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Project Name

Sponsor: Mario Fux <fux_AT_kde..org>

Kdenlive is an intuitive and powerful multi-track video editor, including most recent video technologies. More information on the Kdenlive webpage kdenlive.org.


List the people committed to the project and actively working on it:

  • Vincent Pinon
  • Simon Eugster
  • Till Theato

Manifesto Compliance Plan

List the actions planned to get in compliance with the manifesto. Don't hesitate to even list parts of the manifesto which don't require action and highlight why. This part will really be used as a discussion starting point with the project sponsor.


Open Governance

Already open governance to some extent, anyone with a KDE account can contribute, mailing list and IRC available.

Focus point: mailing list under used?

Free Software

Mainly GPL v2, GPL v3+. Some included 3rd party library use different licenses. There were recent checks and Vincent committed some fixes.


No barrier known toward the contributors.


Common Ownership

Anyone can contribute directly.

End-User Focus


  • Code of Conduct: ?
  • Contributor License Agreement: none
  • Established practices: CMake + Qt like most, code reviews except for most active core contributors ?
  • Source materials hosted on KDE git infrastructure
  • Online services are not on KDE infrastructure: website (some info/documentation and blogs) and bugtracker on own server, mailing list on sf.net, release binaries and forum on KDE
  • KDE Licensing policy: ? (see point "Free Software")
  • KDE branding guidelines: ?
  • No patents

Proposed actions:

  • website: uses drupal, hosting on KDE?
  • mailing list: should migrate to KDE
  • bugtracker: from mantis on own server to KDE's bugzilla

Candidate ready

Status Description Notes
TO DO Project description ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Project team ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Manifesto compliance plan ... <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Notes
TO DO Repository and code available (in playground) ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Mailing list available ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Website available (if applicable) ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Active community ... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Manifesto compliance ... <{{{3}}}>

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