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Sponsor: <name of the sponsor goes here>

Ksnip is a Screenshot and Annotation tool that provides features to annotate existing images or create new images via screenshot and quickly share them either by simply copy pasting or uploading to external sources like The goal is to have a simple tool that can be used quickly but also provide many configuration option so that every user can fine-tune it to it's needs.


List the people committed to the project and actively working on it.

  • Damir Porobic

Manifesto Compliance Plan

List the actions planned to get in compliance with the manifesto. Don't hesitate to even list parts of the manifesto which don't require action and highlight why. This part will really be used as a discussion starting point with the project sponsor.

Open Governance

Currently the project is on the developer's GitHub account, in case it becomes a KDE project, anyone with a KDE will be able to contribute as soon as it is moved to KDE hosted infrastructure.

Free Software

The project is open source and released under the GPL v2 license.


No barrier known to the developer.


Always open for new ideas.

Common Ownership

Anyone can contribute directly.

End-User Focus

The developer is trying to implement any user requested features that fit into overall goal of the application in order to make the tool more usable for end-users. Bugs and problems reported by users are usually fixed on the same day they're reported.

Candidate ready

Status Description Notes
TO DO Project description ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Project team ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Manifesto compliance plan ... <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Notes
TO DO Repository and code available (in playground) ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Mailing list available ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Website available (if applicable) ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Active community ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Manifesto compliance ... <{{{3}}}>

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