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Tasks for Release 0.4


Release Goals

  • revisit interaction design
    • training interactions
    • overview screen (previously called start/home screen)
  • use learner profiles
    • profile based "last learned language"
    • save statistics
  • switch to QtGStreamer as main recording backend
    • optionally already allow sound recording with Simon
  • provide at least two language courses
  • complete user documentation
  • use 5-boxes learning approach
  • system wide course installation (aka class mode)
  • testing color schemes
  • port to kqmlgraphplugin
  • minor UI todos
    • training page
      • add scrollbars for long texts (not fitting into bubble)
      • use font settings from configuration dialog
      • use background for progress bar phrase information
    • overview page
      • give info if no course/units are available in language
  • handle corrupt course XML files gracefully in editor

Unspecified Target ToDos

General User Interface

Course Editor

  • broken layout for phrases with several text lines
  • when scrolled down, cannot open phrase for edit
  • enable the user to add new course skeletons
  • kvtml file export


  • soundwave diagrams / visual comparison


  • set input volume (change at config dialog has no effect currently)
  • port XML parsing to Xmlstream

Release Steps

  1. write release notes
  2. create tarballs and upload them
  3. notify sysadmins
  4. add links to community wiki page
  5. write notification mail

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