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This page needs a review and probably holds information that needs to be fixed.

Parts to be reviewed:

  • The link in the first and fourth paragraph appears to be broken

1. Dialog navigation

  • A paged configuration dialog should be used when there is more than one category of options.
  • Tabs should be used as second-level navigation.
  • Tree views shouldn't be used in the paged dialog's sidebar.

2. Grouping of options

  • The number of categories (pages) should be between 3 and 6.
  • The number of tabs on a page should be between 2 and 4.
  • The options should be in the visible space so the user doesn't need to scroll. (otherwise it's an indicator that options might be moved to advanced sections or dialogs)
  • There shouldn't be "orphaned options" - options which are not related to any other ones.

3. Dialog layout

  • The dialog should be resizable. (the latter is important for accessibility)
  • The overall size of the dialog shouldn't be bigger than 800x600.
  • The dialog should have scrollbars which appear when not all options are visible.

4. Wording

  • Keywords used in page title and the label in the left navigation bar should correspond. (In this example, page title is "Here you can personalize kopete"” while the label is "Behavior". This should be reported and acceptable change would be Behavior -> "Here you can change the behavior of Kopete" OR Personalize -> "Here you can personalize Kopete")
  • Obviously technical or otherwise hard to understand wording should be avoided.

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