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JuK is a lightweight music organizer and player.

If you want to do something, please talk with mpyne or sandsmark on IRC (in the #kde-multimedia channel on Libera Chat).

It is in git: https://invent.kde.org/multimedia/juk


  • Port away from k3listview (see below).
  • CD playback.
  • Clickable items in playlists (like the clickable on currently playing item, only for all items in list).
  • Visualization (yes, I want bling).
  • Mobile device synchronization.
  • QML/mobile interface.
  • Settings dialog
  • "Stop after current song"
  • Fadeout on stop
  • Port from libtunepimp to libmusicbrainz
  • Duplicate cleaning
  • Various Artist albums
  • Right click -> properties

Porting plan

Because of JuK's architecture, it's more of a partial rewrite, but whatever.

  • done Move stuff around so it's more logically organized.
  • done Make Playlist not depend on K3ListView.
  • done Make the playlist subclasses not depend on k3listview.
  • done Make a custom QHeaderView
  • done Sorting
  • Port PlaylistBox and TrackPickerDialog away from K3ListView.
  • Move view functionality commented out from playlist class into custom qlistview class.
  • Use a proxymodel for the search, drop the PlaylistSearch class.
    • PlaylistSearch is often used for setting stuff for an entire album/artist, rather use specialized functions (QModelIndexList getAlbum/getArtist or something) in Playlist
  • Remove PlaylistInterface class in favour of plain old QObject signals and slots.
  • done Store just PlaylistItem::Datas in the Playlist, drop PlaylistItem.
    • done Move TrackSequenceManager away from PlaylistItem
      • reimplement random stuff without the playlistsearch stuff
    • done Find other classes that use PlaylistItem
    • done Port everything to use Playlist directly
    • done Nuke createItem
      • Move file scanning to playlistcollection or something
  • done Nuke setPlaying
  • Singleton history/upcoming playlist
  • Make TrackSequenceManager use proxy model

This is being done in the nokde3 branch in git.