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This is the hub page for all information about the use of Git by KDE.

This page is a work in progress, feel free to add stuff.

Existing Pages

Existing KDE pages about Git and/or building KDE that need to be revised.

  • Infrastructure/Tutorials/Git
  • Infrastructure/Tutorials/Git/BestPractices
  • Infrastructure/Tutorials/Git/Intermediate
  • Getting Started/Sources/Amarok Git Tutorial
  • Infrastructure/Tutorials/Git/Recipes
  • Infrastructure/Tutorials/Git/Create a patch
  • Infrastructure/Tutorials/Git/git-svn
  • Infrastructure/Tutorials/Git/Basics
  • Infrastructure/Tutorials/Git/KdeOnGit
  • Infrastructure/Tutorials/Git/kde-qt
  • Infrastructure/Tutorials/Git/Pushing
  • Infrastructure/Tutorials/Git/decoding-git
  • Projects/rekonq/Git

External Git Resources

Links to useful external sites about Git

Git Recipes

Brief recipes for common use cases.

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