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KRecord (naturally) doesn't support any form of PulseAudio. MP3 encoding should be welcome.
KRecord (naturally) doesn't support any form of PulseAudio. MP3/OGG encoding should be welcome.
=== KBarcode ===
=== KBarcode ===

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Missing Applications

This page is for documenting and discussing missing applications in KDE4, whether these are KDE3 apps that haven't made the switch yet, or apps from other desktops that there are no KDE equivalents for.

Before adding an app to the list, first look to see if it has already been 'found'.

This page was inspired by a blog by Ana Guerrero (ana)

App Name







Description KRecord is a quick sound recording app. It can record audio from the default device, and it saves it in .WAV format.

Link http://linux.bytesex.org/misc/krecord.html

Status Unknown

Alternatives There is KWave, but it's overkill for basic sound recording tasks. Also, KWave does not have a list of already recorded audio, like KRecord has. There's also the possibility of installing GNOME Sound Recorder, but, apart from the integration, GSR also lacks an audio list.

Notes KRecord (naturally) doesn't support any form of PulseAudio. MP3/OGG encoding should be welcome.


Description KBarcode is a barcode and label printing application for KDE3. It can be used to print everything from simple business cards up to complex labels with several barcodes (e.g. article descriptions).

Link http://www.kbarcode.net/

Status 2011-03-22 - Unknown.


Notes See Prison, a new barcode library in kdesupport by Sune Vuroela. A rename would be good to emphasise the label and business card side.


Description KTechlab is a KDE3 IDE for microcontrollers and electronics.

Link http://sourceforge.net/projects/ktechlab/

Status 2011-03-22 KDE4 port in progress but very slow, help welcome.

Alternatives Cirkuit



Description KBiff is a "biff" or new mail notification utility.

Link http://www.kbiff.org/

Status 2011-03-22 KDE4 port tagged?

Alternatives LionMail?



Description The KontrollerLab is a tool which can be used for developing microcontroller software.

Link http://www.cadmaniac.org/projectMain.php?projectName=kontrollerlab , or on sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/kontrollerlab/

Status 2011-03-22 Doesn't seem like there's any progress on the KDE4 port.

Alternatives Text editor and makefiles



Description A tool to print and convert (for example pdf multiple page layout conversion) documents.

Link http://printing.kde.org/overview/kprinter.php

Status not ported

Alternatives none


eDonkey/ED2K/eMule/Kademlia filesharing app

Description There is no KDE client for P2P filesharing network eDonkey2000 (ED2K) or enhanced eMule protocol or the distributed protocol Kademlia. These three are usually all supported in the same app.

Link N/A

Status N/A

Alternatives aMule

Notes aMule is there but it looks very bad in KDE and in general its user interface is quite bad. We can do much better with Qt and KDE libraries. It would be nice if the GUI and the protocol library/libraries would be separate (like in KTorrent/libktorrent).

Found Applications

Document here applications that have been successfully 'found', or applications commonly requested that already have acceptable KDE alternatives.

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