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Finding The Unloved

"Finding The Unloved" is a phrase used in KDE to describe tracking projects that are either unmaintained or are struggling and have requested help.

This page will help track those projects or applications that are requesting help, and separately those projects or applications that the wider community have identified as being of concern.

All entries made here MUST have a date when the entry was made or when the status has changed.

CWG Blogs

The Community Working Group co-ordinates a semi-official process for finding and publicizing projects that need help.

Requests for help

This section will document those projects or applications who have flagged they need help. Only add an entry here if someone form the project has requested it.

Project / App

In need of a maintainer http://lists.kde.org/?t=135768325600003&r=1&w=2

Missing features:

  • Parsing of system documentation with Nepomuk Indexer
  • Searching documentation via Nepomuk
  • Printing a Manual (HTML or PDF)
  • Display English documentation if that is more up to date than the translated documentation
  • Action to view Handbooks from docs.kde.org in case documentation is not installed

Community Concern

This section will document those projects or applications that the community has flagged as being of concern. Before posting here please first try contact the project or application to find out their current status.


This section will document successes, i.e. projects or applications that have been revitalised or found new maintainers.

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