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== Code ==
== Code ==
== Documentation ==
== Documentation/Training ==
== Outreach ==
== Outreach/Research ==
=== Amarok ===
=== Amarok ===
==== Amarok: Donations landing page on our drupal site ====
==== Amarok: Donations landing page on our drupal site ====
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== Quality Assurance ==
== Quality Assurance ==
== Research ==
== Training ==
== User Interface ==
== User Interface ==

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Information for Students

This page is for collecting ideas for Google Code-in tasks. The tasks will be moved into Melange for you to claim when appropriate.

Adding a Proposal

Please only add proposals you are willing to mentor!

When adding an idea to this section, please try to include the following data:

  • a brief explanation
  • the expected results
  • prerequisites for working on your project if any
  • if applicable, links to more information or discussions
  • your name and email address for contact
  • time to complete the proposal

The proposals should be ordered by area:

    • Code: Tasks related to writing or refactoring code
    • Documentation: Tasks related to creating/editing documents
    • Outreach: Tasks related to community management and outreach/marketing
    • Quality Assurance: Tasks related to testing and ensuring code is of high quality
    • Research: Tasks related to studying a problem and recommending solutions
    • Training: Tasks related to helping others learn more
    • User Interface: Tasks related to user experience research or user interface design and interaction

If you have a good idea for a proposal but are not going to mentor it, get in contact with relevant team/contributor first.






Amarok: Donations landing page on our drupal site

Amarok: Migrate content from amarok.kde.org/wiki to various KDE wikis

The content that is still useful should be moved to: community.kde.org/Amarok, userbase or techbase depending on target audience.
Links to be made from a new page on amarok.kde.org linked to from the site's menu.

Amarok: Make a "Team" page

Based on information from Amarok's "About" dialog, various social networks such as openDesktop.org, and talking to team members, make a "Team" page on Amarok's project website, like [1] or [2]. We're specifically interested in a nice design and layout, and can fill out the data ourselves later on.

We already have that in our wiki, read the devel mails I sent about that! Myriam

Also, just for the record: there was some students work on exactly that last year which was never turned into a page, where is that?

Quality Assurance

User Interface

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