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Welcome to the home page of the KDE Incubator. Here you can find our incubation process and the list of currently incubated projects.

The incubator is not active yet and still needs some work to be functional. You can also find the notes which led to the current process.

What do we provide to a project which got through the joining process?

  • FLA availability
  • Infrastructure (repos, ml, forums) (use sysadmin ticket system to request)
  • Support (forums staff, promotion)
  • Translations
  • Rest of the community aware of the coming projects (likely a mailing list)
  • GSoC/GCI slots
  • KDE Trademark
  • Be invited to events

What we require from a successfully integrated project

  • Culture
    • Complies with the manifesto
    • Governance similar to the other KDE projects
    • Healthy team (metrics needed)
      • Bus number
      • Volunteer/paid proportions
      • Community issues (on-going? regularly?)
      • Learn how to teach/mentor
      • Clear product vision
      • Visited/contributed to other related projects
      • Uses English for code and communication
  • Domains/trademarks transferred to KDE e.V. (?)
  • Be present at events

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