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KDE is managing a read-only mirror of projects.kde.org on Github. It's located at https://github.com/KDE .

We want to make KDE sources easy to find, share and build upon; and most importantly we want your contributions to count towards your github profile :)


Why don't you enable pull requests?

Our central repositories are handled by our awesome sysadmins over on kde.org where we have full control and tighter integration within our services. If we start using multiple repositories and making developers look in two places that gets very complicated and unfair on the maintainers.

Also as an open source project, it's very important for us to keep to using open source tools. Github does not meet that requirement.

How do I submit "Pull Requests"?

git format-patch HEAD~1

to create a diff

The maintainer for this software will then comment and merge your request.

Alternatively you can use the command "rbt post" from reviewboard-tools to streamline the process.

TODO: explain usage of phabricator for reviews

How do I submit "Issues"?

Please file a bug report or wish at http://bugs.kde.org

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