Guidelines and HOWTOs


For development
Guides and HOW TOs for compiling the sources, creating new programs, sending patches,...
For debugging
Guides and HOW TOs to debug applications.

Internationalization (i18n) Tools

To internationalize
Guides and HOWTOs concerning the internationalization

To internationalize
Guides and HOWTOs concerning the internationalization

Helper Tools

Get information about KDE's installation - kde-config
The tool kde-config helps to find out more about a KDE installation.
Driving Konqueror From Scripts - kfmclient
kfmclient is a small tool to communicate with Konqueror.
Updating User Configuration Files - kconf_update
kconf_update is a tool designed to update config files.
Generating apidox
tools that help develop and generate API documentation for your code.
This tool helps keeping track of merges between different SVN branches

Quality Assurance

Project Management
KDE is transitioning to Phabricator for project management. You can get started with Phabricator on the Phabricator . The older Review Board is limited to code reviews only: see here for more details.
Continuous Building - Jenkins
kdelibs on kitware
English Breakfast Network - Static Analysis
Krazy - Code Analysis, Usage Tutorial
APIDOX - API Documentation Statistics
Sanitizer - DocBook Checker
Usability Checks




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Further resources

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