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** News
** News
** About Us Information
** About Us Information
* [[KDEEdu/Sprint2010|Sprint in Randa, Switzerland - May 20th to May 25th 2010]]
* [[KDEEdu/Sprint2010|Sprint in Randa, Switzerland - May 20th to May 25th 2010]], [[KDE_e.V./Sprints/KdeEdu-2010|Further Notes]]
** KDE-Edu branding
** KDE-Edu branding
** Vox Humanitatis Cooperation
** Vox Humanitatis Cooperation

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This page contains community and development notes for KDE Edu, as well as for playground applications with a strong affiliation to the KDE Edu module. Not all projects in the KDE Edu module use a wiki pages for planning, for those often in the corresponding Git repository a text file can be found. A list of all Edu applications can be found, e.g., at Userbase.

Meeting Minutes

KDE Education has regular development sprints as well as IRC meetings in #kde-edu. Meetings are always announced and discussed at the [email protected] mailing list.

Edu Application Plannings

Project Proposals


KLettres SoK 2011 Proposal Outline of KLettres proposed SoK 2011

Current work proposals for KDE-Edu

Get in Contact with KDE Edu

Development Resources


List of non-current topics and finished projects:

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