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Put this after [AutoExpand]:

QString=<d->data,su> size=<d->size,u>
QByteArray=<d->data,s> size=<d->size,u>
QUrl =<d->encodedOriginal.d->data,s>
QUrlInfo =<d->name.d->data,su>
QPoint =x=<xp> y=<yp>
QPointF =x=<xp> y=<yp>
QRect =x1=<x1> y1=<y1> x2=<x2> y2=<y2>
QRectF =x=<xp> y=<yp> w=<w> h=<h>
QSize =width=<wd> height=<ht>
QSizeF =width=<wd> height=<ht>
QMap<*> =size=<d->size>
QVector<*> =size=<d->size>
QHash<*> =size=<d->size>
QVarLengthArray<*> =size=<s> data=<ptr>
QFont =family=<d->request.family.d->data,su> size=<d->request.pointSize, f>
QDomNode =name=<impl->name.d->data,su> value=<impl->value.d->data,su>

QFile=$ADDIN(Qt4EEAddin.dll,[email protected])
QDir=$ADDIN(Qt4EEAddin.dll,[email protected])
QFileInfo=$ADDIN(Qt4EEAddin.dll,[email protected])
QList<*>=$ADDIN(Qt4EEAddin.dll,[email protected])
QVariant=$ADDIN(Qt4EEAddin.dll,[email protected])
QEvent=$ADDIN(Qt4EEAddin.dll,[email protected])
QObject=$ADDIN(Qt4EEAddin.dll,[email protected])
QLibrary=$ADDIN(Qt4EEAddin.dll,[email protected])

Put this after [Visualizer]:

    preview         ([$e.d->data,su])
    stringview      ([$e.d->data,sub])

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