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! App !! Group !! Maturity !! Release !! Categories  !! Notes

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KDE Generation 5

A radical proposal for re-structuring the KDE software projects in our version 5 release cycle. This is only a proposal from a KDE community member to prompt a discussion, and should not be taken as real. In particular, app and community status may not fairly or accurately reflect the real status!

KDE Metadata

A new file in every KDE repository storing the key metadata about the repo, from which the projects.xml can be automatically generated.


maintainers=<git id>






Experimental - What was Playground: experiments, new apps, WIP, etc. Has a fixed life-span, if no active work afetr 12 months then admins will move to unmaintained and contact the creator to discuss possible deletion.

Incubator - Similar to Review, but wider in scope. Covers those apps moving from Experimental to Released, but also covers mature apps coming from outside the KDE infrastructure that need to be reviewed for meeting KDE standards before going to Released

Released / Stable / Maintained - Apps judged to be mature enough to move from Experimental or from outside, must have had a stable release, and that are being actively maintained in a releasable and usable state by a named individual or a community group.

Essential - Released apps that are deemed to be essential for everyday use and are guaranteed by the KDE community as a whole to be maintained to a high quality.

Deprecated - Apps that are Released but may no longer be needing active maintenance or development due to decreased relevance, but that are still needing to be kept available for some part of the user base (e.g. KPPP). Best efforts will be made to keep compiling, but not guaranteed that will remain functional. May be stepping stone on way to Unmaintained.

Unmaintained - Apps that are no longer maintained or functional, and may no longer even compile.

Release Cycle

Official - Included in the official KDE Applications Release. Only Released maturity apps that are actively maintained and whose maintainers have guaranteed to abide by the release schedule and other KDE release standards may be included. The decision to include the app is made by concensus of the relevant community, or the wider KDE community, but is at the discretion of the KDE Release Team should they determine that the required KDE standards are not met.

Independent - A KDE Application that is not part of the official release. Note that apps in Experimental or Incubator may make alpha and beta releases and so may have this status, as may Unmaintained apps.

Unreleased - Apps that have never released.


App Group Maturity Release Categories Notes
kruler Applications Released Official Utilities Test line

kdegames - Applications, Released, Official kdeedu - Applications, Released, Official

kdegraphics - leave as is, or split a little? Move mature libraries to Frameworks Move gwenview, okular, ksnapshot to Essentials Move rest to Extragear

 gwenview - Essentials
 kamera -
 kcolorchooser - Applications, Released, Official
 kruler - Applications, Released, Official
 kgamma - Applications, Released, Official
 kolourpaint - Essentials? or Extragear?
 ksaneplugin - Essentials? or Extragear? 
 ksnapshot - Essentials? or Extragear?
 kdegraphics-mobipocket - Applications, Released, Official
 okular - Essentials
 kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer - Extragear strigi?
 svgpart - Applications, Released, Official
 kdegraphics-thumbnailers - Extragear thumbs?
 libkdcraw - Frameworks?
 libkexiv2 - Frameworks?
 libkipi - Frameworks?
 libksane - Frameworks?

kdemultimedia - move all, close module

 mplayerthumbs - Extragear thumbs group
 audiocd-kio - Extragear kio group
 libkcddb - Frameworks
 kscd - Unmaintained
 kmix - Essentials
 ffmpegthumbs - Extragear thumbs
 juk - Applications, Released or Essentials?, Official
 dragon - Applications, Deprecated, Independent
 libkcompactdisc - Extragear Libs or Frameworks?

kdenetwork - move all, close module

 kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers - Extragear Strigi group
 kdnssd - Applications, Released, Official
 kget - ???
 kppp - Deprecated
 krdc - Applications, Released?, Official
 kdenetwork-filesharing - Applications, Released, Official
 krfb - Applications, Released?, Official
 kopete - Deprecated

kdeutils - move all, close module

 ark - Essentials
 filelight - Applications, Released, Official
 kcalc - Essentials
 kcharselect - Applications, Released, Official
 kdiskfree - Applications, Released, Official
 kfloppy - Deprecated or Unmaintained?
 kgpg - Applications, Released, Official
 kremotecontrol - Applications, Released, Official
 ktimer - Applications, Released, Official
 kwallet - Essentials?
 print-manager - Essentials?
 superkaramba - Deprecated?  Unmaintained?
 sweeper - Applications, Released, Official

kdesdk - move most, keep SDK for essential dev utils, release with Frameworks cycle?

 kde-dev-utils - SDK, merge?
 kde-dev-scripts - SDK, merge?
 kdesdk-thumbnailers - Extragear thumbs?
 kdesdk-strigi-analyzers - Extragear Strigi?
 kdesdk-kioslaves - Extragear kioslaves?
 dolphin-plugins - Extragear dolphin plugins?
 umbrello - Applications, Released, Official
 poxml - Applications, Released, Official
 okteta - Applications, Released, Official
 lokalize - Applications, Released, Official
 kompare - Applications, Released, Official
 kcachegrind - Applications, Released, Official
 kapptemplate - SDK, merge?
 cervisia - Deprecated?
 libkomparediff2 - Applications, Released, Official


Almost empty, no apparent maintainer or activity? Close module entirely. Do we keep in official release or move to independent release? Or deprecate entirely?

App Group Maturity Release Categories Notes
amor Applications Released? Official? Utilities, Games
kteatime Applications Released? Official? Utilities Could replace with a plasmoid or KAlarm?
ktux Applications Released Official? Utilities, Screensavers

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