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Course Data Planning

The basic course skeleton is maintained in the GIT repository artikulate-data and provides the foundation for languages supported by Artikulate.

Fully supported Languages

A fully supported languages is a language that must cover at least 90% of the phrases from the basic course skeleton. A course file update is only published once this threshold is met. Currently the following languages are fully supported:

  • (to be discussed)

Basic Course Skeleton Planning

The basic course skeleton currently contains the following units:

Status Name Description Coordination
DONE Tourism <Magdalena>

TODO In a Restaurant <Oindrila>

IN PROGRESS On the Street <Andreas>

DONE Alphabet <Andreas>

DONE Numbers <Andreas>

TODO Family <Magdalena>

TODO Sport <Magdalena>

TODO Entertainment <Magdalena>

TODO Fashion/Clothing <Magdalena>

TODO Food/At the supermarket <Magdalena>

TODO Time and dates <Magdalena>

TODO At the doctor's <Magdalena>

TODO Weather <Magdalena>

TODO Countries and cultures <Magdalena>

TODO At a Party <Oindrila>

TODO On a Date <Oindrila>

TODO In an Interview <Oindrila>

TODO At a Bank <Oindrila>

TODO In an Emergency <Oindrila>

TODO Proverbs <Oindrila>

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