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|Should be <€200
|Should be <€200
|~€136 (£100.31 + ~€20 for trains in Germany)
|~€136 (£100.31 + ~€20 for trains in Germany)
|1st Morning
|1st 12h
|5th Afternoon
|5th 14h
|DUS then train
|DUS then train

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Involved parties should include web developers/web artists, documentators, designers, sysadmins, promo people

When and Where?

It will be held at LinuxHotel in Essen, from 1 to 5th June 2011.

Attendees and Costs

Please fill out your final details in the list below and especially make clear what amount you want to have reimbursed in the column "Real Cost"

Name Est. Costs Real Cost Arrival Depart Food Req. Transport or Airport Flights Single/share room?
Ingo Malchow 20€ 20€ 1. 5. evening just no fish :P train single
Stuart Jarvis Should be <€200 ~€136 (£100.31 + ~€20 for trains in Germany) 1st 12h 5th 14h Anything DUS then train EZ8593; EZ8598 Can share
Luca Beltrame €150-€180 TBD 3th 5th No fish DUS+train TBD Share (w/M.A.)
Melissa Adkins €150-€180 TBD 3th 5th No fish DUS+train TBD Share (w/L.B.)
Anne Wilson £165 £100 31st evening 5th evening DUS+train LS347; LS348 Single
Toma €0 €0 1st around noon 5th evening meat & pizza By Car Single
Hans Chen €200 ~€190 (Flights €125 and rest for train/bus) 1st before noon 5th afternoon Meat and a bit of everything DUS then train; bus then NRN SK1623; FR1952 Single
Niklas Laxström €250 €190 (HEL-DUS) + ??? 1th early 5th late About anything DUS+train AY703; AY708 Share
Claus Christensen ~300€ ~190€ (Flights 120€) 1st around noon 5th evening Anything DUS + Train LH6211; LH6214 Single
Matthias Meßmer ~60€ 1st evening 5th evening Train Single
Emil Sedgh €1000 Share
Eugene Trounev $1,080CAD Share
Sayak Banerjee €950-€1000 TBD 1st Morning 5th Evening No sea food please TBD Can share
Ben Cooksley 1850€ Share
Frank Karlitschek 50€ 50€ 1. 5. anything train can share


General Web topics

  • Implement a working communication bridge between promo, www, docu and sysadmins (mailinglist, contact persons documented?)
  • Skin - Chihuahua 2 - in relation to all websites
  • Aiming for consistency and ease of maintenance - creating templates, etc.
    • Branding/graphics guidelines?
  • Documentation relating to website design and maintenance

Wiki Topics

  • Liquid Thread display issues
  • Can and should the Translate system be added to TechBase?
  • What issues stop TechBase and Community pages being kept up-to-date?
  • Future of hard-to-maintain pages such as http://userbase.kde.org/Issues_Knowledge_Base

UserBase Development

  • UserBase Help topics - check relevance, organisation and ease of access.
  • Adopt a Project - elicit commitment to keep specific pages as up to date as possible.
  • Develop a set of useful Dynamic Page Lists scripts for admins to gather statistics.
  • Investigate creation of a UI to enable users to earch Main and Talk namespaces in more detail than currently possible.
  • Create a Book - define needs for off-line documentation and write documentation to achieve it. Investigate special needs such as all pages in a specific language (how does Special:myLanguage affect this?)
  • If we consider CDs of off-line documentation we need to be able to add the animated gifs from the Plasma/How-To pages. Would PDFs correctly link to them?
  • Moving a page that has associated translations - what is required to get this working?
  • Importing .po files to a specific location (Umbrello, at author request)


  • Discuss ways of rewarding/acknowledging contribution - separate for translations and English new material (stats are different).
  • How to encourage developers and Forum admins to point users to UserBase articles?

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