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This page is a collection area for thoughts on how to construct a strategy for partnerships with independant software vendors (ISVs) and system integrators (SIs) as well as implementation notes for same. Other partners are surely on the map as well, but right now we are focussing on the ISV/SI issue.

The immediate game plan is:

  • define what we will be doing with and for each of these groups
  • turn that into a releasable communique for the press channel
  • garner feedback and registrations of interest from people in both groups
  • world domination.

As this plan is fleshed out and we achieve points one and two, the results will be taken to the MWG, e.V. and then the general community. This will allow a staged introduction with peer review at each point.


The challenges we hear from ISVs tend to fall into a few common categories:

  • binary compat across distributions
  • clear desktop integration strategies for third party software
  • lack of documentation (MSDN is often brought up)
  • lack of relationship / partnership points with the community that are recognizable / make sense to them
  • traditional tech support options

The first two are out of scope of KDE itself, but we need to stress in our communications that we are involved in significant ways with both the LSB and Portland.

System Integrators (SIs)

The initial target SIs will be regional companies with 5-500 employees. Obviously these are not the "big boys" but they are probably more accessible targets. The goal is to raise the number of companies that provide service and support for KDE based installations.

Sys Admins (SAs)

There is obvious appeal to SAs and companies built around their professional services given the information on the wiki. There is overlap here with SIs, but it may be worthwhile to look at the implications unique to SAs.

KDE e.V. Supporting Members Program (SMP)

The SMP relies on parties with vested interests in KDE. While there are many such entities today, this partner program will be used to widen the top of the prospects funnel by creating vested interests and identifying existing ones. It should be a natural consequence for those most involved with this program will become interested over time in the SMP.

In one sense, this program and the SMP work in opposite directions: this program gives information and interface to the outside world and the SMP is a means for the beneficiaries of the program to give back to KDE.

The Plan

Current/Immediate Initiatives (Target: March)

  • kdelibs.com
    • repositioned as an isv site
    • rebranded to match techbase
    • win32 build system settles down and the tutorials are then moved to techbase
    • isv.kde.org is registered and points to kdelibs.com
    • the isv section on techbase moves to isv.kde.org as its main page content
      • the tools and libraries link there point to techbase
  • TechBase
    • Is now techbase.kde.org and will be launched with KDE4 as our answer to MSDN and the Apple Developer Connection
    • isv entry points to isv.kde.org
  • online registration and survey form to be referenced from announcement


  • create membership programs for ISVs and SIs
    • online registry where they can be found by possible clients, list their titles, etc
    • mail-out packages for each group
      • glossy version of our isv.kde.org info
      • pointers to online information sources
      • information they can pass on to potential clients
  • organize an ISV/SI conference
  • an ISV issue tracker (Staniek)

Blue Sky Thinking

  • build the online registry in a social B2B networking system?

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