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In order to help ensure the spread of KDE software and the data required to use the software effectively, two content distribution networks are used to distribute the software and data around the world. This allows for downloads of software and data to take place from systems which are closest to the user, potentially reducing download times and cost.


This network carries the official release source code archives for all KDE projects, as well as any Windows or Mac binaries which are created for KDE software. It can be accessed and browsed at which also provides a list of mirrors which support it.

If you want to upload content to be added to this network, please upload it to either KDE's incoming FTP server, or to your account on KDE's NextCloud service, and then file a ticket to have the files moved into place on the download server. Please mention the name of the file, either the link to it on the Incoming server or a share link from NextCloud, and a cryptographic hash (such as SHA-256) of the file in the ticket, so that we may verify that the file was uploaded correctly and has not been tampered with.

Application data

Accessible at, this carries application specific data which can be used to add extra functionality or support live functionality such as maps. It also carries other binary content such as videos for Akademy and platform specific binaries and images (primarily for mobile or tablet based development). A list of mirrors which support this network is also available.

If you do not currently have upload access to this network, please file a ticket mentioning the project you are requesting it for. If you project already has upload access and needs additional people to be granted this access, please also file a ticket. Please make sure to include a SSH key in your ticket.