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Stuff to sort through

This page is for documentation affecting the entire KDE community, or for things that don't really belong elsewhere.

Finding something to contribute

If you are looking for something to work on in KDE, the following pages may be of help:

  • Finding the Unloved, a list of KDE Projects or Applications that are looking for help or are currently unmaintained
  • Missing Applications, a list of applications that KDE is missing.
  • Junior Jobs are bug fixes and small features that have been identified as a good way to get involved with an existing project.

Historic Information

Binary packages

A non comprehensive list of distributions providing pre-compiled binary packages can be found at KDE_SC/Binary_Packages

Stuff that should probably go on the main website

KDE Projects

As mentioned above, there is a lot of KDE Software. You may already have a project in mind that you want to help with, in which case it is helpful to know where it fits in the overall structure of KDE Software. If you haven't chosen a specific project, knowing this structure will help you start your search for where to begin contributing.

KDE Software is divided into three main Products:

The Frameworks are the libraries that underpin all the other KDE Software. Almost all KDE Software is built on Qt, a C++ framework and GUI toolkit. The Frameworks provide additional functionality on top of Qt, and are used both within and outside KDE.

KDE Plasma is KDE's desktop environment. Applications built on top of Qt and KDE Frameworks will integrate well with KDE Plasma, but they will also integrate with other desktops. Plasma will also attempt to help other applications (such as GTK-based ones) integrate with it.

Most other KDE projects are applications that come under the KDE Applications umbrella. This contains several coherent groups, such as KDE Education, KDE Games, the Calligra Suite and the Kontact Suite.

Each of these Products has its own release cycle. For example, a new version of the Frameworks is released every month. KDE also has other projects that are not part of the above Products. These can be divided into the following groups:

  • Extragear contains stable software (often applications) that have their own release cycles, separate from the above major Products.
  • Playground contains software that is not yet stable.
  • Review projects are waiting to move into one of the three main Products, or from Playground to Extragear.
  • Unmaintained projects are no longer worked on.
  • Sysadmin and Website projects are used to help manage KDE infrastructure.

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