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* Cube
* Cube
* Kiran
* Kiran
* Quest
* Kitsune ("fox" in Japanese)
== Team ==
== Team ==

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Sponsor: Christoph Cullmann <[email protected]>

QupZilla is a QtWebEngine based cross-platform web browser.

During the Akademy 2017 Konqueror BoF, the ex-maintainer of Konqueror, David Faure, proposed to integrate QupZilla into KDE in order to replace the aging Konqueror. (His reasoning is that QupZilla is already much more advanced in terms of webbrowsing features, and there is almost nobody working in Konqueror, so there is no point in duplicating efforts).

Name proposals (order does not imply anything):

  • Ryōshi ("fisherman" in Japanese)
  • Eco
  • Ion
  • Falkon
  • Cube
  • Kiran
  • Quest
  • Kitsune ("fox" in Japanese)


Manifesto Compliance Plan


Open Governance

At the moment development/bugtracking/... happens on github:


The maintainer ok'd that this is moved over to KDE infrastructure during the incubation and the normal commit rights apply.

Free Software

GPL v3+


No barrier known toward the contributors.


Using state-of-the-art web rendering engine, providing a cross-platform browser. Nothing too innovative but something at the moment missing in the KDE Applications.

Common Ownership

All clear no known barrier, anyone can contribute directly.

End-User Focus

Web browser => clearly targeted to our normal userbase


  • Code of Conduct: TODO
  • Contributor License Agreement: none
  • Established practices: QMake + Qt like most, code reviews except for most active core contributors
  • Source materials will be hosted on our git infrastructure, at the moment on github
  • Online services, not on KDE infrastructure:
    • website TODO: (daily backup on KDE)
  • KDE Licensing policy: TODO
  • KDE branding guidelines: no reference to KDE yet
  • No patents (as far as known)


No brainer, already participating in Randa, posting on planet, etc.

Candidate ready

Status Description Notes
DONE Project description
DONE Project team
TO DO Manifesto compliance plan <{{{3}}}>


Status Description Notes
TO DO Repository and code needs to be migrated <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Mailing list available Migration to KDE needs to be done <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Website available Yes, on own infrastructure <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Active community .... <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Manifesto compliance ... <{{{3}}}>

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