. she creates a new vocabulary document
    2. she adds the 60 words to this list and also provides times for irregular verbs
  3. subgoal: she wants to train the words until she really nows them (and not stop earlier
    1. she selects the created learning session
    2. she selects a flip cards learning mode
    3. she trains the words until she is confident that she will pass the test with a good grade


  • this training goal is not suited for Leitner boxes? (there will be no intervals between training sessions)
  • new words must slowly enter set of trained words to provide a feeling of learning success (time interval model?)
  • a simple editor is needed
  • trainer and editor must be able to handle irregular verbs

Proficiency: Basic

Proficiency: Independent

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