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This page details how the Community wiki is laid out (ie: how pages should be named and what content should be grouped together). See [[Help:Editing]] for information about how to edit an individual page.
#REDIRECT [[Help:Editing]]
This wiki is organised using [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Subpages subpages]. This means that a forward slash (/) in page names indicates that a page is a ''child'' of another page, much like how directories work on UNIX systems.
==Team pages==
Pages for teams to coordinate should go under a page for that team. For example, the main page for the team that works on KWin is at [[KWin]], and a page describing to new members how to get involved could be at [[KWin/Getting_Involved]].
The main team page should be linked from the main page (see [[#Main page]] below). Please carefully check that a page for your team does not already exist before adding it.
==Global community pages==
The pages for the whole community are organised into sections that have their own top-level name (like teams). The main ones to be aware of are listed here, but other global sections may be listed on the main page if they don't fit in any of these sections.
* [[Get Involved]] contains information for new contributors. Teams, particularly for software projects, may wish to have a "Get Involved" page in their own space as well.
* [[Policies]] contains rules that KDE projects and contributors are expected to follow
* [[Infrastructure]] contains information on the infrastructure that KDE provides for its members and projects, such as Git hosting, collaboration tools (from mailing lists to patch review), bug reporting systems and so on.
* [[Guidelines HOWTOs|Guidelines and how-tos]] contains helpful information for KDE projects, especially software projects, but (unlike Policies) KDE projects do not have to follow them. This includes recommendations on visual design, localisation and accessibility, for example, as well as help on how to do common tasks that are not specific to one team or project.
==Main page==
The main page is organised into a [[Main_Page#Global|Global]] section and a [[Main_Page#KDE Teams|Teams]] section.
This has links to the global community pages. This list should not get too long - if it does, it probably indicates that things should be grouped together.
===KDE Teams===
Teams should list their main pages here so they can be found easily. This is further split into three sections:
* Subcommunities are teams that are based on shared experiences, rather than working on the same thing. This includes regional teams like [[France|KDE France]] as well as groups like [[KDE Women]].
* Projects are teams working on a specific (usually software) project, like [[Plasma]].
* Other teams go at the top level. This includes cross-project teams like the [[KDE Visual Design Group]] and organisational groups like the [[KDE e.V.]] and the [[CWG|Community Working Group]].

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