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Blogging is an important mechanism of the community which encourages discussion. To support this, both a Planet for contributor blogs and a hosted blog platform are available.


All contributors to KDE are welcome to have their blog aggregated on Planet KDE. Blog content should be mostly KDE themed, English language and not liable to offend. For steps on adding your blog, please see the “Add your blog” section on Planet KDE itself.

Blogs which are added should ensure that they are reachable at all times and prepared to handle high traffic, particularly in the case of embedded images. Blogs which are not reachable for a long time or which are only accessible on a intermittent basis may be removed.

Hosted (via

This is a legacy service which is closed to new posters at this time. Existing posters may continue to use their blog and add new entries as they wish. If you want to comment on blogs, you can register (there is no connection with and follow the instructions in the email, where you are asked to send an email. Your account is then manually approved.