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Who's KDE-AR

KDE-AR is the group of KDE users and developers in Argentina.


This may be completed.

Usefull Links



Here are some projects proposed in the group. If you are interested in getting involved in any of them or have any questions, feel free to contact us;)

Software Development

Tucan Manager is a free file sharing application designed for 1-Click Hosters. The same is written in python, so their migration is not too complicated.

Ability to implement it as KGET plugin(in python).

  • Status: under study.


Events in which KDE-AR participate.


The Latin American Festival of Installation of Free Software (FLISoL) is the largest diffusion event of Free Software in Latin America. Is performed the 4th Saturday of April each year. Its main objective is to promote the use of free software, giving the general public know his philosophy, scope, progress and development.


Conurbania is an event for the dissemination of free software and technologies in the area of Conurbated Metropolitan Area, where companies, institutions, schools, nonprofit organizations, municipalities and the general public may participate in talks at different levels and subjects, but all aimed at disseminating the free software.

Release Partys

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