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(Quality, Internationalization, Documentation)
(Quality, Internationalization, Documentation)
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| style="padding-left: 50px;" |[[File:Quality.png |noframe|left|50px|]] ||
| style="padding-left: 50px;" |[[File:Quality.png |noframe|left|50px|]] ||
; [[/Quality | Quality]]
; [[/Quality | Quality]]
: Guides and HOWTOs concerning the quality
: Guides and HOWTOs concerning the quality, [[/Bug_triaging | bug triaging]]

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Before everything else

Before anything, if you want to contribute, you need to get a contributor account.


For development
Guides and HOW TOs for compiling the sources, creating new programs, sending patches,...
For debugging
Guides and HOW TOs to debug applications.
Other guides: Relicensing, Versioning scheme

Quality, Internationalization, Documentation

To internationalize
Guides and HOWTOs concerning the internationalization
Guides and HOWTOs concerning the quality, bug triaging
Documentation Manual. -- Not the API Doc

Helper Tools

Get information about KDE's installation - kde-config
The tool kde-config helps to find out more about a KDE installation.
Driving Konqueror From Scripts - kfmclient
kfmclient is a small tool to communicate with Konqueror.
Updating User Configuration Files - kconf_update
kconf_update is a tool designed to update config files.
This tool helps keeping track of merges between different SVN branches
English Breakfast Network - Static Analysis
Krazy - Code Analysis, Usage Tutorial
APIDOX - API Documentation Statistics
Sanitizer - DocBook Checker
Usability Checks

Further resources

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